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Leopards with and without Spots

Bundeswehr Leopard 2A6 of Panzerbataillon 393, 37 Panzergrenadierbrigade.
Leopard 2A7V+



The Left was not amused that Amy Barrett was sworn is an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Maybe one day she’ll be Chief Justice? During the next four years, President Trump may have two more appointments. Justice Breyer is not getting any younger. Neither is Justice Thomas. Thomas is arguably the most conservative member of the court, which annoys liberals because he’s black. Breyer may be the most liberal now that Ginsburg is learning the error of her ways in that big courthouse in the sky.

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris has essentially promised to keep adding liberals to the court, no matter how many it takes, so that democrats get their way (court packing) with each decision.


Fickle Fashion

During the last quarter of the sixteenth century, infantry and naval officers began to wear artfully designed cuirasses (breast and backplates) that hinged open with a front seam that mimicked the doublet or waistcoat. This Italian example is decorated with slanted etched bands to look like embroidered trim as well as large rivets down the front simulating buttons. Despite its fashionable appeal, the front seam did weaken the cuirass, and soon after 1600 the fashion vanished.

There’s a practical side to the matter as well. In an age when running you through was well more than a cliche, adding a few unwanted pounds would make hinging the waistcoat (wastecoat) closed a lot more interesting.


Picking your Route


Fun with Maps

Wealth Distribution



2006-2020, State by state, the % of your gross income you’d spend to live alone with a full-time minimum wage job.


Settlements of Angles, Saxons and Jutes in Britain, c. AD 600.


  1. Interesting bit on the cuirass. Never knew about the hinged version.
    If the trucks crash, I’ll rescue the Jack. Someone else can take care of the Coke. After all the two should be kept separate.

    • They have to hinge. The overlap at the front to make it look like a waistcoat is apparently the weak spot – art took sway over function. I’m sure that it was hot.

      • Hinged front would make it easier to don and doff single-handedly. Something that is very important in situations where getting it on or getting it off real damned quick was important, like during a raid or when your ship is sinking.

        Having worn back and breast for a long time, convenience does have a factor. The good thing about the hinged breastplate is that the left front overlaps the right front, so that any blade from a right-handed fighter won’t get caught in the overlap.

        I think what really killed that breastplate style is the ramping up of fireams and the need to have ‘proof’ armor that, well, was proof against pistols and some muskets, as the threat of gunpowder weapons increased rapidly after 1570s with the introduction of cheaper wheel-lock firing systems.

        • Yep getting in and out of that stuff is a chore especially the earlier period suits that use a lot of arming points, that’s what God made squires for.
          And yes, it is hot as the hinges of hell because there is also the gambeson, a thick quilted bodysuit, worn under it all.
          My suit was full plate and it was heat-blued to reduce rusting. Fighting during summer in AZ and southern California was no picnic. My organization eventually changed the knights lists to heavy Ren for the summer months which allowed for much lighter armour.

          • I wore a full-length gambeson (kliebaton) that was double stuffed. In Florida. During the summer. My favorite tactic was to find the nearest water hose and soak myself. Bleh, I’d start mildewing during fighting, and would hang the gambeson outside or on the top of my van before going home.

  2. 1,3,A Unless that is a black tea, then it is C. My late ex-wife was British and got me in the habit of milk in hot tea.

    Maybe we can have proof positive that Chief Justice Roberts was a visitor to Epstien’s island and in the new Congress’ House there are a majority of Republicans so that he can be impeached. I don’t think the Senate will find him guilty by 2/3rds but he might then resign.

    • He’s on the manifests. The problem is that there are people on both sides of the aisle who took those fights and will testify that “nothing happened”. You’d need videos, testimony from the underaged person and proof that he knew that they were underage when it happened. There is no way of knowing any of that and the witnesses are likely mostly dead.

  3. – 3, although medium-rare (2) for thick filet’s.
    – Depends, (3) if butter/lingonberry, or (4) for PB.
    – A, if with rancher neighbors, B if multiple cups (dash of sugar, blip of creamer). The Danish bred viff is A all day everyday.
    [This is why I can’t take standardized tests, nuance.]

    The lying temper-tantrum of the Dem’s and their minions crying foul over re-filling a vacant SCOTUS seat says everything of their character, even complaining over using the White House. The ceremony was classy, POTUS was respectful – not making it about him (unlike his predecessor), Justice Thomas was good to see. And ACB’s statement put the Dem’s on notice that she will not be swayed by their overwrought political whining, gave the haters no where to go. When Trump gets a second term (he will) he may see other appointments, fixing the Dem’s abuse of the court back to what ACB said its role is supposed to be. Touche’.

    Seven days…hoping the honest adults prevail in a majority of races, if not all hell will break loose and I might have to hit eBay for the tin can vest.

    • When I worked in Milan, the Italians I worked with drank 7 or 8 double/triple shot espressos every day. That would put me in the hospital – hypertension and insomnia. I don’t live a caffeine-free life, but I limit it severely, and usually drink it cold, with ice.

      I don’t like my steak to moo when I stick it with a fork. I know of people who eat theirs barely warm. From reports, President Trump is a “5” when it comes to steaks. Burn it and then put catsup on it. I couldn’t do that comfortably.

      The toast has to be a 4 if you want me to enjoy it. I usually put orange marmalade or peanut butter on toast, and like to dunk it in hot chocolate (without the peanut butter or marmalade).

      If the American people can return President Trump to the White House and gift him with majorities in the legislature, a lot of the democrat foolishness can be rolled back. If not, anything goes. Dig in the claymores, invest in razor wire, and wait.

      • Never drank coffee until my mid twenties, now it’s my morning ritual, but has to be good coffee…life is too short to have a lousy cup of joe. Come to think of it, Having a Joe in the Oval Office would make for a lousy life, more of everything the past 8 months have wrought, on steroids.

        Moons ago I was part of a small team developing a high-end espresso machine for a brilliant client (before the home units became available). He was totally enamored with the Italians but wanted a small unit that made the grade of the countertop behemoths. At our meetings he sit down with a double-shot of espresso then proceed to put two packets of sugar in it…I could watch him ramp up. Never a dull meeting.

      • At a good steak house, ordering well done they give you a lesser cut of beef. I’m hot pink in the middle for most unless I get distracted from grilling, then it’s more like a 4. Still good.

    • When I lived in Britain in the 70’s, they only toasted one side of the bread. I remember my reaction – “what happened, did the toaster break?” I got back a confused look. They’d toast it over a low gas flame. That practice has apparently ended and they eat toast with both sides done now. However, I’m with you. 4 on toast for sure.

    • Hahah…You are correct! Real men should be definitive! In reality, 90% of the time it’s 4-3-4, not as waffling as I suggested, but also not picky…I’ll take it as it comes as long as it’s hot and plenty. Good call-out. Now, what about bacon? Limp or crispy? hehe

      • iPad in the pickup…meant 3-4-A…geez….Little Guy’s in surgery (the dog), has me a bit tortured, but just heard he’s gonna be fine, miracles do happen (was touch and go)…thank you Lord. Need a steak and beer now.

        • That’s always a good way to celebrate and to feel better.

          Sorry about your hound, glad to hear that he’s on the mend.

          • Thanks…they grab our hearts. But when they have a problem we can’t fix with in-house expertise it wrecks us. Got word late he had a post-procedure complication so not fully out of the woods. Here’s the rub (and I cannot imagine I wouldn’t go ballistic if this were a human family member): With this Covid idiocy we aren’t allowed to see him, which is reprehensible on steroids. I’m not a hater, but Gov. Polis and our County Health Director are now at the top of my reprobate scumbag list…need some Fredd poxing on those two. Seems par for the course this year, but 2020 can redeem itself in the last quarter.

          • I would not want to die with the ones that I love waiting outside of the hospital in the parking lot, nor would I countenance that for anyone else. But that’s how it is here as well for humans. Women give birth alone, people die alone, and the rules are made by little tin gods who I have no regard for.

  4. 3, 4, D. We grill year round, weather permitting. Last batch was Kroger’s in house Nolan Ryan boneless ribeyes @ $6.77/lb. with a dash of Montreal Steak seasoning.

    I don’t drink a lot of coffee, but will kill to get my morning cup. I put sugar in my coffee in my younger days, but stopped some years back. No diabetes issues so far, and want to keep it that way. Now I only add half n’ half. Recently learned the trick of sprinkling a dash of baking soda in the bottom of the paper filter. Cuts the acid and smooths the blend right out.

  5. I like my meat to not moo or bleed excessively.

    I like my tea or coffee like I like my women, dark souled, bitter, with enough sugar and creamer to mellow them out.

    Lightly toasted for chicken sandwiches, medium dark for the rest.

    • Dark souled women are fine until they put a knife between your ribs or slice off that which is most dear. There is a difference between dark souls and gleeful mayhem. I’ll hand you that.

  6. 2/3/C
    The last with whitener and sweetener only because I’m not much of a coffee drinker. Took a 100mg caffeine “Vivarin” (remember the TV ads with a strung-out big rig trucker waving around a yellow box of Vivarin?) tablet once in college after an all nighter. That was a mistake.

    How to cook steak:

    Gini coefficient is beloved of certain types of academics because it makes the US look bad. On the one hand, no is truly starving in the US (or rather there is no reason for anyone to be, given all the “social net” programs), and even poor people gots they sail foams. But on the other hand, there IS a huge problem when an overwhelming proportion of wealth is concentrated in the top 1%. Especially when that 1% sees itself as separate from the general population, for whatever reason, be it because of political beliefs, “club” memberships (e.g. Satan’s Vatican, Skull and Bones), or ethnoreligious. I was at a wedding recently, where all three were in play: a large proportion of the couples (all straight) were East Asian female (Wellesley) and white (mostly Jewish) male (Harvard or MIT). These were people in their early 30’s pulling down a minimum of $500k per annum per couple, in finance and Big Law in The City. Fascinating, really. These are people who tend to talk big about diversity and inclusion, and how they are fact-driven, but their social circles are remarkably uniform, and most hold their political opinions on an essentially religious basis.

    • I’ve moved in some of those circles in my life. There is a solid disconnect with reality, and yes, if you want to be included, you must be ‘the right sort’ which is built in their elite image. Occasionally there is a different colored article brought along as a show piece, but that’s all. Sometimes a child runs off and has a mixed race child that isn’t aborted but they’re sent off quickly to boarding school and are never seen again.

      I’m a curiosity myself in that rare atmosphere. I don’t want to go into much detail but you can anticipate how they would view me. Sort of a dangerous reptile.

  7. 4,4,B

    I don’t care for the flavor of “raw meat”; cooking it changes it chemically, and alters the taste to my liking.

    My wife has the toaster set to her preference, which is pretty light. Turns out if I run the toast through it twice, it comes out dark enough for me. Gotta get that toasty crunch! And I use a dab of salted butter on it. Just never cared for anything else on toast. Guess I have simple tastes.

    I make two, 16 oz mugs of coffee in the morning. I never finish a mug because it goes colder than I can stomach before I finish it. I probably drink about 12oz, and then make the second mug full. Grind my own freshly roasted beans from a local place, but keep a container of Folger’s around “For Emergency Use ONLY”.

    And somewhere in my vast collection of MRE’s, I’m sure I can find some of those little packets of “coffee” they include…..

    • Good to have the morning ritual dialed in.

      I’m going thru my ancient MRE’s (great emergency winter trip food if that road north of Muddy Gap, Wy gets gnarly)…pulling out what appears to still be edible. okay after 20 years? 25 years? Probably wouldn’t care if the Zombie Apocalypse hits, edible is okay as long as it stays down. Have some A & B packets in stock…coffee and chicklets in some.

      • MRE’s are like twinkies and C-Rats. They have a stated shelf life, but they’re good for 100 years.

        • I’ve eaten 20 year old MRE’s, and 60 year old C-Rats. Both were still quite edible, a testament to the people who made them.

          Just don’t eat the Charms…..especially the green ones…..

    • Black as your soul, black as a black hole, black as…ok, I can get politically incorrect, but that’s pure black all right.

  8. 3,4,A And yes, ACB is going to be Mrs. Clean! 🙂 Flak jackets were bad enough, I don’t even want to ‘think’ about trying to wear real armor. Kudos to those who do.

    • Kevlar body armor in the summer is nothing like a gambeson under boiled leather and chainmail or plate with a surcoat over that. I don’t know how they did it in days of yore (or the SCA). Misery, but better than being cut down.

  9. I’m always amused by the “wealth equality” thing. Apparently Ethiopia is a paradise, and the United States, where even the poor have cars, big TVs and are fat is hell on earth because we have a few ridiculous billionaires, too.

    Those folks are desperate to invent figures justifying Marxism.

    • The elites – their children join AntiFA and BLM, out of scorn, to punish their parents. They live life in a drug-addled haze like Hunter Biden, fetching and groveling and resentful because they’re not the favored golden child, and the gene pool gets weaker. There are a lot of suicides in the Hamptons.

    • He scribbles to please his masters.

      The golden rule. The man with the gold rules. He’s paid (well) by newspaper publishers.

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