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This movie has been promoted to the public because the producers elicited active duty naval special warfare operators to star in it.
I was torn – should I go or not? I expected that the movie would not live up to the hype and would be something like the Charlie Sheen Navy Seals movie that came out in the late 1970’s.
That’s really not what the movie did and if you want to read more about the film, is a good article:

“Waugh and McCoy based the script on real-life acts of valor they came upon by speaking informally with the SEALs over a six-month period. “They kept sharing all these acts of valor that had happened in their community — that you really wouldn’t believe until they said, ‘yeah that happened to Mark right next to me.’ And you were like, ‘what, that really happened?’” Waugh explained.

Read more on Navy SEALs Reluctant Stars but Shine in ‘Act of Valor’ 

The movie is rated R because it’s violent in places and there are head-shots, but I don’t think that the violence was over-the-top. Truthfully, it’s fairly close to accurate from a Hollywood perspective. The acting isn’t stellar, but that’s not what the story is. Should you go see it?
I say, YES.

I particularly liked the scenes shot in Mexico…

16 thoughts on “Movie Review: Act of Valor

  1. Literally just walked in the door after seeing this fil. Stellar. Absolutley stellar. I am humbled and ever so grateful for those that serve us in the armed forces.

    Having a son as an active duty Marine lent some additional emotion and while I was irritated with the family that chose to bring their children (4, 9 and 12ish), I was grateful to see the respect shown by the audience at the end of the film. You could hear a pin drop in the theater.

    The scenes in Mexico were intriguing to me as well, and quite frankly scares the bejeezus out of me knowing that the sotry is quite realistic and no doubt happening right now.

    Great film

  2. Real people basically playing themselves? I would hope their 'acting' was not good… I'd MUCH rather they be good at their 'day' job (which they are)!!!

  3. Old NFO, their acting left a bit to be desired. I know one of the SEAL actors personally and it was 'funny' to see him act. Essentially played himself.

    MCAT, the people in the theater clapped at the end of the movie.

  4. Pedaling, it's not the normal Hollywood film, is it?

    Gene, Let me know what you think.

    Odie, it's the sort of movie that you'd enjoy.

  5. Saw it tonight knowing attendance would be light on account of the A-caca-demy Awards. I enjoyed the film, as did my wife who usually doesn't much care for violent movies. First thing she asked me after the film was "Are ceramic Ball bearings bomb vests for real?" What could I say but "maybe, and that's scary as SH*T!"

    Acting, as you said was a bit stiff, but these guys are SEALS, not prancing Hollyweird metrosexual weenies. All in all, a good film for showing the world the kind of really tough fighting these men selflessly do on our behalf.

  6. I'm taking the oldest Bannon boy on Wednesday – I pretty much boycott retail Hollywood, but I figured I gotta vote with my $ when they do something good…but when are they gonna make a realistic movie about the Bu? What, nobody wants to see a bunch of old guys sitting around collecting inteligence?

  7. Race, to spare you the suspense, it showed that FBI executive leadership consisted of closeted homosexuals for 40 years – with all of the catty behavior one might expect toward straight subordinates who excelled at their job and by extension (in the minds of Hoover, etc.) made him look as if he hadn't made all of THEIR arrests, which he hadn't.

  8. Saw Act of Valor on Wednesday, about 30 people in the theater, which I thought was huge for the area and the time! About a third of us all looked like the same demographic, the rest retirees.

    Great movie, so different from all the wanna-be blockbusters with the constant cuts and edits. The gear was real, movements, etc., and the 'first person shooter' viewpoint during the approaches were great. But the comm's never went down – so that part wasn't real…

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