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The Great White Fleet was the popular nickname for the group of US Navy battleships that departed on December 17, 1907 from Hampton Roads, VA to circumnavigate the globe.

This picture was taken when they arrived in San Francisco on 6 May 1908. Can you imagine America’s navy today – where white males are purged from the service for being, white, identifying as male and heterosexual – calling their fleet Great and White?

Times have changed.


The Future – Canadian Style

Oh, Canada…


Meanwhile…in Iceland

Iceland is installing electrical columns in the form of walking iron giants. Some anthropologist far in the future is going to write so many wrong papers about this.


Bullet Points

* I do not deny that Joe Biden received 81 million votes. I deny that creepy, demented old Joe received 81 million votes from 81 million voters.

* Everything that is free is paid for by somebody who works.

* If I bought a new boat and took out a loan, could it self-identify as a student loan?

* This entire presidential term so far has been like being tied to a chair and watching a toddler playing with a loaded pistol.

* Claiming “augmented reality” technology “has the ability to transform society and individual lives,” the World Economic Forum recently suggested there are “solid,” “rational” and “ethical” reasons to consider implanting children with microchips.

* The same firearms called “weapons of war” by the media last month, are now being handed out to IRS agents. Who do you think that their enemy combatants are?

* Liberalism is – when you object to injecting beef with hormones, but injecting children to change their gender is a great idea.

* Apology Letters:

Templates to help you grovel…For example:

Dear LSP  {or other Name},

I am very sorry for what I have done over the past {length of time}. I understand now that you were trying to guide me and help me. I know that all of your actions were motivated by love, and mine were brought on by {anger, rage, rebellion, etc.}.

I’m sorry for my behavior and the way that I treated you. It was disrespectful and hurtful. I am grateful for your guidance and your patience with me during a difficult time of my life. I hope that you can forgive me of these sins and help me return to the path of righteousness.

God Bless,



Dear {Recipient},

I would like to apologize for {problem}. It has come to my attention that you’ve pretty much told everyone what a horrible person I am because of {problem}, so I really feel like I should apologize to you. I mean, it’s not like {problem} was in any way my fault, but now that you’ve gone and blamed me for it everyone “knows” it was. So, thanks for that, and I’m really sorry you felt the need to do that.

Also, I’m sorry you’re such a petty person that you couldn’t just say any of these things to my face. It’s really telling when someone like you can’t even resolve {problem} without resorting to childish, moronic high school-level gossip techniques.

So, please accept my absolutely sincere apology. I know you must get a lot of these since you’re always demanding people say they’re sorry to you. And, of course, each of those must be as sincere as the one I’m writing to you right now.

Your humble and groveling servant who is unworthy of everything,



According to Saul Alinsky


Managing Memes



48 thoughts on “The Saturday Slam

  1. The last remnant of the Great Whit Fleet is moored as a museum ship in Philladelphia, The Olympia. She brought the remains of WWI’s unknown soldier home to the the U.S. from Europe.

  2. Our two newest fire trucks have def systems on them. Our trucks don’t getting driven very many miles per year, but we really need them when we do. We have had nothing but trouble with both units, what with the systems malfunctioning and the def crystallizing. “I’m sorry your house burned to the ground ma’am, but we are doing our part to save the earth!”

    1. DEF is unnecessary – but once engineered into the system, with all of the sensors and wizbangs associated with it, the rig won’t run without it. It’s your federal government at work – because they love you.

    I’m sorry you’re an incompetent doddering old fool who chose a (deleted in the interests of public sanitation) for your Veep.
    Wild, wild west.

  4. I would read todays VM blog posts in detail…and mull…but I’m “REFOLDERING” my personally declassified napkins and notes given to me by neighbors and relatives who would just as soon have me toss them in the burn barrel but the new Expanded IRS Armed Strike Force requires I keep them, in my underwear drawer…in case they need to audit said paperwork.

    Who knew that was a word. The crap govt comes up with to justify their sorry existence.

    Times haven’t changed so much as the idiots who think they are in charge of the rest of us, aka Liberals and Lefty’s. Oh, and even Alinsky, a scumbag in his own right, said HRC – his acolyte – was worse than the teacher.

  5. re — ExhaustFluid© contraptions
    For sharts-n-giggles, we read RecreateVehicle forums such as IRV2.
    We see thousands of posts about ExhaustFluid® failures… often on the way home from the dealer.
    The rig is towed back to the dealership, parked in the weeds on the back fence, and slowly decomposes to the elements while awaiting non-existent parts.
    Apparently, the failure rate exceeds 100% (approximately infinite).
    One of my hobbies is walking wrecking-yards and insurance salvage auctions.
    An astonishing number of post-ExhaustFluid© ‘coaches’ are in their final gasps of existence.
    The mention of these two utterly non-related considerations is purely accidental.
    An aside:
    2003, we built our ExpeditionVehicle on a 1996 commercial truck.
    Not much in the way of gizmos on our Cummins 505ci/8.3-liter mechanical, no computers.
    Nearly two decades full-time live-aboard.
    A robust resilient vehicle, equivalent to most vehicles of that period… aka ‘pre-obiden’.

    1. The DEF systems on the school buses with the stright-six cummins work okay. Better than the regen reactor systems on the old 6 liter powerstroke ones, anyway. Of course, there are all these silly dances about getting enough DEF, and how we can’t store it in the yard, blah blah bah.

      Of course, none of these things work half as well as pre-emissions diesels.
      We’re gonna wish we still had them when we start getting the electric buses, though.



    2. DEF is another govt scam program foisted on pick up and truck owners (look at Californias idiotic regs for semi’s). What exactly is it designed to do? Reduce smoke? Let the DEF tank go below half and you will have problems. Ranch neighbor was pulling his 5th wheel back home on I80 when the DEF light came on. Had to limp home. Been in the shop half a dozen times trying to figure it out…might be one of the many the DEF sensors, the DEF tank heater, the DEF pump. No one knows because the code reader keeps pointing to something new. Then while there the trailer brakes stopped working.

      More junk to go wrong disabling the entire truck…but it costs $55k. Thank you very much.

      Our Government completely screws up and complicates everything it touches, which is fully analogous to The Left.

      1. It may be difficult to find a gasoline-driven car in 5 years given that US automakers appear to be making 100% electric cars. I don’t know how they plan to power semi-trucks. Maybe one trailer will be a huge battery (made in China) and the second will contain wares.

        1. Too bad for them there isn’t enough lithium or co alt in the planet to power their nirvana. They’ll never admit it tho.

          1. There will be enough lithium and cobalt after 80% of humanity is gotten rid of. Part of the “Elites’ ” plan is to murder 6 or 7 billion people.

          2. Good point. They will have to CGI out the massive strip mine environmental disaster, similar to parking cargo ships 140 miles off the Cali coast…”Look folks, no port backlog.” Then again, if no man except elites is around to see it, did the mining really happen?

  6. Maybe the Vancouver article is based on a typo, and they’re just getting a firetruck to respond to electrical fires, like a brush truck responds to brush fires.

    They could use one, what with all the solar panels and their very fun firefighting consequences…

    Yeah, I know… no such luck.

    At least it’s Canadians getting fucked this time, instead of USians.

    I like the Icelandic pylons.


    1. From what I read – including. the meme, the truck will work fine so long as it’s supported by a water tender that runs on a diesel engine. Of course, the toxic batteries will need to go to a special hazmat landfill when they’ve expired and the fire department will have to lay out $40K for new ones. Maybe they have a power cord option where the truck can trail a massive cable back to the station?

      1. I predict that the fire truck’s batteries will catch on fire sometime within the first year of use.

        1. That’s a good bet. I notice that you didn’t offer odds.

          I think that they will roll it out for “Fire Day” and park it so that people can have their picture taken next to it. Maybe it will silently roll down the street during a parade. If there’s a fire down the street from the fire station, it will respond, etc.

          It’s a virtue signal.

  7. The power line pictures are great! It’s good to see that someone with imagination is still around and allowed to get the job done with style.

    1. Writing wrong papers–

      “Ladies and gentleman, in the highly unlikely event the aircraft suffers a loss of power, in all probability we’ll go into the ground like a f***ing dart. We would be obliged if you would wear your lifejacket on the way down. This will do you no good at all, but when archaeologists find you in 200 years, they’ll think there once was a river there.”.

      –Billy Connolly

    1. Fire trucks like that should be painted green, and the fleet of diesel support vehicles for it should be painted yellow – the proper color for a surrender flag.

  8. So, what do the firefighters use/do when their fire truck is on fire? I am sure the battery pack in that thing is much bigger then a Telsa and a more spectacular conflagration is in the works. Break out the weenies?

    1. Carry coat hangers and marshmallows in their turn-outs for that moment when there is nothing else to do.

      Of course, you could have a diesel-powered airport crash truck with a big foam generator on it to follow the Green Truck and put out the fire when it ignites.

    2. Weenies and marshmallows. Yep. Nothing like cooking over hydrofluoric acid to liven up a meal.

  9. DEF: Doesn’t make much sense to me but thankfully my DEF equipped truck has been trouble free so far.

    I have been half heartedly looking for a slightly larger diesel tractor than the one I have. No problems with it but I sometimes overwork the beast something awful. All the newer tractors need DEF or are limited by the regen cycle taking up a portion of the work day. Older pre-DEF tractors are sold at a ridiculous premium. Looks like I will stay with what I have.

    Electric vehicles. Still have not seen a cradle to grave analysis of battery technology compared to internal combustion tech. To me batteries sure seem a lot less recyclable at first glance. Then there is the matter of battery replacement since the things have a very finite life. Saw a quote for battery replacement on a Volt with 70K miles on it on the website 90 Miles from Tyranny. Almost $30K, well more than the car is worth. That is not economically sustainable for anybody.

    1. As WSF (car dealer) wrote on the blog before, you take the value of the EV and then tack on $5K or $7K or whatever depending on the car because the battery will have to be replaced in order to sell a used car. The battery is off to a toxic landfill. How much toxicity would exist with 500 million or so used batteries in this country after 5 years? Do the math.

      And they come from China for the most part. What happens when China decides not to export them?

  10. Last place I worked at got an all electric bus to serve as an employee shuttle – with much fanfare in the local news. After the first couple of months, it was spending most of its time in the shop for repairs to get it running again. After about a year, it was (very) quietly retired.

    1. Where I work, we do, among other testing, durability testing on large electric vehicles – military and civilian. The duty cycle is horrible. Way too much time spent having to charge versus filling a fuel tank. Time wasted not driving the vehicle. The best charger we had for one particular vehicle was a trailer-mounted diesel generator. IIRC, a 60KW size generator and attendant charger on a semi-sized trailer.
      What totally sucked was unloading 12,000lbs of sandbags, simulates payload, from one vehicle, before return to the vendor. In the Nevada heat, by hand, 50lb per bag.
      Wandering Neurons

  11. “Alinsky, a scumbag in his own right”
    Alinsky appears to be a combination of genuine desire to “improve the world” and bitter resentment. Shocking, I know. Who would possibly have guessed? It’s so completely against type. Any road, I suspect he truly considered himself on the side of the angels. Except that there was no room for angels in his worldview.

    I also like how the Wikipedia entry on Alinsky tries to paint the Tea Party as the foremost exponent and beneficiary of Alinksy’s tactics.

    Alla y’all liking the Iceland pylons are racist. My G-d! The pylons are WHITE and they carry power. Could that be any more In Your Face? It’s not as if the symbolism is cryptic, you bigots!

    And Iceland needs diversity. Millions of Sun People must be imported immediately. There can only be one ethnostate on this planet, and Iceland ain’t it.

    1. Speaking of Ice People ethnostates: I’ve heard variations of this story from more than one Nordic. American visitor asks “So what happened to the Vikings?”
      Native Nordic person starts to explain how “Viking” was a thing you did rather than a race or ethnicity. American is confused and/or gets angry. “I can understand if you’re embarrassed about how you treat those people, but don’t pretend I’m stupid and that I don’t know about it!”

      After much nonsense, Nordic person realizes that American thinks “the Vikings” are like American Indians, or Ainu, or other primitive/displaced groups. American thinks there are reservations where Vikings live in squalor and poverty.

      Either this is A Thing That Happens or several Swedes and Danes, plus one Finn, have a disinformation conspiracy going and are pulling my leg. In all these tales it’s a young, female American.

      1. New generations demonstrating all over again the wisdom of the old saying “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

        1. There are a number of grievance degree options beyond gender constructs. She could self-identify as a member of an oppressed race like Rachel Dolezal and become a poster child for the NAACP or BLM, and structure her studies around that identity.

          1. My brother had to go to a public meeting about the I-287 project he was working on for NJDOT.

            One of the Publics gave a long speech about how the project had to be stopped to protect the aquifers, which were just helpless little animals, after all.


  12. Electric fire trucks…..brought to you by the same government that said, “We can make a better gas can.” Sigh.

    1. I sense possible hostility toward the government-mandated spout on gas cans. You don’t appreciate the amount of EFFORT that went into designing a spout that would save the planet.

  13. Def is reason I bought a gas burner this time. Well, that and the fact that I prolly won’t last long enough to wear out another deisel . 450k on last one.

    1. I see some sort of new law coming that would force gas stations to close since they’re why the planet will be dead in four years.

  14. What an excellent letter!

    “Dear LSP, I apologize…”

    Yes, most definitely. Looking to reactivate club memberships in advance of OPERATION WHITEHALL.

    1. I have a conference call with people on Monday that might provide me a sense of timing on the scheduled junket.

  15. Furthering the EV scam is the non existent tax credit. A certain percentage of the batteries must be USA sourced materials. Said materials are not available (yet) from USA mines and USA battery manufacturers. Buy your EV after the now implemented date and no tax credit. Also applies to hybrids.

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