11 thoughts on “Caption These, if You Please

  1. I CERTAINLY am not gonna caption #1 🙂
    No matter what I'm thinking. 🙂

    #2 "What virus?"

    #3 "huh. I actually got away with it."

  2. 1: Good Heavens, sir! I think you’ll be needing a lot more grease for that!

    2: Did somebody say “ Free Willy?”

    3: Yet despite the look on my face… you are still talking.

  3. #1: "Sir, hope you're wearing your ballistic jockstrap."
    #2: "Well, it appears the GoPro survived."
    #3: "It's good to be the King, or in your case, in the presence of one."

  4. 1. Ze Boche have ze Schutzenboomer. Here is ze projecteur de saucisse!

    2. Free the other Willy you boob!

    3. (hums tune while looking at you knowingly)

  5. 1> Sacre bleu! Prosthetics are getting better and better! Wait until Marie gets a load of this!

  6. 1. Oh yeah…. hold my beer Jacques.
    2. Where's an O2 tank and a Garand when you need them.
    3. I'm the motherf#%*ing shore patrol motherf#%*er,give that man a beer.

  7. #1 Dreaded French fart powered inter-trench grenade launcher.
    #2 Not a tuna fish, but might be singing.
    #3 After the cuckoo flew the nest.

  8. WTF is that thing, some kind of mortar?
    Is there a barbershop in the trenches?

    Sorry for not answering the request, I just have to know.

  9. #1-So Ludwick, can I borrow a condom?
    #2-The cage is in the water? The shark is in the water? I'm in the cage?
    #3-Where's Johnny?

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