Friday Sermonette

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…because sometimes a Sunday Sermonette isn’t enough to take you through an entire week.

This is sent out to all my friends in Texas – but especially to Hillsboro, Texas and for LSP’s use with TEC’s flock(s).

And a bit of trivia: Travis Barker, drummer for Blink 182, is on the video and he’s my neighbor.

12 thoughts on “Friday Sermonette

  1. I liked the cameos as much as I did listening to Johnny Cash. I have a lot of Johnny Cash on my play list and listen while I'm driving, but the video ads spice to the tune.

  2. Never been much of Johnny C fan.
    Would much prefer listening to Rolf Lislevand play, but that's just the country in me…

  3. Not many people know this, but he was abducted by aliens as a child and they gave him an "alien liver and kidneys". I'd say that the test of the new and improved organs has been a huge success.

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