National Championship Air Races (Part 3)

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A pilot in an experimental sport class plane crashed at about 3:30 p.m. today. He died in the crash about an hour ago. (this will post on my blog in 3 hours after the family has been notified) The crash happened during a Sport Class qualifying heat. The plane went down on the race course near the area “High G Ridge.” Flying was cancelled for the rest of the day. As of now, qualifying heats are scheduled to resume at 8 a.m. on tomorrow.
When you’re flying fast, flying low and banking left, there is always the dance that situational awareness or a mechanical failure will cause you to auger into the ground – or into the stands or pits where other aircraft are staging.
Three years ago, a P-51 Mustang augered into the stands, killing a large number of fans. There is no guarantee that you’ll be safe while watching the world’s fastest motor sport.

11 thoughts on “National Championship Air Races (Part 3)

  1. I'll have more information tomorrow. The races and show will go on, but nobody wants to see a pilot die. However I think if you asked him if he had the choice of living to his dotage and dying slow in a rest home – or dying the way he lived, he'd take the latter. Maybe I'm projecting?

  2. The pilots who fly in these races love the experience. It's tremendously popular. They love their machines, the smell of JP-8, the roar of the engines, and they dynamic of competitive flight. 250,000 people a day will be here Thursday-Sunday to watch them. I'll take some photos from the pits today and will post them later.

  3. Life is fragile and fleeting. Our time here is quick, and thus the need for the old "bucket list", and doing it now while you are able. Naturally everyone's heart goes out to a young man's young family. But there is that nagging whisper to us all…

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