Bullet Points:

** JULES IS SIPPING and painting. You can learn more about her adventure here.

** (WSJ) Germany will be the world’s only major economy to contract in 2023, with even sanctioned Russia experiencing growth, according to the International Monetary Fund.”

** I just learned that Gen Z kids are referring to the 1980s and 1990s as “The Late 1900s” and feel as if I just drank from the fake Holy Grail in Indiana Jones.

** I tried to follow the science but couldn’t find it. So I followed the money and found the science.

** FedGov forced packaging and name changes on butter and pancake syrup. It’s the same with TV commercials where all of the actors hawking products are bisexual negroes. It should have ended sexism and racism, but people still talk about it as being problematic.

** Admitting that masks do not work would require that the authorities admit that they were not virtuous, but ignorant. Not defenders of public health, but tyrants and bullies. Nobody wants to be an ignorant tyrant. Thus, the ignorant tyrants continue insisting that masks work.

** Tucker Carlson on Adam Corolla. Tucker shares some personal insight about Trump as a person vs the politician and businessman. It’s a long interview but an interesting one.

** According to director Ridley Scott, there is a 4 1/2 hour extended cut of Napoleon (upcoming feature film) he would love for Apple to eventually screen. The extra runtime includes more of Joséphine de Beauharnais’ life from before she met the conqueror.

** Exclusive—Maui Resident: More Than 450 Bodies Allegedly Recovered from Wildfire and ‘Lot of Kids’ Still Missing.

** In the US we used to sneer at places like Gabon and Niger. Now many may feel a species of kinship.  Military officers in Gabon said they were seizing power Wednesday, just minutes after President Ali Bongo Ondimba was declared the winner of a controversial election marred by violence and allegations of vote rigging. The officers who appeared on state television Wednesday announced the closure of borders and dissolved state institutions including the Senate, National Assembly and Constitutional Court. They said in a later statement that Bongo was under house arrest.






Bavarian Air-Ace Eduard Ritter Von Schleich Poses by the Albatross D.V with his own Lion Emblem marking which he flew as Commander of Jasta 21 – he survived WW1 with 35 Kills.


Identify the Aircraft





A distinctive biplane.


R.E. 8

There was a seemingly endless variety in the aircraft developed between the beginning of the First World War and the end of the Second.


  1. Maui- Special place in Hell for the incompetent “officials” who have been directly involved in this tragedy. What will residents do when they bring in the D9’s to clear the land for their “new and improved tourism” development? $10 says…Nothing.

    Masks- Ahh, yes…let the lies continue…rational thinking non-foolish people know better. At least the fools will identify themselves.

    4.5 hours sounds like an epic movie, and Ridley Scott makes ‘em well.

    • Lake of ice, perhaps? Or would that be too good for ’em?
      I had always understood that the virus measures 0.4 microns and the smallest mask pore is 200 microns-sorta like doing hoops with a pingpong ball. OK for bacteria, worthless for the COVID virus.
      Administrative/politician never could pass basic science or do simple math.

      • Well, they are shivering fools, so ice would be appropro.

        Every mask box says it does not stop viruses…people are either stupid or willfully brain dead. Young healthy people dropping dead…nah, nothing to see there either. Facts don’t lie…people do.

        • Niven & Pournelle wrote an (IMHO) excellent/highly enjoyable update on Dante’s Inferno (interestingly enough, touching upon their view of the true purpose of Hell – I realize it’s not yet Sunday)

        • My Doctor and I were discussing this yesterday. An N-95 mask helps *some* with bacteria and the Flu virus, but COVID is much smaller and blows through the mask like it wasn’t there.

          • Most of the masks worn were not the good N-95 masks. They were cheap cotton masks from China. The N-95 masks are also good for working around sawdust and airborne particulate. They have their uses. Covid isn’t one of them.

          • Which is why, expounding on what drjim said, beards disappeared as a fashion for young men during WWI. Gotta get that face seal, and can’t do it with a beard.

            As to the Covid, a N95 mask will stop some airborne water droplets. Some. Same with other influenzas where the transmission method is due to airborne water droplets.

            Actual airborne virus units? Ain’t stopping that without a full Level 4 moon suit and you dare not take that off until after a full decontamination cycle including IR and lots of really nasty chemicals splashed all over said moon suit. Subtle clue, if you smell/feel those chemicals from inside the suit, you’re hosed.

  2. Late 1900s? Now that makes me feel even older. I tend to wow the kids a bit when I mention that I predate rock and roll. And that I actually knew people alive in the MID 1800s.
    I’ve seen a couple clips from the Tucker Corolla interview. Interesting stuff. I’ll have to go look at the whole thing.

  3. If that Beitbart report about the death toll in Maui is true, it should be a stark lesson to all about situational awareness and trust in your government to do the right thing to keep you safe. This is true in the case of a large scale disaster or just going out for dinner at your favorite local restaurant. There should also be criminal investigations and penalties for those who apparently failed the citizens of Lahaina so badly.

    As a Fireman/EMT with 30+ years in the service, death on that scale, especially the number of young ‘uns would probably be my career ender.

    • And this is why fully complying with all aspects of the 2nd Amendment should be a requirement of citizenry.

      If the residents had shot/hacked/stabbed/blown their way through the roadblocks, they’d still be alive.

  4. Anybody who paid the least bit of attention during their CBR training whilst in the military knew all that mask stuff was B-S from the get-go. Of course, nowadays, most folks don’t have that experience, so……

  5. Painting & Sipping…appears the Pornstar Martinis were starting to take effect as the sipping & painting event approached the finale. :>)

    • I have no idea what a Pornstar Martini is so I looked it up (UK spelling) – The porn star martini is a passion-fruit-flavoured cocktail made with vanilla-flavoured vodka, Passoã, passion fruit juice, and lime juice. It is traditionally accompanied by a chilled shot glass of prosecco.

      We don’t know whether Jules starred in a film after the art lesson…

  6. Peruvians vs. Easter Islanders? I think the conclusion is Peruvians had big chins while the Islanders had big noses? Or the Peruvians wore hats and more clothes because it’s colder in Peru? At least in the mountains.

    The odd obsession of 40% of the Peruvians for wearing a skull on top of their heads is noted, along with no idea why they would.

  7. We have to laugh. Germany voted to deindustrialize and now it has. Remember that end of war thing which was happily avoided, for Germany?

    What satrap idiots.

  8. Masks:
    When the mask mandates first started my physician told me that wearing a mask to stop the Covid virus was like trying to stop mosquitos with a chain-link fence.


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