More Deceit from Obama?

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Would the Obama Administration cook the books? Would the presidency that brought you Operation Fast and Furious, the Benghazi Massacre, widespread unlawful spying on American citizens in their homes, the IRS Scandal where the president set the government on his political opponents, etc. — try to mislead you on the state of the economy.

(IBD) One day after President Obama bragged about how fast the deficit is declining, the Congressional Budget Office reported that the government is in far worse fiscal shape than it previously thought.

This from the administration that brought America the 29 hour work week as the “new normal” meaning that everyone now needs two jobs to survive.

20 thoughts on “More Deceit from Obama?

  1. Its getting ridiculous. The Unemployment Rate is going down, while Blackberry, the Cleveland Clinic, etc. continue to announce layoffs, and companies continue to announce they will not hire full-time employees. Obama will be gone (not soon enough) and this stuff will continue. If a President got in there and took charge, and Congress (miraculously) started moving in the right direction, there will be a SHOCK at the real state of affairs. It happens EVERY time a new administration takes over and releases a statement, "Things are worse than we were told," when they were part of the ones making things look better than they are…

  2. Truly a person to be believed and trusted. Truly. Yeah. Right. Maybe, if you depend on NBC for a pay check.

  3. They cook the books.

    The ObamaCare spin-off that has seen a MILLIONS lose full time employment while keeping what is now a part-time job is still counted as "full employment"

    You're 100% correct. When the next person comes into office and exposes Barack's charade it will get ugly.

  4. I'm reminded of the man who lost a hand of blackjack. Doubled down on the next to make it up. Lost again. Doubled down. Lost. Before long he was so far in the hole that he got his legs broken.

    I wouldn't care but for the fact that its all of our legs that will be hit by the bat and not just his.

  5. The only potential silver lining to all of this is that by the time he's done, his administration may so badly damage brand democrat that it takes decades before the party regains any credibility.

  6. I hope that you're right…but the American people voted for Obama twice. That doesn't speak to judgement, wisdom or the ability to stop hitting your head with a hammer.

  7. It rained last night, the mOOn is full, the breeze is full of hope for the future, and so am I. Bring it.

  8. Meh, It used to be you took thinks with a grain of salt when DC was involved, now you need a boxcar full… sigh

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