China calls for talks on N Korea Nukes — really?

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Today China is calling for multi-nation talks on the North Korean nuclear program.

My response: NO

China doesn’t need the US, Japan, Russia and South Korea to sit down in order to determine that their puppet state is out of control. They can tell North Korea to shut it down all on their own — and that’s precisely what China should do.
China doesn’t need six party talks to determine whether or not North Korea sank a South Korean ship or fired artillery on innocent civilians last week. A trained chimp can figure out that (a) there is a problem and (b) who is causing the problem.
People in North Korea are starving to death and winter is upon them. China supplies more than fifty percent of the foodstuffs to feed North Korea. A trained chimp can figure out that (a) China can turn the switch off on imports to North Korea and (b) North Korea will listen.
Maybe China doesn’t care? That’s the only conclusion I can draw from this refusal to act unilaterally to reign in their attack dog. The world’s reaction should then turn to CHINA, not to North Korea. It’s not as if a Chinese submarine attacked the South Korean destroyer, however if they do nothing — perhaps they approved of the sinking and the loss of 46 lives. Perhaps they approved of the artillery attack on a civilian city? What other conclusion can we draw if China doesn’t take ACTION against North Korea? 
You feed the dog.
It’s on your leash. 
If it bites somebody. 
Isn’t it your fault?
I’ll say the same thing to President Hu Jintao that I regularly say to President Barack Obama. “It’s time to man-up.”

4 thoughts on “China calls for talks on N Korea Nukes — really?

  1. Opus #6 – There was a time when North Korea was a valuable buffer state. They created a monster and now they have a "tiger by the tail". They don't want to hold on and they don't want to let go.

  2. Talks, just like with Iran, are worthless. There has to come a time when regimes are held accountable for their actions. Sanctions alone don't work anymore. I am just afraid of what that spells for the South Korean People.

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