A Primer on Spoiling Granddaughters

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I’ve been known to spoil my grandchildren. To that I plea guilty as charged. I didn’t spoil their mothers (I have four girls) as much as I spoil them, but I didn’t have parents to hand my children off to once they’d been filled with sugar.
Saturday was my four year-old granddaughter, Savannah’s day with grandpa. Savannah lives in Arizona, but was visiting with her mother/my daughter and her two sisters – one older and one younger.
By way of full disclosure, I have never been in this mall before. I usually avoid malls (temples of greed), but they can be entertaining to a four year old girl.
This is a riding toy that you can rent and the kids ride
around the mall on them. Savy really liked it.
Then came a trip to the Disney store, where she was allowed to buy one item.
Holding the loot
Then we hit the candy store – because it’s what you do.
And added to the burden she had to carry.
And then ice cream
And another ride on the motorized Hello Kitty. You can
ride them along the main corridor of the mall for about 50
or 60 meters. I’d never seen these things before.

And finally, my daughter/her aunt, Emilie spoiled her too. 
That’s how it’s done. Mischief managed.

26 thoughts on “A Primer on Spoiling Granddaughters

  1. I am much the same way. The Hello Kitty thing is cool, no doubt my granddaughters would demand a trip to that mall if they found out.

  2. I'm with OldAFSarge, neat motorized kitty. Now you need the motorized White Wolf, for the boys. Sorry if that's "binary" but there it is. Heck, make a squadron of the cuddly automotons. Might come in handy for defense of the Mine.

  3. I love granddaughters. I have two but both are in the infant stage and not yet old enough to properly spoil. That will start happening in the next year.

  4. Can hardly wait til your grandkids can have the run of the White Wolf. What wonderful adventures await them.
    I don't do malls/shopping well so my grandkids got the outdoor granny.

  5. Savannah has one of those little motorized/battery powered Barbie quads that I gave her last Christmas, so she had the Hello Kitty machine down from the outset. She drove it like she stole it and was sad when the 10 minutes was up. So I had to buy another 10 toward the end of the mall phase, before we went to see Despicable Me 3 – and before ice cream.

  6. Regular quads are on the agenda for the boys. There's no use buying them until the place in AZ is complete, but the girls will compete right along side the boys when it comes to those. Savannah may have opted for the Hello Kitty but if it's a machine, she'll drive it. And let's face it, it's nice when you have over a million acres of National Forrest right outside of the door to ride in.

  7. I have three granddaughters and five grandsons. Because I raised girls, I have a very tender place in my heart for them. Boys are more rough and tumble and while they are also spoiled, it's different.

    Grandparents have the absolute duty to spoil their grandkids.

  8. Both the mall at times and the outdoors at times are fun for girls. Boys like mud puddles, baseball and .22 rifles.

  9. You big softy! I love you for that. However, Larry I think you should be swapping the Diavel for that new, Kitty Kawasaki there. Progression with a purr! ;P

  10. I have never seen anything like that riding kitty for kids.
    Or a mall with a Disney store, or a candy store like that. But you are in Cali still, aren't you?
    Good work! ^_^

  11. The Ducati She Devil/Diavel only ROARS, and it's not a machine for women. I'm not suggesting that a woman couldn't ride one, because they can. Most women chose not to because it's too much bike.

  12. This was in CA. The girls live in AZ and were visiting. BUT they do have malls like that in the Phoenix Valley… Though I'd never seen the riding Hello Kitty machines in any mall before. It's genius because the kids love them and they don't go fast enough to cause trouble, but fast enough to be fun. They're also strong enough for parents to ride on behind and are built for that. I think that all the malls in CA have candy stores, Disney stores, etc.

    My daughter Emilie works at the Macy's there in the mall in the perfume department and she loaded up Savannah with samples to take home and to share with her sister (three years older). My photos only tell part of the story. The day started with playing at the park with her boy cousins. The playground equipment got a work out.

  13. I do miss having small grrandkids. Mine are grown now. Maybe I will have some great grands one day. We have Disney stores in our malls here, too. But no riding critters.

  14. The Hello Kitty ride is cute, but I was very impressed with her matching kitty ears/headband! Talk about being perfectly accessorized!!

    She is definitely a cutie! Go Grandpa 🙂

  15. Large quantities of sugary treats is a requirement for grandkid spoilage. Then you return them to their parents.

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