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China’s President Xi is said to be taking heat from the population over the handling of the Wuhan coronavirus. Imagine the blowback if the Chinese realized that it was an accidental release from the People’s Liberation Army’s bug factory, located in Wuhan. It will get out eventually
And then there is a report out from UK’s Daily Mail that shows the virus to have a 24 day incubation period, which means that those 14 day quarantines are useless.

“The new study was funded by four Chinese authorities: Ministry of Science and Technology, National Health Commission, National Natural Science Foundation and Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province.” (UK Daily Mail)

The People’s Liberation Army and the local civil defense organizations have taken up using foggers, used to disperse chemical warfare agents or to kill mosquitoes, against the virus. 
I am not a virologist or a biological warfare expert, but these measures would appear to be directed at public morale rather than as a genuine move against this persistent virus – that can live on dry surfaces for at least 5 days.

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  1. And so it goes. Public moral indeed. Back on 9/11, I was a member of the CAL-SMR. The CAARNG posted a couple of Humvee's at the toll ends of the Golden Gate and Oakland bridges where the public could see them. Word we got through the grapevine was that one of those Humvee's had to be towed in because the battery was dead.

  2. But even with a dead battery, it was a symbol of America's resolve. Just like the chemical warfare foggers are a symbol of China's battle against BIOLOGICAL warfare of their own design.

  3. The virus news sure doesn't seem to get any better. What, over 400 mill Chinese under lockdown now? Good work, bug factory.

  4. It goes to show that germ warfare works — and that it can boomerang on anyone who employs it. We live in a world that is thoroughly networked.

    It might be a good idea for governments to divest themselves of their store of biological warfare agents, but they won't.

  5. Findings of the increased SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) around Wuhan indicates the human corpse when cremated created about 113 ug/m3.

    I've also read some whistle blower reports of 250 mil quarantined, 2.5 mil infected and deaths in the hundreds of thousands. It also appears to be targeted at Asian populations per some reports. No hard data available so I suppose most of this is just mental exercise.

  6. There have been a number of independent reports of new crematoriums being built and thousands of burnings per day. As you suggest, it's more of a mental exercise, but it suggests big problems for China, and depopulation for Wuhan and elsewhere.

    The PRC called for an end to virus quarantines by today, February 10. It's not working out like that.

  7. The cruise ship under quarantine in Yokohama is showing a exponential rate of infection. If it holds we will see 100+ new confirmed infected tomorrow. Extrapolated, 5-6 days till everyone on board is infected. All this from a first case who was not even present on this cruise, but the one before.

    And in their wisdom,Hong Kong has released all passengers and crew from the ship that was under quarantine in HK , after checking the crew, and the crew only, under the exact same scenario- a previous passenger was infected.

    Authorities ? are now saying the virus may have a incubation time twice as long as formerly believed, and that it may be airborne, and that it may be viable on a hard surface for five days.
    The potential medical, political, and economic effects are formidable.

  8. When you design a virus as a weapon you want a long incubation time. 24 days is an VERY LONG incubation time during which the patient is infectious, an you want your weapon to be persistent. We know that it lasts 5 days on surfaces but how about things like cardboard? How long on packaging material? Bubble wrap from China has Chinese 'air' in it. Will that be infectious. The truth is that we don't know, but I suspect that the Chinese virus designers might know. But that's secret.

  9. Have you started thinking about having the clan take an extended vacation at Castle Lambert? With the drawbridge up, portcullis down and ramparts manned of course.

  10. Will we ever learn how it got out of the lab? Disgruntled employee? Secret high fives from some who developed it on how well it works? Inquiring minds will never know.

  11. I don't think that will ever breach the surface. I'm positive that the answer will be stored in the classified warehouse in a crate next to the Lost Ark…

  12. If things get bad, there is room for all of them at the White Wolf Mine, and sufficient arms and ammo to provide for the common defense. As you and many suspected Bobbookworm, one of the reasons for the White Wolf Mine was a scenario not unlike this one. I'm not a prepper, but I'm prepared.

    The city is no place to be during a plague.

  13. Yea….the foggers are definitely being used for show. They would have zero effect on curbing the spread of a virus that is generally going to be transmitted person to person. While it is true that the virus can live on surfaces up to 5 days (under the correct humidity and temperature) surface vectoring is and always has been a minor route of transmission for viral diseases. Historically the vast majority of cases are human to human. However troubling this current event is I don't see it becoming a TEOTWAWKI pandemic type event because this disease is simply not very good at killing it's victims. Sucks if it's you or a family member but in the grand scheme of things ANY disease that has a morbidity under 10% is not particularly dangerous to society in general. The bigger danger is the fear, panic, and bizarre stupid reactions people will engage in in response to PERCEIVED danger rather than real danger.

  14. Dan, where do you get the numbers to extrapolate that the mortality rate is under ten percent? From the official Chinese numbers? If you get them from news reports of WHO/CDC numbers, where do you think they get their numbers? From the Chinese?
    Anecdotal evidence seems to argue against "less than a thousand dead worldwide" when compared to the huge Chinese quarantine efforts.
    too soon to tell, not too soon to prepare.

  15. (1) The official Chinese numbers can't be trusted. So outside of classified channels which may or may not contain actual death tolls, mortality rate is not known. The fact that the US evacuated personnel shows concern, but that may or may not be based on a legitimate threat to life.

    (2) The standard of care in the worker's paradise is not what people who live in the West have come to expect, with the exception of Hong Kong, which has a very good healthcare system with reliably western medical standards. The Wuhan coronavirus is known to impact kidneys and the respiratory system. I've heard that diabetics are the first to succumb. That may be because the Chinese don't have adequate care available.

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