Life is always challenging if you’re a political hack.

It’s so comfortable to lie for a living but once in a while, your bullshit is pointed out and the only thing you’re left doing is doubling down. Such is the case with Senator Rand Paul berated Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra Thursday, accusing him of ignoring science and displaying authoritarianism by denying Americans the right to take their own medical decisions. (see ZeroHedge)

The Senator specifically addressed the government’s refusal to accept that natural immunity to COVID is as effective, and probably more effective, than current vaccines, as well as Becerra’s own description of those who have pointed out this fact as ‘flat Earthers.

Becerra, a political operative and hack lawyer from California was, by all accounts, circling the drain created Gov. Newsom, until he was plucked from that career-ending situation by Vice President Ho and deposited into the DC Swamp as Secretary of Health and Human Services.  The man is not qualified to pour sand out of a boot yet he’s one of the government’s front people in the political war against medicine.

“Maybe in a free country, I ought to be able to make that decision,” Paul urged. “You sir, are the one ignoring the science. The vast preponderance of scientific studies, dozens and dozens, show robust, long-lasting immunity after infection,” the Senator further charged, demanding that Becerra should apologize for being dishonest.



Nebraska has become the first state saying that it will not comply with the Biden administration’s plan to allow the IRS to view any transactions a person makes a transaction over $600.

Nebraska State Treasurer John Murante said that they will not comply and if the administration sues he will take it all the way to the Supreme Court.

“As State Treasurer, I have an obligation to safeguard the personal information of hundreds of thousands of these accounts and it’s absolutely wrong to ask American citizens who haven’t even been accused of wrongdoing to turn over their private bank information to the federal government. There’s no excuse for it,” Murante said on Thursday.


How far will YOU go?


Breaking – FBI Spying on US Citizens

“Our further audit work identified over 200 additional instances of Woods Procedures non- compliance—where Woods Files did not contain adequate supporting documentation for statements in the
29 applications—although the FBI and NSD subsequently confirmed the existence of available support elsewhere. We also identified at least 183 FISA applications for which the required Woods File was missing or incomplete.”

Read the Inspector General’s findings at the link below:


Caucasian Blunderbuss

Dated 1870, snaphance lock, silver mount with engraved foliage accented with niello, short stock inlaid with bone, and mother of pearl.

The snaphance lock was a development of the earlier snaplock, contemporaneous to the miquelet, with both evolving into the later flintlock. It featured the same general configuration people know from the flintlock, with the main mechanical difference being an automatic pan cover that would open as the gun was fired, as opposed to the frizzen doubling as a pan cover, and the lack of a half-cock position. The so-called true flintlock never really replaced these older types of lock around the Mediterranean, as we can see from this late example.


Ahmad Shah Massoud inspects PKM in Panjshir Valley, 1990




Weaponized these days against targeted “domestic terrorists”…


  1. My wife mother in law and oldest daughter all go the shot I didn’t they got the delta variant I did not even get the shovels makes you wonder

  2. More richness here…

    “Others”, make life difficult…for normally aware people.

    Rand Paul speaking truth, most of the rest of his side of the aisle are too busy making deals with this tyrannical administration that seeks to wreck America.

    Really, the FBI is spying on half pf America? Could have never guessed from those who believe stealing from regular folks is acceptable. Guy goes to purchase a restored car, cash sale. Brings $115k with him on the plane in a duffle. Far end gets pulled aside by the resident terminal FBI agent, who promptly confiscates said cash, accuses the guy of money laundering for a drug cartel, BUT offers him a deal; walk away and no charges. No wonder they are running PSA’s, trying to repair their criminal image.

    Pizza, subliminal thought, tomorrow nights dinner. Take-n-Bake, only kind that works this far out else you have to eat it in the pickup on the drive home.

    • Is Take-and-Bake a chain, as in Papa Murphy’s? We’ve been going to MOD Pizza, but now that the “Toatally 80’s Pizza” store has moved from S. College over to where our closest Pizza Hut used to be, we’ll give them a try again.

      I’ve read of several people who were taking cash to buy a car, and were stopped by a local or state PD for some reason, and got the same treatment. Sad when the highwaymen double as the Highway Patrol….

    • They have an IRS agent handy to do a “jeopardy assessment” on the cash and seize it. The FBI can threaten but the IRS can close the deal on the spot. They could also have an agent of the state revenue department handy. In most states, they can do it too. Your money is gone. You must prove that you’re innocent. The tax code is the only place where there is no presumption of innocence.

      • And so you understand that I am not two-faced on this, I have done the very thing with criminal targets (never a random stop). I had an IRS agent that I used to take in tow to do that very thing. He’d been a Major in the US Army, his name was Richard, we called him “Major Dick”. If we knew that a criminal target was transporting cash and we couldn’t link it specifically with a crime, we’d have Major Dick seize it under IRS code as “untaxed money”.

        Now all of the major airline hubs have task force groups that include DEA, IRS, etc.

      • Same as Red Flag laws, take your weapons, an act of God to get them back.

        drJim, Yup, Papa Murphy’s,.. while not Giuseppe’s in Richboro PA, their thin crust is pretty good. Next time I’m in town will give MOD a go, heard they were good.

  3. Ah pizza, it’s what’s for dinner. Getting to be a rare treat, this trying to stay healthy is very trying sometimes.

    Blunderbuss, the write-up leads off with a date a 1870. Do you think they meant 1670 or was this a reproduction of what was available in the late 1600s? In any case, beautiful work.

  4. Glad I’m no longer in the car biz. Did any a cash deal buying and selling back in the day. One reason I had a CCW out of Utah (easier to obtain then) was the amount of cash carried.

    • If you pay more than $10K in cash at a dealership, they report you to the IRS by filing a CTR. I don’t know if the reporting goes on in every state but I believe that it does. Failure to report is a felony.

      • $9,999. So you have another transaction for accessories. “What do you mean, a motor is not an accessory?”

        • Which is how drug dealers buy cars.

          I have seen sales receipts for the body, the suspension, the interior and then the motor and wiring. All under $10k. Enough receipts for a $100,000 Mercedes.

          Then there’s the additions. New interior, new sound system, new wheels, new tires, new paint, all under $10k also.

          There’s a reason for the $10k thingy, it’s just abused way too much. Just like asset seizure and forfeiture. A good idea, but way too often badly used.

        • Making several payments for one transaction is known as structuring ( more commonly…smurfing) and violates federal laws.
          As to money seizures w/o criminal violation linkage, when I retired in 2017 both DEA and FBI had policies in place preventing the agencies from profiting from such seizures. Of course, that didn’t apply to local counterparts.
          I would not be surprised to learn that those policies have changed. Especially since they apparently no longer prosecute agents for false swearing.

          • 70% goes to the local agency, 10% to the courts, but that doesn’t apply to an IRS seizure. They take it all.

          • Structuring. Many ways around this and that is all I will say. Statute of limitations and all that.

            Just to be clear, I didn’t deal with drug dealers and the like. What we dealt with were people who wanted to preserve their privacy.

  5. Granted that locally there are only the usual chain pizza suspects for an alternative, Mrs and I have not bought any other brand of pizza since Pappa Murphy came to town several years ago. Much better by far.

  6. The Milgram experiment has always been misinterpreted. People think that it’s about individuals’ malleability to authority – if authority tells them to kill somebody else, they will reluctantly do it, because authority.

    AFAICT. that isn’t how it works at all. Most folks I know want to kill people all the time, and restrain themselves. If they heard they could get a free pass, boy howdy!

    That blunderbuss is cool, but I hear that since it’s Caucasian, the Fed says it’s no bueno.


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