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On January, 1, 2014, a new law goes into effect in California which makes it legal for boys 5-17 to shower, shit, and piss in girl’s bathrooms. (see Patriot Update for more details) For curious and potentially aggressive boys, this is something that they could only have dreamed of. Girls usually have a different take on it, but maybe they’ll learn to enjoy being watched as much as the boys enjoy doing the watching?
In California inner city schools, a lot of the restroom doors have been removed to make it more difficult for students to engage in a variety of antisocial behavior in the privacy of their stalls. This too works for the boys.
I understand that the intent is to reward children who have chosen the path of sodomy but by homogenizing boys and girls in restrooms, there are a lot of unintended consequences — besides addressing the needs of the gender-confused.
I took the CBEST test so that I could teach high school. Don’t laugh, I thought that I would be a really good high school history teacher. Since I live in California, it’s unlikely that I’d survive a week in school referring to deviants, because I don’t know what the currently acceptable term is for sodomy. Maybe just referring to them as the generic “sodomite” would be ok? Don’t worry. I took the test but I’m not applying for a position.
This is a form that the Los Angeles Unified School District has created in order to begin to force compliance from their teachers.
I don’t know what I’d do if I was a teacher and a boy in my class showed up to school in a pinafore or an evening dress with spike heel pumps? When I went to school, the young man would be beat up after school (maybe that would be what they want?). I guess that the teacher wouldn’t be allowed to suggest that they go home and find more appropriate clothing. One thing is for sure. With gender neutral restrooms, the world of education is about to get a lot more interesting.
Since President Obama “used to be” a ‘homosexual bottom’ and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is an ugly “in the closet” ‘lesbian top’ (also called a bull dyke), perhaps it’s time to open up restrooms for all genders to share equally — and NOT JUST IN SCHOOL. But will the girls get upset when the boys refuse to raise the toilet seats and pee on them? Or will they take in in stride as part of the brave new world?

Protected Male Groups under this new law:

Male Lesbians

A male lesbian is a physiologically heteosexual male who wishes he’d been born a girl. He feels alienated by the social standards of gender roles. He may be a crossdresser or consider himself transgendered, but he is probably not transsexual. His ideal would be to be able to be his feminine self in a relationship with a biological female. If he is open about this, he may be ridiculed by both the gay and straight communities.

Metrosexual Males

A straight man who embraces the homosexual lifestyle, and is usually is on the brink of homosexuality.

Transsexual Males

One who wishes to be considered by society as a member of the opposite sex, because they have the external genitalia and secondary sexual characteristics of one sex, but their personal identification and psychosocial configuration is that of the opposite sex.

Transvestite Males

A transvestite is a man or woman who wears clothing of the opposite sex. Unlike the drag queen or draq king where the person is homosexual, a transvestite can be gay or straight.

Homosexual Males

a person whose sexual preference is members of the same sex. Male homosexuals are usually referred to as gays

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  1. Some schools may have to develop "other" gender restrooms, or a third gender. I certainly don't think little girls should share the bathroom with gender-confused people.

  2. Values: I let my students know by my behavior that the school is not a place that has anything to do with sexual orientation, and if you talk about it around me, I will kick you out of the class.

    I too think about teaching, Economics, American History, Business…but not in one of these schools. They want so much for this to be the "new normal", and it will be if people don't fight back. I overheard a conversation at work the other day – two women were trying to figure out what a "T" was – because at work, they both recognized that if you were "L," or "G," and ESPECIALLY "B," nobody "F" 'n cares!. But a T? We all agreed we did not know, somebody who dresses as the opposite gender? That is NOT acceptable. It is acceptable for a female to dress in pants, and pretty much almost anything a guy wears – that has been socially acceptable for a long time. Not because it is "normal" for a girl to want to be a guy, but the clothing is appropriate for both. If a guy comes to work in a dress – we have problems. I would think a person like that is bringing non-work issues to work – and I should be allowed to say that.

  3. Under the new California law, they MUST share the bathroom with anyone who says that they're gender confused, which includes a very broad spectrum of "gender confusion". If a boy says that he's gender confused, he is and can go into the girl's restroom…And you know that the football team will make a joke out of it. It's in boy's nature.

  4. Some time ago, I was at San Francisco DA's Office for work. My partner went into the men's room and a DA Investigator in drag saddled up next to him at the urinal bank, lifted his dress and took a leak. Even under "old rules" you were not allowed to balk at that. Of course, we did and it became a running joke. However the new rules mean that you couldn't do that for fear of censure or termination (without extreme prejudice, for the time being).

  5. From my view, looking Westward from North Alabama, the State of California appears to be run by total idiots. And ding-dings. It's been some time since I've been there, and I won't be rushing back. I'll spend my few vacation pennies on the South Coast of Alabama, not in CA.

  6. All this is why I spend a fortune sending my kids to private schools. It will be a growth industry here soon.

  7. I think that the restroom issue is a law in California that will impact all schools, not merely public institutions. The new RIGHT for boys to use girl's restrooms. Eventually it will make its way into general public restrooms.

  8. There are unforeseen problems — which is a common condition of liberal programs. (look at Detroit)

  9. I'm so confused about my sexual identity now. Is OK to say I'm a man? Would that offend anyone?

  10. You'd become a protective class where you work and may end up moving up more quickly through the ranks than you have been so far. Reach for the stars.

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