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It’s difficult to know whether the United States is at war with Islam or not. President Obama suggests that ‘the religion of peace’ does not advocate violence or jihad. Irrespective of whether or not evidence exists to the contrary, the executive branch of the US Government has had a clear and ambiguous message – Islam is our friend.
Congress is set to make victims of the 2009 Fort Hood shootings eligible for Purple Hearts and combat injury benefits after the Obama administration has denied them the status for the past five years.
House Republicans, working with the Democratic-controlled Senate Armed Services Committee, added a provision to the defense authorization bill that would give battlefield recognition for the victims of the deadliest attack on a domestic military installation in U.S. history.
It passed on a voice vote with strong bipartisan support. The measure, which is expected to pass Congress next week, also would end a five-year effort by Texas GOP Reps. John Carter, Michael Conaway and Roger Williams to give the victims the status, the Military Times first reported. Texas GOP Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn introduced the bill in the Senate.

President Obama has said over and over that the Fort Hood Massacre was a case of workplace violence. Then UN Ambassador and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton assured us that the Benghazi Massacre was due to outrage over an internet video that nobody in the Middle East or the US had seen (at the time). 

Muslim jihad can’t be both peaceful and murderous at the same time. So which is it? The US may have to wait for the next administration to define our relationship with jihad. We are a confused nation — unless the next president is Hillary (what difference does it make) Clinton. In that case, she advocates that we make friends with ISIL and try and get into their heads and understand their motives.

13 thoughts on “Workplace Violence

  1. She who would be Queen of America has a different approach. And it's so insane that it's frightening. If you put your idea into their heads, make sure that there is a pork infused coating on the bullet. Save 72 virgins with each shot.

  2. If this bill actually gets through both houses in the end, it will be really interesting to see if Obama vetoes it citing amongst other things this provision that goes against his narrative. .

  3. God help this country if Hillary Clinton is elected. No way can this country afford a 4th term of the Carter administration….

  4. She will be hoping for a 4th and 5th term to complete the work Barack started and complete America's transformation.

  5. There is nothing better as evidence that Obama and The Hill are enemies of America than their inability to recognize evil. They are both beyond feeling and reason.

  6. At some point the Muslims will cross the line and their religion will be seen as the enemy it is.

    I'd have thought that was apparent from inception, to say nothing of 9/11. Obviously not.

  7. General W. T. Sherman said, "Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out. The Devil will know his own." Based on that standard, Barack should feel a kinship with ISIL in the same way that Hillary seems to.

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