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The Soul of America


The Flow of Natural Gas

Europe’s gas supply map is rapidly being redrawn. Visualize the major changes that occurred since last year. Europeans will be paying 10X for energy what we will be paying in the US. At the same time, Germany and France are shutting down their nuclear power plants. It’s all part of the “Great Reset” that our betters have planned for us.


Nimrod MRA4 (UK)


Tall Guy

Robert Wadlow, the tallest human in recorded history at 8 ft 11.1 inches (272.0 cm) with his parents and siblings.


Meme of the Day


Bullet Points

* PENTAGON — A Pentagon study aimed at identifying and rooting out extremism in the armed forces has led to the conclusion that the Marine Corps should be a banned extremist group by the end of 2022.

* Cargo Container Cabins – This is not an endorsement. It’s only an idea – if you want to keep a foot in both worlds, you can drop a container in an interesting spot. I recommend that you dig it in or camouflage the heck out of it if you do it. You don’t want the world to beat a path to your door.

I’ve given some thought to using a cargo container as a barn for tac and to support a mule (with an overhead shelter) here at the WWM. The problem with any animal is that it ties you down.

* Why would we do that? – A group of Democratic lawmakers is pushing the White House to allow HIV-positive individuals to enlist in the military, saying current rules ignore the latest advancements in health care for those living with the virus.

* Naked running? Apparently,  this means running without a GPS, cellphone, music, or any other tech. I wish I knew that an hour ago…

* Tara’s Story – It’s just another Biden victim telling her version of a well-told tale wherein FJB was never held to account.

* This interactive map shows the locations of more than 14,576 ships sunk during the Second World War.

* Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson weighed in on the reasons Hispanic voters are fleeing the Democratic Party on his show Friday.

* Dr. Jill – Narcissist.


Dear Diary

I realize that FJB was installed as president and that it’s illegal to threaten him. However, there was a time when people who did what he has done many times were treated harshly by the criminal justice system and by other convicts once the pedophiles reached their place of final incarceration.

21 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. I lived in one of those containers for 6 months in Al Asad, Iraq 2004. It was also my medical clinic…I slept on a cot just inside the door. No AC/Heat for the first 3 months. Nearest outhouse was 50 yards away. Good times. I’m surprised they’ve allowed the Marines to even exist anymore…so toxic with male testosterone and too many rednecks.

  2. Great map on NG flows in Europe. I love the “policy contribution” that is making the European energy market so “resilient”. The same group (Bruegel) has put out a “A grand bargain to steer through the European Union’s energy crisis.” (you should read the ‘declaration of interests’ of the last two Bruegel clowns are. ) Some highlights:
    “manipulation of European natural gas markets …” Wow! To think groups with market power would manipulate the market. I believe Trump warned them all. “forced demand reduction” LOL the government did what?

    “governments have tended to opt for narrow and uncoordinated measures that prioritise national security of supply and affordability over an integrated European approach”

    LOL harder (Hope that’s ok guys). I missed my calling, I should have gone to Europe and become an academic instead of going into manufacturing and building things. Putting out BS looks like it pays very well.

    1. You could have followed in the footsteps of the Butt Guy (US Transportation Secretary). Maybe picked up a law degree on the way – sauce for the goose? A woke life…

      1. What’s the old saying, Lights under the bridge, well that worked for him. I actually lived in Ann Arbor (Republic of) for a couple of years. No woke for me, woe maybe, but not woke.

  3. I suppose the airborne will be changed from fighting soldiers from the sky to whining pussies in a truck as well

  4. The last mule I had I sold to a government buyer in Johnson city caus

  5. She kept biting me wonder would they take my wife

  6. Be interesting to see the ship sunk interactive map show Japanese ships sunk by U.S. Navy submarines. It would show how effective swarming the ocean with diesel electric submarines is to countering Chinese ambitions.

  7. Great picture that shows the underlying reality of both President Trump and President Biden.

    Natural gas. It will be an interesting winter. Germany, England, and other countries could have lessened the impact of less natural gas by restarting their reactors and backing away from the Green agenda so it is going to be at least partially a self inflicted wound. Really demonstrates how much in the thrall of special interests governments are.

    HIV positive in the military. Well that is one way to increase the pool of eligible enlistees. Sure will increase the cost of medical care for the military though. Military medical care is already stretched pretty thin, this will stretch it even thinner.

    I keep looking at the price of shipping containers waiting for it to stabilize a little bit. In my area the price is headed back down right now from being in the stratosphere the past year. It is a good way to get some long term storage in place quickly.

    Interactive map. Interesting and kinda depressing thinking about all those lives ended and wealth destroyed. War is sometimes necessary but good grief, the costs associated with it are terrible.

    1. re — Conex during a fire
      Last summer, arsonist(s) set fires along Oregon’s scenic Highway 126, running from Eugene to the central Oregon burg of Bend, and along beautiful Mackenzie River.
      Months later, we drove that route.
      We witnessed total destruction in some homesteads, but less damage to others.
      We drove past one place with a Ford pick-up truck, seemingly intact other than flattened tires.
      Six feet (2m) away, a Conex was only the corners and part of the doors, the roof and walls melted to the ground in puddles.
      In contrast, concrete buildings and stone fireplaces weathered the storm.

      1. Steel melts in fires.

        The local fire department, too cheap to build a concrete tower to practice on, bought steel Conex containers and stacked them. They built a big fire and it slagged them.

  8. My morning walk is always done naked, at least by that definition. I am clothed and I do have a weapon. The phone stays home.

  9. Opening picture says a lot.

    Yep, gonna be a cold, hard, hungry Winter in Europe. God help them.

    Too bad the development of that variant was so poorly managed. A decade late, and a billion over budget. Neat looking airplane.

    LOTS of “cargo containers” buried around here……

    1. Are you sure that it’s not your lying eyes? I doubt that there are any buried cargo containers in Colorado.

      1. It was the second cousin of some guy who worked with a guy who said his uncle knew a guy who saw one once.

        He said Bigfoot was coming out of it…..I heard……

        1. Wasn’t it a back road in Colorado that provided the location for ‘Worst First Date Ever” winner on some talk show?

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