First, a note on the Second Amendment to the US Constitution (The Bill of Rights).

The Second Amendment does NOT grant us the right to bear arms.  All free people have that right. (Slaves historically do not.)

The Second Amendment denies the government the lawful authority to infringe on our right to bear arms.

It’s important that we don’t overcomplicate the issue. Progs always want to do that because it allows them to redefine what the law of the land is.


On to the Maps

Here are some maps showing the second and third most commonly spoken language by US states in both 1940 and 2019.


The oldest companies still in business in each country.




  1. If ever I make it back to Ireland, I will have to make a visit to Sean’s Bar. I once stayed in a B&B in Salisbury, England that was a house made from two old houses that dated to the 12th and 13th centuries. The room I stayed in had a door that had a slant of nearly 10 degrees on the top.

  2. I now have a standard reply to gun grabbers. “We have a right to bear arms. Don’t like it? Grow a set of balls and change the Constitution instead of whining like a SP5 at a Viet Cong reville”. Hasn’t changed any minds but it has shut up a few mouths.

  3. Clarification on 2A, as you state, is critical to the foundational argument, otherwise language has no meaning, and by extension, neither does The Constitution…or The Bible for that matter.

    Sean must be doing something right in Ireland. Been to Captain Morgan’s on St. Croix, but might need to try some Mount Gay 1703 if I have $150 burning a hole in my pocket.

  4. And even worse, in reference to the 2nd Amendment, it’s not about guns. Well, it is, but it’s about everything else, too. Brass knuckles, grenades, cannon, warships, knives, hammers, axes, rocks (can’t forget about rocks, rocks kill!) and anything else involved in arms (and armament) including body armor, booby traps, minefields (yes, including both non-explosive traps and explosive traps) and whatever.

    It’s about the God-given right of self-defense and defense of others.

    Which all too many supposedly pro-2A gun people go total FUDD about. “Oh, no, not switchblades. Oh, no, not swords. Oh, no, not saps. Don’t even talk to me about those illegal brass knuckles!” And on and on. And when you question them, you will often find that their dividing line between A-OKAY and OMG-ILLEGAL/IMMORAL/Just WRONG is just past what they own.

    You either are for full application of the 2nd Amendment, which means leave me alone to play with all of my weapons of death and destruction, or you aren’t for the 2nd A at all.

    Like the Governor and Attorney General of Missouri said, the Bill of Rights enumerates the rights of the individual over the state or the nation, and the Constitution enumerates the state’s rights over the national government.

    They aren’t wrong. Not at all.

    Funny, how the (supposed) party of the people – the ASS party – is working so hard to take all rights from the people and place the rights firmly in the hands of the national government.

    Kind of like when wanna-be-president Cankles McPantsuit, saying back when her hubby was pressy, that all the money belongs to the government and the government will decide how much to allot to you. Weird how that people forgot that, or was memory-holed by the Clinton Protection Agencies (otherwise known as the eneMedia.)

    We see it here in the State of Florida, where we have a LAW that says you can open carry when fishing. But every time someone does, who faints the most? A huge host of supposedly pro-gun rights incrimentalists. FUDDish bastards. The smug bastards who complain when openly leftist a-holes and jack-wads try to openly take our rights. But it’s okay to not express what rights we are ‘allowed’ to have? FUDD bastards.

    And, yes, I’m steamed. Literally. Being a fat, rotund, sweaty, fat, rotund guy in friggin STEAMY FLORIDA, I want to wear a gun on the outside. And not have to pay a fee for the ‘right’ to express my Constitutional (both state and federal) rights to get strapped. But, nooooo, because of weak-kneed losers, I have to pay and be fingerprinted and let the socialist sheriff in my area review and stall my application until the great Governor DeSantis hears about it and fires a SCUD up the butt of the socialist anti-agriculture Agriculture Commissioner.


    I want my rights fully restored. I did nothing wrong. I will do nothing wrong. Why am I being treated worse than a felon?

    • “…is working so hard to take all rights from the people and place the rights firmly in the hands of the national government.”

      The question I try to determine is “Why?”, it’s like peeing in your own bed…well, more like peeing in someone else’s bed so there’s stays clean.

      Nice rant. Spot on. Pushback undercurrent here in Colorado is starting.

        • Like one’s faith, requires diligence by “the good”. Seems the evil-doers have this constant fervor to undermine all that is good and decent. I simply can’t think that way.

  5. “The Second Amendment does NOT grant us the right to bear arms. All free people have that right.

    Philosophically correct.

    In practice, try taking that into any court, anywhere in the world – you might want to bring your own prison jumpsuit. In my head, philosophy is fine, but in the real world, I try to be a realist. Helps reduce the likelihood on any given day of winding up in a shootout with the police.



    • Which is what my rant was all about. How come they keep finding non-enumerated ‘rights’ like the right to murder unborn humans, but a clearly stated GOD GIVEN RIGHT is totally ignored?

      And when did another person’s butthurt outweigh my GOD GIVEN RIGHT?

      But, well, FML.

      The correct answer, when faced by any lackwitted, slackjawed, leftist turd-burgling jackwagon who is scared of me carrying a pocket knife (like me falling on someone won’t kill them because fat, rotund sweaty guy…) is, as Phil at is… BFYTW which is Because F… You That’s Why!

      When did this country go from a group of rugged individualists to a bunch of BORGish sheeple?

  6. Sometime between WW2 and the ’90s.

    I guess it was gradual, but by 1990 – something, the Left had become The Establishment and their mental health started going downhill, fast. Or perhaps their interest in hiding the pre-existing state of their mental health.


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