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Captioned photo: Looking for a luxury apartment in San Diego for work, when I’m in town.  It may be cheaper just to get a nice hotel room. ~$300/night? I’ll have to run the abacus. It might be easier to write off a hotel.


Elon Musk: To be frank, every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true



Some of our government monitors are coming back online and the blog’s hit count begins to return to normal after the holidays. (an audible sigh of relief) This blog doesn’t generate income for anyone, but I like the idea that I haven’t been completely abandoned. I’m sure that things will be completely back to normal after New Year’s Day.



Identify the Tank


Life & death go on.


Bullet Points:

* We need a reality show where flat Earthers need to find the edge.

* There is nothing that is government funded. It’s all taxpayer-funded.

* Enjoy your Teslas,  progs. It didn’t save the planet, but it did help Musk buy Twitter.

* Nothing is hidden from the eyes of the observing world. -Aleksandr Pushkin, 1837


For Riverrider – the reason for the Season? No, but it will work in a pinch.



The New Normal?

Tony Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady, is not a private citizen. She has a very influential post: she is a director of Bioethics at the NIH, while her husband Tony was the director of NIAID until December.

Christine heads the NIH section on human subjects research, vetting ethics of vaccine trials, and much more. A couple where the husband is responsible for developing vaccines and their trials in human subjects, and the wife is responsible for bioethics of human subjects research, presents obvious ethical problems, would you agree?

Christine was the person who could call attention to one subject of the Pfizer COVID vaccine trial, Pfizer Study Subject C4591001 1162 11621327, who died from the COVID vaccine but was recorded as an “unrelated death.” She did not do this, of course, as her husband’s vaccine development was too important to derail with a few deaths here and there.

Fauci is outdone by his future replacement Hugh Auchincloss. Hugh will be responsible for the same things as Anthony Fauci was – such as vaccines, infectious diseases, gene therapy, and more. It turns out that Hugh has a little conflict of interest.


Bill Gates

Seeds? Yes, apparently so.


Meme of the day


More on the Vax/Boost

As of late September 2022, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Rochelle Walensky claimed it’s perfectly safe for pregnant and nursing women, and those planning a pregnancy, to get the COVID jab. According to Walensky, “There’s NO bad time to get a COVID vaccine or booster.”

Pfizer’s data show the risk of miscarriage could be as high as 87.5%

Safety for nursing mothers was not evaluated in the initial clinical trials, and subsequent investigations have been scarce. In mid-July 2021, a small study found no trace of mRNA vaccine in breastmilk, but a September 2022 study did find mRNA in breastmilk for up to 48 hours post-jab

These studies did not analyze breast milk for the presence of spike protein. Even if the mRNA is only transferable during the first 48 hours post-jab, that does not mean it’s safe to breastfeed thereafter. The breastmilk could potentially also transfer spike protein produced by the mother’s body, and that production, we know, can continue for at least four months, and likely longer

Walensky also continues to claim that COVID shots have no adverse effects on fertility, even though birth rates have plummeted since the rollout of the shots, raising alarm across the world. A Pfizer-BioNTech rat study found the injection more than doubled the incidence of infertility.

Why don’t we vaccinate and boost all illegal aliens entering the US? Or is that a question that I shouldn’t ask?

48 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Anyone still listening to the government deserves to suffer whatever fate that brings them.

    1. Humanity wants to believe in institutions. But those all have their own agendas and only seldom to they align with our best interests.

  2. Isn’t Hugh Auchincloss related to the late Jackie Kennedy? That name is so unusual; they have to be related somehow.

    1. Yes, I think you’re right, but I haven’t plumbed the depths of his connections. It’s enough that they replaced Fauci with another swamp creature. That’s how it works.

    2. The Jackie Kennedy relationship is through marriage and not blood. Auchincloss is a Scottish surname but Dr Hugh’s son, Congressman Jake Auchincloss (D, Mass) is halachically Jewish through matrilineal descent and upbringing. Rep JA is interesting in that he was briefly Republican as well as Independent. He’s also apparently a major in the USMC Reserve after 5 or 6 years of active duty. (Is reaching O4 in six or fewer years typical?) Anyway, the usual background of Harvard College. Also an MIT (Sloan I presume) MBA. And a grad of Newton North High School (as was Caroline Ellison). Apart from the USMC thing, so common as to be a stereotypical background for a kid from Newton.

      1. The more one digs it shows these creeps and grifters all come from the same “elite” cesspool. The Magical Mr O is the highest level Manchurian achieved. Same with Hollywood “stars”. The nepotism is running rampant to the point that short of nuking the entire system there can and will be ZERO change going forward. Yet the GenPub ignoramuses continue to vote them in as if all is peachy. Stupid is… Watters had his reporter-ette on the street asking people basic questions, few – like two – could answer anything accurately. Unreal how unaware people are…and they like their ignorance cage.

          1. It is our civic duty to be informed. Our generation had that drilled into us in High School Civics, nowadays they get gender and diversity drivel.

      2. Huh. Looks like CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s kids go (or went) to Newton North HS as well (unless they went to private school). Her house is less than a mile from NNHS.

        It really is a small club. Harvard Medical School (and Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health) are to Fed-Med as Harvard Law is to the US Supreme Court. Neither necessary nor sufficient, but awfully, awfully damned common in the CVs of those in positions of influence.

        Trivia about NNHS. It cost nearly $200 million. At the time of construction, one of the most expensive high schools ever.

        Trivia about Newton. One of the most difficult communities in Massholia to get a gun permit. Even the moderately politically connected must wait a year after approval. The local good range (in Ashland) has a color-coded list (red, green) of towns for difficulty to get a permit. Newton has its own color and font, as it’s “haut catégorie” in terms of opposition to private firearm ownership. That’s reflective of the sorts of people making national health policy. (And TH Chan is yet even worse.)

  3. None of us have left because you ask the hard questions!
    As for the vax coming out in breast milk. Everything came out in
    our dairy cows milk. Give them a shot of penicillin, follow the withdrawal times or you would buy a truckload of milk. Leave them out on wheat pasture a bit too long and you would taste it.

    Use meth while you are breastfeeding, you should probably just be taken out and shot.
    As far as the spike protein transferring to the milk, somebody needs to decorate a lamp post for promoting it.

  4. Bill Gates, they guy who speaks of depopulation, is trying to take over food production as well as the vx. business. I grow a big garden each year and have been very concerned about seed availability. Almost all seeds purchased are hybrids and trying to save heirloom seed is very tedious. Heirloom plants are also susceptible to diseases, fungus, mildew, insects that made hybrids necessary to begin with. Love these guys that say grow a garden if there are food shortages, oh yeah, it’s a shit ton of work too. And water…… If only my phone had a gardening app. Bill Gates is not your friend.

    1. I don’t understand what twisted Gates. And I’m old enough that I don’t care, but he has enough money to be dangerous.

  5. The tank is a Panzerkampfwagen mk II maybe because of the three man crew? It’s early anyway.
    Those Colt 9mm conversions I’ve seen work great.

    1. I’m not clear on the need for a semi-auto AR in 9mm pistol or rifle.
      Except for the coolness factor, I can’t get the appeal of a semi MP or Stribog, Brugger & Thomet, etc.
      A Glock (for example) gives similar firepower, doesn’t it?
      If SHTF something a little bit bigger might be called for.
      I am open to rebuke, er, refutation.

      1. (a) This is America (still sorta, anyway). It isn’t about need, it’s about want.

        (b) It’s the old idea of having a common caliber sidearm and carbine. Nowadays, they can even use the same mags. IDK about the rest of the world, but my handgun accuracy starts to drop off pretty steeply much beyond 25 yards or so. I am for sure not that guy in Indiana. However, I can go 100 yards pretty easy with a carbine.


  6. Identify the Tank:
    Swedish Stridsvagn m/41 or at least some variant of the Czechoslovak TNH medium tank

        1. Yes, Surly, 1/2 point. You’re a machine, dude, know your stuff. As with much of the Eastern European armor of the day, it ended up in German inventory. Given the dates of service, the equipment was the equal of what the Germans put out. They lacked the combined arms genius and the volume that the Germans brought to the fight.

    1. It’s a Slovak Division tank. It was produced at first as the TNHPS, and improved descendant of the TNH. The big tip-off are the four big road wheels on the TNHPS. The TNH had four bogies with 8 small wheels per side. In German service, the TNH became the Pz-35(t), and the TNHPS became the Pz-38(t). I don’t know if the Slovaks used German designation or not. I don’t know much about them, and most of that is of the final stage of fighting in 1945.

        1. Appears to be less Christmas and more XMas, not that I’m complaining or casting aspersions.


  7. So he’s been an NIH since 2005? Just what have they cured in 17 years?
    “He also serves as the NIH point of contact for the Emergency Use Authorization program.[4]” (The ever reliable wiki)


  8. FWIW, maybe I’m giving the a**hole too much credit, but when I heard Gates was buying up farmland, I figured a guy like him doesn’t spend his days figuring out what to invest it. Even if he wanted to he has so much money it would be a full time job. When the buying farmland story broke, it seemed like just a good investment and his financial advising company probably was the one who did all that.

    When you throw in buying up seed production and warehousing, it starts to get a bit too creepy.

  9. “If you aren’t taking hits you’re not doing anything.” Good the gov’t monitors are looking in, means you are making them worried. If they ARE reading this electronic billboard…my poke:

    “Hey, knuckleheads, life so boring you have to spy on Americans? Get a real job, you bums.”

    Anyone with half a brain knows the NIH and every 3-Letter shop don’t advance anything of value except control. These PhD Bureaucrats are clear enemies of the state and need to go away, preferably to Ukraine…they can help Short-Pants win the “small incursion” against Mutha Rusha.

    “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” If you told people that “govt funded” line they call you a liar then come up with 42 reasons why their position is correct…can’t fix willfully unaware/deluded, not even worth trying…ask Jesus.

    RR’s Morning Wake Up Call- That package is wrapped really well, must be professionally done.

      1. C’mon Ed, I was talking about the boxes in the background. Not that you’re wrong, that one looks like trouble…comes with enough warning label red.

  10. Housekeeping
    Your blog must be a constant thorn for those in “power”. Whoever the monitors are, you do make them think.
    We all do our part. My little contribution is not unsubscribing firearm and ammunition emails. I’m not in the market for anything but want to keep the numbers up. Perhaps that helps to keep the assholes nervous. Also, need to keep my assigned bunk score.

  11. Gotta love Larson’s toons! The whole CDC/NIH debacle needs to be burned to the ground, the ashes scattered, and an entirely new organization with NO political ties erected… Grrr…

  12. I’m reading, i may not have anything to add but I do learn. Keep it up!

    That tank? My guess was “small”… 🙂

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