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By popular demand – we start today with the Prince and Princess

Think about it, a Hollywood actress is complaining to a billionaire talk show host about how much she regrets becoming a princess – and out culture recognizes her as a victim.


Platypus range: red: native, yellow: introduced.


The Second Boer War, 1899-1902. Territorial control and internment camps.


I have mixed feelings about state-run lotteries. They are always instituted with some justification such as “a portion goes to crippled children.”


1976, 1996, 2008, and 2020 presidential elections along the Mississippi River. While Democrats have lost their rural strength (apart from majority-black counties in the South), increasing margins from urban areas like Minneapolis have helped keep this area under control of the donkeys.

Of course in the case of Biden v Trump, there are a lot of questions about voting machines and “found votes” after 4 am the following day that continue to cast shadows of doubt…


Margin of Ethnic Plurality by US County

Image is 10000 px wide in order to better zoom in if you can’t see detail. I chose “Margin of Plurality” instead of of simple percentage as I thought it would better illustrate some of the mixed areas such as the Black Belt. Not sure how true that is though, one would have to have the other right beside to compare. White here is non-Hispanic White, Black is non-Hispanic Black etc. Asian is based on the US census definition.






And now the wrap…

30 thoughts on “Fun with Maps and Royalty

  1. SHARK!!!
    Meanwhile, I’ve always referred to lotteries as taxes levied on people who don’t understand math.
    Preying on peoples’ weaknesses is not my idea of responsible leadership.
    I’ll tell people if they ever hear that I won a state lottery, it meant that someone gave me a ticket, as I will not buy one.

    1. It isn’t just lotteries, either. Around here, the State gets a big cut from the casinos, even before taxes.

      I buy a half-dozen or so Powerball tickets a year. Otherwise, I couldn’t complain about how I never win.


      1. What sort of legal gambling isn’t a Sucker’s Tax where the only winner is the state?

        The state wins every single horse race, dog race, casino game, anything where betting happens. The average gambler is doing well, if they go home with 20 bucks more than they went in with, when all expenses are counted.

        1. I thought “our schools win too”. Of course that’s bullshit, but it is a tag line.

  2. I was always amazed when I was stuck in line behind someone buying groceries with an ebt or equivalent card, then have them whip out cash to buy liquor and lottery tickets!

      1. When paying cash, my favorite line to the cashier–“Here, have a first edition food stamp”. Yeah, under a certain age, there’s no point.

        1. You all are just lucky they aren’t paying for the booze / smokes / lotto directly with the EBT…

          I’m also always pleased to see people with a cart full of prime steaks etc. buy them with the electric food stamps, and then go outside and get in their late-model Mercedes. Pretty regular occurrence, in these parts.

          Whee, Socialism! It makes everything better!

  3. My chances of being struck by lightning are better than the possibility of winning the lottery. I see people spending ridiculous sums on their tickets. Burning that cash would be so much easier and just as constructive. I have better things to spend my funds on.

    1. To put a finer point on it, your chance of being struck by lightning under a clear blue sky is better than winning more than $1.00 in the lottery. Yes, absolutely can one be struck by lightning in such conditions.

      The only lottery tickets I have bought have been as a sort of stocking stuffer for birthdays and such. My M-I-L would attack the scratcher lottery tickets with a gleeful vengeance.

      An ex-employee told me that for over a decade he had paid $10/week on lottery tickets. He told me, with utmost sincerity, that he would win big one day because – this is no lie – he is a winner; therefore he deserves to win. So I asked how much in all the years of throwing away money has he won? Less than $200 in over ten years was his answer. But he sincerely believed so he had that going for him. Dummkopf.

  4. Shoes- Aside from the divorced shoe (there’d be none, or worse, jail shower shoes), what would the progression look like for men?

    Used to be – from our “we’re still the Colonies to the Brits” viewpoint – American’s looked at The Monarchy with a certain “Meh…” But these two unilaterally escaped their “hardship” for HERE, thus deciding America will directly share in their ‘oppression’. Of course, they wouldn’t have the fawning if they escaped to Australia, a more appropriate British colony for them. It’s not bad enough that half of us are trying to survive the Potted Plant from being any more of an embarrassment that we have these two forced into the idiot mix. It’s like a Dumb & Dumber remake.

    Ah yes, send us your poor and downtrodden…because…we’re racists, ya know.

    1. I’ve worn more or less the same shoes. Not the exact shoes, but the same look, come what may. In the winter, in the snow, it’s Muck Boots.

  5. Don’t get me started on the Markle debacle. I’m incensed by it. I refused to watch the glory time on TV because I wanted to respect their wishes to be left alone. Besides, having seen enough of it on the news for the past two days and all and sundry -including Hillary Clinton (really?) trying to call out the Royals has made me a bit annoyed. She get the kudos of the Royal Wedding / albeit a bit spiced up to suit her agenda then doesn’t want to play anymore. Fine. Off they go stripped of any duties and we leave them alone because guess what, nobody cares. So, what do people who really want to be left alone do? That’s right, they go on the Oprah Winfrey show. Oh no- the palace has yet to respond! That’s correct, Hollywood- it’s called class and dignity. Farcical Markle is a jumped up, narcissistic little primadonna.

    1. Meghan Markle Inspires Millions Of Young Girls With Message That No Matter How Famous, Rich, And Powerful They Are, They Will Always Be Oppressed [Babylon Bee]

    2. Jules – Markle is oppressed because she’s part negro. Hubby is oppressed because he doesn’t know who his dad was. It’s a tale of racial tragedy and lack of opportunity for two unfortunates.

      Searaigh – Yes indeed, one drop of black blood means oppression, unless you self-identify as black, in which case you’re deemed to be 100% black and eligible for reparations.

        1. The local ex-royal thingies have no sympathy from me, because they are no-class attention whores.

          OTOH, the British Royals have no sympathy from me because hereditary Monarchy, Nobility, Aristocracy are abominations that should be seared from the earth, and are no better than nor different from institutionalized slavery by birth.

          So, I have no dog in the fight, a pox on them all.


    3. My sympathies are with Princess Michael of Kent.
      She should never have apologized.

      It’s obvious that one can accomplish a great deal with victimhood and oppression, but those alone are not enough. High IQ, tenacity and rapacity are also required to take full advantage.

  6. Dont even think of sending the Ginger Whinger and Princess Twinkle back here! You can have no idea of how unpopular those two twats are over here, a purported prince of the blood who resembles neither his mother nor his supposed father and a failed actress with a messy divorce behind her and a level of so called oppression caused by being brown.

    1. The Canadians don’t want them either and aren’t they a Royal dominion? Maybe New Zealand? Australia has already said “no”.

      Absent that, there is always Guinea, where the Royals mined their gold — or Hong Kong, which the Chinese took back, but both the half-blood princess and her emasculated husband could self-identify as Chinese.

  7. It’s said that Meghan has a “narcissistic personality disorder.” We could add a few adjectives, surely.

    Neat Boer War infographic.

  8. Hilarious first pic!

    Don’t care about the ex-royals one bit. Any reason I should? The only one I respect is the Queen Mum. And speaking of 0prah, what’s with the pix floating around of her with an ankle bracelet?

    Ah, yes, women’s shoes. Interesting devices, more style than substance for the first and last pair shown. Never cared for the platform ones; they just look stoopid.

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