What a perfect follow-on to eight years of ObamaNation!!

There is talk of Hillary wishing to create a “Unity Party” wherein America only has one political party to “bring the nation together” and to deal with dissent from the ‘vast right wing conspiracy’. It would usher in a new and marvelous era, characterized by a Clintonian dynasty.

When the Man Comes Around – (Johnny Cash) 


  1. Hmmmm…. A transition from the Obamaphate to the Hillaryphate, what could possibly be better? ALMOST anything.

  2. The Unity Party. George Orwell couldn't have come up with a better name if he tried.

    This evil crone gaining the presidency will be the worst thing that has happened to America, ever. The next worse thing was Barack Obama. And we all know how bad THAT guy was (and is).

  3. Hillary herself is totally Orwellian, and naturally there are people pulling that puppet's strings — as with Obama. People who don't have our best interests at heart.

  4. It worked out great for little Adolph, Mao, Stalin and the rest of the world's great leaders of that stripe. Ask Kim Jong Un…if there was more than one party the fat little North Korean would find it hard to get a job cleaning toilets.

  5. How on earth did these rotten assholes like Hillary ever gain a political foothold in this country? How did that happen? She is as evil as they come, and it is apparent to anyone with their eyes open.

    I pine for the days when in 1968 I rooted as a kid for Richard Nixon, but would be OK if Hubert Humphrey got the nod. After all, he wasn't such a bad guy.

    Now the political opponents are truly rotten, bad guys. And gals.

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