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Bullet Points:

** The USMC is running out of uniforms. Don’t worry, new issues are only a year and a half away. It’s good that there is no war or new recruits might end up going to war in civilian clothing. It’s not your daddy’s Marine Corps.

As the pandemic subsided, high inflation drove up the wages workers expected, and many decided to eschew in-person work altogether. But the company couldn’t afford the wage increases necessary to attract workers back to factories. “McDonald’s and a lot of the fast food guys are paying $2 and $3 more an hour than we could afford to pay,” the CEO said. “Where they could go up on the price of the hamburger, we can’t go up on the price of a uniform.”

** American Abrams Tanks in Ukraine – Ten of the 70-ton tanks are currently in Germany undergoing final refurbishments, said the DOD official. Once that is complete, they will be shipped to Ukraine. The U.S. is committed to expediting the delivery of 31 tanks to Ukraine by the fall as our proxy war with Russia continues.

** Jules now has an Etsy shop online where her artistic creations can be found.

** Coal power is China power – China is approving new coal power projects at the equivalent of two plants every week, a rate energy watchdogs say is unsustainable if the country hopes to achieve its energy targets. Shortfalls in interconnectivity between regional grids, and issues with power supply for some areas mean energy driven by fossil fuels remains crucial for supporting grid stability or integrating variable renewable energy sources. However, the report says many or most of the approvals being rushed through are not in areas with those issues.

** Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890) was a notorious superhero (or antihero) and swordsman of the Victorian era. While at Trinity, the half-Irish Burton challenged another student to a duel for mocking his mustache. Burton learned 29 languages and became proficient in fencing. During an expedition to Africa, he was impaled with a native spear, the point entering one cheek and exiting the other, and leaving a scar that can be seen in this photo. He was forced to make his escape with the weapon still stuck through his face. Along with participating in clandestine operations, Burton was renowned for his fighting skills and earned the nickname “Ruffian Dick” because he had “fought in single combat more enemies than perhaps any other man of his time.”

Burton authored a number of important texts on the sword (including Sword & Bayonet Exercises, a classic book on the history of the Sword, and his “Sentiment of the Sword” about fencing) and translated a number of important Eastern cultural and mythological texts. A scholar, spy, and world explorer, he also had an interest in the occult, native sexual practices, drugs, runes, and snake charming, was initiated into an esoteric Sufi brotherhood, as well as into a Hindu sect, all of which made him a subject of controversy and fascination in his time. A linguist, he reportedly learned to identify up to 60 monkey “words,” which he recorded in a “monkey vocabulary.” In 1886, Queen Victoria made him Knight Commander of St. Michael and St. George.

Sir Richard was always a hero of mine.

** I saw Christmas advertising and wares in a store today. Then I thought to myself, the end of August is a trigger. There were Halloween cookies and cakes in the Walmart bakery – as if they’d last 60 days to Halloween. We live in crazyland.

** If President Trump is a racist – he is the most ineffective racist of all time:

Opportunity zones in urban areas,

Massive funding for HBCUs,

The First Step Act (to give ex-cons opportunities to apply for employment or home loans without their record hindering this),

Abolished the 1994 crime bill that was written by Joe Biden and supported by Bill Clinton and nearly caused the incarceration of 490,000 black men (long prison terms for minor drug possession offenses, etc.)

President Trump NEVER took a paycheck for his service as President. Instead, this paycheck was donated to HBCUs, urban development charities, and other black charities as well.

In the alternative, let us list whom the Democrats have mainly benefitted. When taking into account their age, and the number of years they have been in DC, the number values are startling:

1. Mitch McConnell: 81 years
Time in Washington: 39 years
Net worth: $35,000,000

2. Nancy Pelosi: 83 years
Time in Washington: 36 years
Net worth: $115,000,000

3. Dianne Feinstein: 90 years
Time in Washington: 31 years
Net worth: $80,000,000

4. Chuck Grassley: 89 years
Time in Washington: 48 years
Net worth: $8,000,000

5. Joe Biden: 80 years
Time in Washington: 51 years
Net worth: $15,000,000?? — The amount undeclared from Ukrainian money laundering cannot be estimated at this time.


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51 thoughts on “Bullet Points

  1. Yeah, and those you list are only a few who continue to live way past their warranty enriching themselves while making our lives miserable…..whereas….one who brought fun and song into the world for decades…singing “those songs you know from heart”…passed away yesterday. He was only 76.

    RIP Jimmy…hope you are enjoying “fare winds and following seas” in Margaritaville.

    1. I was lucky enough to attend some of his concerts. I’m not a true parrothead, but I will assure you that it would be DIFFICULT to show up and not have a good time. There are those who would say that it was more fun in the parking lot of a Buffet Concert than in the event itself and they’re not wrong. I remember that one guy turned a fully functioning Harley Davidson Fat Boy into a margarita mixer – like 500 gallons to waste away with. And he handed them out for free. But it was just like that. Parrotheads. The passing of a legend.

      1. Time stands still for no one…live each day to the full. Another chapter completed.

        Some, we think on when hearing….others we’ll say, “finally”.

          1. Chesney can partially carry the mantle.

            Here’s what can’t be taught (taught well anyway) is Buffet was unique, made his own style in his own voice..today half the radio sounds like cookie cutters from the marketing department and autotune.

            Country/western in a ball cap and skinny jeans. Sorry, doesn’t work. Be your own person, regardless what you do. God made us all unique with individual talents, we are tasked to not waste them.

          2. As was said elsewhere at some point in time – singing pop music with a twang in your voice doesn’t make it country.

    2. Odd – woke up this morning with the song Margaritaville running through my head. If anyone is interested, I used to post under my given name but the security bot started keeping me from posting comments. So I tried using a made-up word from a made-up language created for some make-believe space aliens which had the same meaning and it let me comment under that. So…real is banned and fake is allowed? Seems to be a fitting commentary on our times :)

      1. You should be able to post here under your real name. There is no filter on names per se and I don’t have a banned list (yet).

        1. Okay, that worked. Almost seems to run in cycles – post under my name for a while, then get the ‘You Fail All The Time’ textbox bot check for a while. Maxwell’s Demon working part-time?

          1. I’m sure that when I get the bad list assembled, your name will be at the top, Cederq.

            And your little dog too!

  2. So China continues to grow with coal while we wither with wind and solar. And if we ever do perfect (we won’t) these non-fossil fuel energy sources, China will steal or buy the technology at minimal cost to themselves.

    1. Coal is cheap. What coal that China doesn’t mine, it buys from the Norks who mine it with slave labor.

      1. Yep, mike with the muscle. Since ‘she’ is not really large for a male, the big mike nickname must have come from somewhere else.

  3. Sir Richard was a fascinating guy. I understand he made a haj to Mecca at one time and successfully passed as a native.

    1. He did go to the Haj in mufti.

      He served in the infantry as a common soldier for the British India Company, which raised its own troops.

      Burton travelled to Constantinople during the Crimean War. He received a commission as captain in the cavalry from General W.F. Beatson, as the chief of staff for “Beatson’s Horse”, popularly called the Bashi-bazouks, based in Gallipoli. He was not a very good officer. It didn’t fit his personal inclination and genius.

  4. In re 5 Joe Biden
    I think this number is just slightly understated; it doesn’t take into account the amount of money (in whatever denomination) he’s received from China for helping to move major German industries there by blowing up the Nordstream pipeline
    Am I the only one who can see the line connecting the dots or am I just paranoid?

    1. You’d think that Boron is a paid shill for my novels…in the upcoming NOVEL, Broken Toys (written by everyone’s favorite blogger – not DRJIM, WSF, BRM, Cederq or Old NFO), there is a fanciful chapter where the characters reminisce about how they created a false trail for German police to follow in regard the destruction of Nordstream 1 and 2. The trail led to the UKRAINIANS.

      It’s not unlike blaming the Afghans for the 9/11 attacks. Of course 9/11 is now a day when we honor community activists – forget about the Pentagon, WTC and Flt 93- and Benghazi a decade later.

      The Novel is very near completion. And as life imitates art, the Germans blame Ukraine. They can’t blame Pedo Joe even though he threatened that the US would do it from a podium six months before – he’s demented after all.

      BROKEN TOYS – soon available in paperback (worth twice what is charged – a collector’s item to be sure) and across digital formats. And the chapter regarding the false trail while in the book, is all farce. Don’t believe a word. (the author is as mad as a tree full of owls)

        1. I’ve heard the claim that 9/11 was actually the plot of the movie Die Hard: thieves pretend to be terrorists in order to steal valuables in the vault in the basement of the building. I think that’s an oversimplification. I think there were actual terrorists, and pretend armed services who wouldn’t force down a second known hijacked airplane after a first known hijacked airplane hit a building. Wouldn’t be prudent, wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture. Not going to do it, not going to do it. None of us want war in that whole area out over there.

  5. Off topic and apropos of nothing.

    I recently purchased a pair of Creative brand ‘Pebble’ PC speakers on Amazon. Wonderful sound for the price. So I am wading through the miniature bundle of paper that comes with, in print so tiny I need a magnifier with my reading glasses. The warranty page folds out like a road map and has the warranty info printed in 21 languages. A little blank box caught my eye. Inside is the label “Dealer Chop”. Along the bottom is the instruction “Please put your dealer chop on this space for the customer”. I was curious, so I looked it up–


    Likely our host is familiar with this.

  6. On Joe Biden per Nancy Mace, Congresswomen from SC, she said that his worth was above $50M from investigations of the House Oversite Committee. Mace said they were still looking and the number was likely to rise much higher.

    1. JG – If Pedo Joe was here and were he able to speak, he might call you a “lying dog face pony soldier” – (remember, he doesn’t work for YOU). That graft, held by nominees is not officially His to include the Cayman Bank accounts.

  7. 100% off topic:
    has anyone else noticed that Sorass has become involved in Indian politics and their economy; is he deliberately fomenting war between India and China; is he shorting the Rupee (shades of the Pound)
    I’m getting more and more paranoid

  8. I was in my local supermarket last week and there, in a big display, was pumpkin spice beers.

    Kill me now…

    And bags of candy are everywhere. Funny, nobody trick-or-treats anymore, but Yuuuge bags of candy are for sale. Almost like we don’t have to lie and say “I’m buying it for the kids, we won’t have any leftovers…”

    1. 中国制造 Zhōngguó zhìzào
      Mmmmm! Diabetics delight!
      Blood Glucose test kits, also Made in China!
      Insulin, et alia: et cetera! ad infinitum!
      someone more paranoid than i would begin to wonder.

      1. Teah, it bugs the daylights out of me, too, ESPECIALLY after this latest medical incident I suffered due to not being able to get as presription filled in a timely manner.

        What if the ChiComs just “turn off the tap”?

  9. RE: 1 thru 5: Those are rookie numbers.

    6. Jimmy Buffett: 73 years
    Time in Washington: 0 years
    Net worth: $1,000,000,000 honestly earned from all his various entrepreneurial activities.

  10. Burton — there were giants in those days.

    There still are, giant net worth financially, people sitting on mountains of cash which they got by being servants of the people. that’s why we love them so.

    1. Burton didn’t die rich, unlike British actor Richard Walter Jenkins, Jr who stole his name.

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