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This is your Sunday sermonette! I realize that many of you were expecting Fifty-One Shades of Gray but we’re trying to keep it clean and family safe.

Looking for Love?   Look no further…

Find the perfect low testosterone, beta male…

Help frigid, virginal, young women get married and retain their virginity…

14 thoughts on “Find God’s Match for You

  1. No, I don't have any Alabama snake handler love connection opportunities here. What's your point?

  2. Oh my….Priceless. This should be on a "Little Britain" sketch – American version. Ha! It wouldn't surprise me if this actually happened.

  3. It's ONLY funny because people can relate to the videos. Which is a very sad commentary on humanity.

  4. These are brilliant examples of what is wrong with our double-standard society. Great social commentary!

  5. Clearly they could. The question is whether or not you would want them to find you a date?

  6. You say it's funny because people can relate, but I'm gonna take a well-educated stab and say that the people who can relate do not find these videos funny at all, but rather, absolutely excruciating. I acknowledge I'm ranting (because what else are blogs and comments for)… but this all pisses me off enormously. Not in the least because the church that teaches marriage until death also teaches "purity until marriage" so it is once you're already in that fatal contract that you find out you'll be frozen to death?? Lovely! Surely that was God's original design for life, right??? Also, as it turns out, ceaseless frigidity can come from the HUSBAND. Does ANYONE acknowledge this ANYWHERE?
    …. alright, thanks. I'm done now, with my rant. And yes, I do feel better. at least for now. 🙂

  7. Thanks for that anonymous…I think. Glad you feel better. Sorry about your frigid husband. Low testosterone beta males are more likely frigid. However even the most sexually charged tyrannosaurus male on the planet can be made frigid by a fat, harpy bitch. Just saying. Again, thanks for visiting anonymously.

  8. that's a totally fair reply to an anonymous and ranting comment. well deserved. I'm not fat (130 and 5'7") nor harpy (quite silent in person, actually), but my ranting was misplaced, and I feel bad. You're right to call it out.

  9. Jenny: To be fair to women, many of them select timid, "sensitive" males without really wanting a timid, sensitive male who will get in touch with his feminine side. One women I know told me that having sex with her husband was creepy because it was almost like lesbian sex. If we are to learn anything from porn (which comprises something like 35% of the Internet), it is that there are itches that people want to have scratched.

    Many men marry their girlfriends – who then become 'wives' and forget what being a girlfriend is being all about. (and it cuts both ways) Which tends to explain why men and women fool around — and why the institution of marriage is under assault. Roughly half of all marriages end in divorce and many people simply decide not to marry these days because there is very little social sigma involved outside of some religious circles.

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