16 thoughts on “More Random Thoughts

  1. Oh I am totally with the bacon one! These are brilliant and have made me laugh when I wasn't in a laughing mood! Thanks Larry 🙂

  2. Yes. Sure. But you can't recover the rounds and re-use them the way that you can with a crossbow bolt. If you don't hit zombies in the brain, they just keep on coming.

  3. They're serious as a heart attack, BUT who doesn't laugh at that — ok, you don't if you're the one having the heart attack. (a little WoFat humor)…. ;^)

  4. "Show someone how you feel."
    I grabbed a few guys for this; it ain't like they're wearing their heart on their sleeve.

    Never received a complaint against a female for that though. Hmmmm. I wonder why.

  5. Brighid – you're one of the people that I'm not worried about when the zombies rise from the dead. You'll be fine.

  6. The chainsaw – or better still, a samurai sword is always a good option for lopping off zombie heads, or those of annoying neighbors. When you put the mannequins out in your back yard, fire up the chainsaw and laugh maniacally while you decapitate them, the neighbors will find new respect for you. You'll become "Mr. Euripides" and they'll ask you if you're on your meds or off them before planning a loud party.

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