Identity Politics: Who is the Bigger Victim?

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I recommend this incisive analysis on the behavior surrounding the left’s hysterical reaction to the election of President Trump. I’ll quote a bit for you, but it’s worth your effort to read the entire article.

“These groups just end up competing to see who is more oppressed because it is the mechanism through which they attempt to solve problems.”

The problem arises when you have a discourse fully detached from reality. It’s beyond satirical and grotesque in how much stupidity is exhibited. A typical comment on my social feed might state something to the following effect, “I’m a woman of color,” she’s attending some school in Maine and she’s saying, “I’m afraid. Can I still go to class?” Just work it through. What’s going to happen when Trump becomes president? He sets up roadblocks on every street corner whereby he whisks away all people of color to the designated gang-rape centers? What could explain that hysteria? The only thing that explains it is a departure from reality — and hence collective Munchausen syndrome.

…Everyone who is suffering from collective Munchausen and mass hysteria are obviously of a particular political bent — the ultra-Left (who typically belong to the Democratic Party). And these people have built their whole ethos, edifice, zeitgeist on Identity Politics. Identity Politics leads to victimology poker and the oppression olympics. These groups just end up competing to see who is more oppressed because it is the mechanism through which they attempt to solve problems. If you and I are having a genuine debate, I would present my evidence and you yours. The better evidence would win out. 
That’s not what happens in an Identity Politics debate. My victimology card has to trump yours! therefore people have to come up with ever stronger cards and hands and end up falling into victim mindsets. This leads to people thinking absurd lines of thought like — and I’m being satirical here — : “How will I go to the store and feel safe buying tomatoes once Trump is in office?” or “What will happen to my children? Will Trump cause us to cannibalize our children?” “Will sex still be permitted?” When you’re getting into that kind of delusional discourse it seems extraordinary that this is viewed as reasonable discourse. These are professors, these are colleagues of mine who feel perfectly comfortable departing from reality in this way.

I suggested a couple of days ago that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) group has been pushed to the side by the hysterical left and their cheerleaders in the corrupt, smug, progressive, elite, mainstream media. The ‘vagina marchers’ have out-shouted BLM…for the moment.
The Muslims are now trying to out-shout the angry women who were marching for the right to continue to kill their unborn children – even though nobody is threatening that “right”. Whether the Muslim victimhood is greater than that of BLM or the vagina marchers remains to be seen.
Do these fools ever step back and look at themselves?

10 thoughts on “Identity Politics: Who is the Bigger Victim?

  1. All of this maniacal effort by the Left costs money to organize, mobilize, etc. And all of this effort takes time by the participants. But nowhere does anyone suggest that all of this craziness is making any difference to anybody.

    With continued frenzy, wasted money, time and effort, I can't see the Left keeping this pace up for very long. Now, if they were seeing results, then maybe things would be different.

    But The Donald is doing a fantastic job at ignoring them all and steaming ahead with the agenda he laid out clearly during the campaign.

    The left simply can't continue at this pace. Nobody can, not without some kind of positive reinforcement, and they aren't getting jack squat out of their histrionics.

  2. Soros parted with US$90 million to fund the "Womyn's March". He has billions and it all depends on how much more he wants to part with. He spent a fortune to oppose Trump and that was money down the rat hole too.

  3. Soros (and his ilk) have an almost bottomless bucket of money to throw at this.

    I expect it to keep up for the foreseeable future, and I expect significant violence to erupt this summer.

  4. Stopped to buy a cup of coffee. Big screen TV in back of the counter showing "protesters" picketing in an airport. First thought, don't any of those "protesters" have jobs? Unless they are living off student loans or parents, how do they pay their bills? How can they afford the time off work?

  5. The organizers are all well paid and from open source info, they also have great medical benefits and superior dental insurance. The mopes are paid a daily rate, arrive and depart on busses rented for the protest and are handed box lunches to keep them going and shouting. Naturally the trash from their presence remains on the ground for others to clean up.

  6. Obama was one of those community organizers before he was Prez. You know that he didn't work free. It allowed him a lavish house in the suburbs, new cars, and the opportunity for the machine to push him forward and reward his work – which we all witnessed.

  7. It's at the point that it is all turning into white noise… And making me carry spare mags…

  8. You would think Soros would get the news that you just can't effectively buy a grass roots movement. That's what he wants, but money doesn't get the job done.

    With true grass root movements, the majority must be true believers in the cause, and not mercenaries. Eventually, even well paid mercenaries look elsewhere to invest their time and energies. Soros-esque 'astro-turf' movements will just fizzle after the cameras stop rolling. So far, this has been true of his Occupy Wall Street, his WTO protests awhile back, his Black Lives Matter crap, and now his anti-Trump schtick. He may have even been a benefactor in the Cindy Sheehan foolishness back in Dubya's time.

    All of them, a complete waste of time and money. I think he will eventually run out of money. Maybe not right away, but all of it is indeed money down a rat hole.

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