Just so you remember that black guns matter.

The M-79 had several ammo options available.


Bullet Points:

** Voting Machines – More are coming. Soon the machines will be able to decide how you planned to vote and will cast a vote for the democrat of your choice without you having to lift a finger.

Boris, Natasha, and the fearless leader were all American politicians. Who knew?

** E-Taxi Archer Aviation’s answer to urban taxis from the airport to the hotel in an electric aircraft. I don’t know what a ride would cost from O’Hare to the Four Seasons. The Aircraft is a common carrier and should fly fully loaded. How long before higher-end hotels all buy their own aircraft?

** I was in Payson, AZ today, talking to my banker and she mentioned that 79% of the population of Payson is over 70 years of age and 40% are over 80.  What will the place look like in 10 years?  Then I spoke to LSP on the phone and we discussed Putin’s motivation for invading Ukraine and incorporating 44 million white Slavs into the Russian Empire. Russia is aging out and for Putin, the invasion had to take place when it did because they’ve reached the tipping point.  It didn’t work out for Vladimir Vladimirovich. China faces the same problem. What will the worker’s paradise look like in terms of population in a decade or two?

** Trekking (h/t Claudio) Season three of “Star Trek Picard” has been an astonishing breath of fresh “Star Trek.”  After four dismal years of “Discovery” insulting the fandom and crapping on the legacy, and two hideous seasons of “Picard” that took a steamer on the character of “Picard,” season three, under new management, has really turned things around. And the latest episode goes so far as to wipe out the Discovery production design aesthetic.

** Toxic Waste headed to Baltimore? (ZeroHedge) Will anyone in Baltimore notice? Seriously.

** Ray Epps Lawyers up! The depositions under oath in that lawsuit would be epic if the FBI showed up – but they’ll cite privilege.  Soros is apparently helping Epps, who must have done so much for him, right?

** Putin is unifying the Scandinavian countries to an extent never seen before. They’re all snuggling up under the NATO blanket. (h/t Claudio). More here.


  1. I made a classic mistake the first time I used M79 (back in the 1970’s) and got 100% score. Guess what I had to carry in addition to SLR (Australian FAL).

    The only rounds I was ever issued were the plain HE.

    Would have liked to have tried the buckshot rounds on a couple of feral pig hunts I did in very close scrub.

          • Ed, he’s poking the dog as it were, see if he can get a contingent of Fibbies to the property to uncover the dead bodies under those 4ft snow drifts. He gets the drifts and drive cleared and they get a much needed Winter workout. (Pro Tip: LL, leave the shovels out for them.)

          • The DEA will find drugs in the cut wood. All they have to do is split it. But don’t tell anyone that’s where the dope is.

          • Where did the Raffi character come from? An out-of-work, talentless actress (and possibly drug addict) was blowing a producer?

          • Ed said: That’s a racist thing to say.

            Hey Ed, I self-identify as a fat, black, female, lesbian, Muslim, (you can call me Whoopie) my nigger. Nothing that I can say is racist, body shaming, Islamophobic, homophobic, or sexist.

            And it’s racist of you to call me a racist since you self-identify as a member of the oppressive white, cisgender patriarchy.

            You’ll recall that I wished all Muslims a happy Ramadan.

          • See, that reeducation camp session seems to have done the job. Next you’ll be giving up Schwan’s ice cream for The Nan’s special pints only available to Clubhouse Disciples.

          • It would be better if you sent a $500,000 reparation check to me, just to show your heart is in the right place.

  2. I worked as an Account Rep. at Baltimore Gas & Electric and Baltimore City Waste Water Treatment facility was one of my accounts.
    BGE built a plant to recover methane from the sewer gases by stripping out the corrosive chemicals and basically gave it to the city. It was shortly off line due to lack of maintenance never to operate again.
    In the past week or so there was an explosion at the Wheelabrator plant which is located at the treatment plant. They use natural gas to dry and pelletize residual sewage for use as fertilizer in the Florida orange groves.
    In addition the Baltimore City Department of Public Works which includes the plant is several hundred people understaffed. During my years there I watched the quality of the staff decline as the old, experienced staff retired. What could possibly go wrong.

    • I installed some very high efficiency motor controls and trained the operators on how to run them at a huge Sewage Treatment Plant in Decatur, IL back in the late 1970’s. It was a State of the Art plant, and recovered enough Methane to power the entire plant, with enough “surplus” electricity left over to sell to The Grid. It was a win-win for all involved. They recovered so much Methane, that besides fueling their co-gen plant, they could sell the surplus.

  3. I’m pretty sure the electric air taxi business is going to be a technological or economic failure, or both. It’s just too soon, IMO. Think of how vastly uncompetitive electric cars still are, 30 years in, and how much more complicated this thing is. The goals for success are also much more difficult.


  4. Larry , do you think it is any coincidence that China hates the U.S. and has vowed to destroy us and has, for years , been shipping hundreds of tons of Meth precursor chemicals, Fentanyl tablets to Mexico to flood them into this country and destroy generations of our children and young people. Pretty smart-China makes a lot of money and destroys U.S. at the same time. Not to mention the thousands of Chinese spies here. I just don’t see it turning around.

    • Their approach has been systemic asymmetrical warfare, but Pedo Joe, the Half-Blood Prince, and the Bush Dynasty didn’t care. China pays to play. They get the rules and they understand that the elites hate the American people even more than the Communist Chinese Party does.

      • Time aplenty to get rid of the elites if that is their motivation. I too hate them, not out of envy or lust for their money. When someone hates you, hate them right back, especially when their plan for us is genocide.

      • Exactly. I was about to say that however much the Chicoms might hate the US, they don’t hate the US nearly as much as the Kaganites embedded at State. (And other types of “elites”, but they are not the ones primarily responsible for idiots running around saying “Keev” as a virtue signal, and much much worse, all the death and destruction going along with that.)

        @Roy: apart from the societal destruction and profit, China weakening the US with narcotics is REVENGE. The British aren’t worth getting revenge on these days (sorry) so it’s on the US as their heirs. Now for a very long time I did not know that the Sassoon family played an instrumental role in the Opium Wars proper, and more importantly the background political and economic set-up that caused the Opium Wars. The Sassoons are of course standard generic British. As British as Arthur, mind you. Do NOT read up on the Sassoons. Nor on the Kadoories. Just don’t do it.

        As to the Chinese and their narcotic war, well, they’re a high-IQ, nepotistic, arrogant ethnic group that considers any person not of their ethnic group to be subhuman (figuratively). And they hold grudges across generations and down the centuries.

      • Read a story last night that Chinesium brand eye lubricant drops sold here in the USA under various labels are causing infections and blindness…proving our FDA and CDC are even more feckless at protecting people than even the last 3 years have proven.

        What the hell do these people do for their bloated budgets? Oh, yeah, I forgot, they want us all to die some horrible death while telling us “the shot/booster/booster/monthly shot” is good for us. More Satan’s minions who need eradicating from our ranks.

  5. The only thing missing on the “air taxi” are stick on solar panels to keep the batteries juiced. No thanks, I have enough things around the homestead to win a Darwin Award than intentionally climbing aboard some fantasy EV flying machine that could quit operating in a nanosecond like my rechargable LED flashlight.

    I’m of the mind that the Dem’s and Progs are currently in process trying to figure out a way to completely subvert the 2024 election, machines or not. While I give them props for their Thievery Creativity (using half-wits looking to make $50 to stuff drop boxes, Old Peoples Home ballot harvesting, fraudulent voter rolls with every cemetery on the list, illegally changing election laws…etc), our side’s elected officials can’t play “after-the-fact catch up ball”, this must be stopped before it begins…otherwise another overflowing toilet will help steal the election at 2AM.

    • PS. Rocky and Bullwinkle were great. We had the best cartoons, Johnny Quest being my favorite, right above Roadrunner and a host of others.

      • They had that Indian slave, Hajji. We killed a lot of them in the Middle East…

        I loved Johnny Quest. I liked Race Bannon better than Dr. Quest, but you know that instinctively. The cartoon has been branded as the worst sort of jingoistic racism.

        • I never thought about Hajji’s race, just thought he was cool. Now they tell us Thema from Scooby Doo is a lesbo. Can’t leave anything alone.

          • I actually liked Hajji. The characters were well considered and the plots were interesting. The weapons and aircraft/submarines/ships, etc. were cool.

  6. Electric flying taxis. Is that like nuclear fusion where it is always just a “few” years in the future? I do not believe I would ride in one.

    Black guns always matter. Have not yet fired an M 79 (yet) but it does look like fun. Do you think it would be categorized as an AOW (any other weapon) by the BATF?

    Voting machines. I guess I am a throwback but I am still all in favor of paper ballots.

    • BATFE tries to pretend that they’re the Congress of the United States of America, represent Americans and have the authority granted by the Constitution to make laws, but they don’t.

  7. A Marine friend of mine was stationed on a helicopter carrier in the South China Sea of the Coast of the Land of Bad Things.
    He earned the Marine company onboard the carrier a fishing day by putting an M79 HE round into a towed target that the Navy gun crews were having a difficult time hitting. His CO bet one of his guys could hit it first shot.
    Some people are gifted in the use of certain weapons.
    One of my platoon mates, Edwin Shiggy 1 not Shiggy 2, all of foot two inches tall of him, was a wizard with the M60.
    I found out he loved to hunt the ducks in Hawaii. Who knew there were redneck Japanese duck hunters in Hawaii?


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