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In a normal campaign cycle, you’d see the contender, in this case, a Democrat, stumping and speaking. This cycle is anything but normal and the donkeys are working diligently to hide their candidate, made possible by the pervasive Chinese Plague.
Joe Biden’s painful senility is becoming more and more evident as his condition advances. You don’t need to be a doctor to diagnose him.
Even the Australians are making fun of old Slow Joe. “There’s not enough popcorn in the world…”

10 thoughts on “More on the Donkey King

  1. I just saw a video of Joe at the podium at the end of his speech.
    Jill came out and hugged him.
    He kissed her.
    Then she left him and he stayed. Lost.
    then you could hear her off stage, "C'mon Joe."
    Then he walked off.
    My best friend's widow agrees.
    He has dementia onset.
    She should know.

  2. Yes, and it's sad. But he really can't be president no matter how much the Donkeys believe that he represents them.

  3. Who else do the insiders own? I still expect Mooshelle to be picked at the deadlocked convention.

  4. I think the Donkeys' plan is to get Slow Joe elected with their truly favorved candidate as VP and then Amendment 25 Joe out of office.

  5. I think that you're 100% correct. They have to get him elected first, but he's not mentally competent to hold office. They'll give it to Hillary or some other corrupt DNC operative.

  6. I think Cuomo of NY gov office is the upcoming contender. Could be wrong though. He has been licking DJT's nutsack for a short while trying to look like a moderate contender and try to steal DJT voters while looking "Presidential". The two of then have the hate of 1000 blazing suns so it is all BS on NY Gov's part.

    Bernie is all but sacked imho. How the Bernie clan takes that is anyones guess.

  7. I expect the Mooch to be the VP to Biden.

    Kamala is damaged goods right now. Too much negative dirt on her was dug up and aired by her fellow candidates.

    Hillary is damaged goods, as she is also showing signs of dementia along with whatever causes severe balance issues and isn't related to alcoholism, in other words, something(s) seriously wrong in her brain structurally or chemically or both.

    Tulsi? Too.. not mainstream DNC Leadership enough. She's too outre for the rest of the rulers.

    So, well, that leaves the First Wookie.

    Which, unless things go seriously pear-shaped here in the USA, President Trump will beat any competitor and vice-competitor like a rented mule.

    Which (part deux) is the reason the MSM are beating the panic button over Wuhan Flu (or as Angus McThag said, the Wu Ping Cough) in order to tank the US.

  8. Trump has been looking presidential in his reaction to the Wuhan Communist China Corona 19 Virus-thingy.

    Cuomo? He's looking very Dukakis-y in his reaction, with a side order of SNLs Gerald Ford, and a extra-helping of Boss Hogg from the "Dukes of Hazzard."

  9. Since Hillary thought she could get away with being obtuse I do agree with BiLLB but she also might be tied up in court for a while.

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