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  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Guizhou WZ-7 Soaring Dragon drone
    2. Republic XF-91 Thunderceptor
    3. Douglas C-133 Cargomaster
    4. Ryan Navion
    5. Globe GC-1B Swift

    • I thought that I might have caught you in repose, but NO, you went after them like a rattlesnake after a chipmunk.

      WSF thought that the Swift might challenge you. Apparently not.

          • The XF-91 literally has “XF-91” painted on it. Geez.

            Though it is obviously an evolution/experiment done on the F-84F frame.

          • LL…Them regenerate? Heck, after this Chicago run it’ll be me who needs to regenerate, at least a week, especially considering every time I make a run to Portilla’s or Home Depot I’m on High Yellow Alert…even have to lock the pickup and rear toolbox…very annoying and wrecks my chi.

          • I do like Portillos. The roast beef with sweet peppers is my favorite, followed by their Chicago dog.

            I don’t have to go that far to have one. There are several scattered around the Phoenix Valley, but I got hooked in Chicago some years ago.

          • Being from Chicago, the correct response at Portillos to the question of sweet or hot peppers on Italian beef is yes.

  2. Can’t say I’m pleased to see how widely prevalent Chinese is in the US. It could of course be far worse (and will be, if The Best People have their way), but it ain’t good. On the plus side, kudos to the graphics guys who had the sense to keep the color coding consistent across the several maps. Too often idiots let the graphing program auto-pick colors, with the result that green means one thing in panel A and another in panel B.

    Trump graphic warms the cockles of my cold, cold heart. (BTW, they don’t teach you what exactly ARE the cockles of the heart in med school. Not even in post-grad cardiology fellowship. What a gyp, man!) Lots of things wrong with PDJT, but his heart (mystery cockles and all) seems to be in the right place.

    • The rank and file love President Trump and scorn Pedo Joe. It doesn’t take much brain power to decide why that is.

      WHAT good is med school if they don’t tell you what cockles are and why they should be warm?

      Samoan is widely popular in Utah. I admit a little surprise at that.

    • Mike_C, they don’t teach you in any level of nursing schools either… They don’t teach or encourage empathy like they use too… we are the Nightingales, live it!

  3. Surly continues to impress.

    Interesting graphics on languages. I thought French would be more prevalent in Idaho because of all the trappers that were there but it looks like the demographics certainly don’t reflect that.

    I still recall a smattering of French, well really Quebecois, from when I lived way north of Quebec City and am picking up Spanish slowly but surely. Reading a foreign language is one thing. Speaking it intelligibly is quite another. I am afraid that I am too long in the tooth to start learning Chinese so they will have to hold off the invasion/usurpation until I kick the bucket.

  4. After my sojourn in North Dakota in the mid-60s, I always thought that Norwegian and Lakota Sioux were the most spoken languages.
    I guess the Hispanics and the Germans became more prolific.

  5. The C-133 had a horrible record. Of the 50 that were built, 10 were lost. 1 burned up in a ground refueling incident, another ditched but all hands were rescued, and others went down without any survivors. Some just flat-out vanished over the open ocean, with no trace ever found and the cause never fully determined.

    A buddy was a loadmaster on those contraptions and was supposed to be on the one that crashed at Goose Bay, but got reassigned. The pilot’s brother was also a C-133 driver and was also at Goose at the time of the crash, and almost certainly watched it go down. Fate is the Hunter stuff there, think on those one think.

  6. Wonder why Spanish is the second most??? Hmmm, could that be an open border and lack of assimilation? Nah, couldn’t be that.

    No Danish in those upper midwest states? Curious what Scandinavian languages were more prevalent 60 years ago as traditions fall away. MrsPaulM is from West Chicago suburbs, heavily Polish, Danish, and Norwegian…she is fluent in Danish yet not her siblings although all were steeped in Danish traditions. Only takes a generation for traditions to slide.

    A service announcement and sincere apologies for dropping the Mooch Dancing video earlier….can’t unsee the boy parts (must have been out of Duct tape). BUT, saw an Amazon Labor Day special on eye bleach which is manufacturer guaranteed to eliminate said gross images from retinas.

  7. I was the loadmaster on the one that ditched off okinawa in april 67. so can say it did have problems but was much needed at the time.

  8. Well done, Mr. Nixon et al for selling us, unwittingly(?), down the road to China. But what does it matter, we can’t even secure our border or hold elections. So.

  9. There is a large Samoan contingent in Anchorage.
    Some Samoans were involved!ved in the fishing industry in Alaska.
    Samoans are big on family connections.
    When California passed its Three Strikes Law Samoan gang members who had two felony convictions left Cali for Anchorage and family to avoid a third strike and a life sentence.
    And yes, a large number of them were/are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


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