Is The Alamo Next?

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Keith Wells commented on this blog yesterday, “I have heard that the antifa BLM terrorist are calling for the destruction of the Alamo.”  As it turns out I heard the same thing. And that spurred a text string with LSP at the compound in Hillsboro, TX. LSP believes that the Alamo is safe for now. Maybe? My faith in the will of the government to protect anything is wearing thin.

I would have said the same thing about the Lincoln Memorial three weeks ago, but the nation was clearly too weak to keep the Antifa/BLM thugs from defacing that. I also heard on the news that BLM is calling for the demolition of the Washington Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial in the District of Columbia. Would the Park Police take a knee and allow that to happen?

There doesn’t seem to be a line anymore. When I visited the Alamo, it was stressed to me that it’s sacred ground. How could I not agree? There is a lot that is sacred to Americans, there has been a lot of blood and treasure expended to build what we have dared to build in what once was a trackless wilderness. Mayors, governors and chiefs of police seem thrilled to cede those national icons to anarchists, misfits, freaks and the aggrieved.

Is there a line left where the agents of hidden enemies who would destroy America can’t cross? I wouldn’t have thought that Texas would remove the Ranger statue at the Dallas Airport, but they seemed very quick to do that, anxious not to offend criminals, arsonists and looters. I mean, it’s TEXAS. If anyone would stand up to the mob, you’d think that it would be Texas.

I understand that in small town America, ordinary men and women have turned back anarchists. They have done it a lot in Northern Arizona. Inner city criminals are invited politely to return to the rock that they crawled out from under in the Phoenix ghetto or in Tucson. And they do because they’re outnumbered by armed men and women who will not tolerate their behavior. It is those citizens, who stand in front of the police. It’s not a race thing. It’s a crime thing.

During the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, “rooftop Koreans” didn’t allow inner city looters to damage their businesses. There don’t seem to be many rooftop cowboys. Maybe they just let the insurance company handle it, knowing that the police are not inclined to intervene for fear of appearing “too tough” on the revolution.

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  1. People, THAT is the real test, isn’t it? Where is the line that we won’t permit to be crossed unanswered? There is a lot of talk about certain sites’ importance. Their value will be determined by action instead. Keep an eye on the Alamo and see who and how they respond to attacks on it, if anyone responds at all.

    1. If the mob burns out the Alamo, because it can, and the Texas Rangers take a knee, there is no hope for America.

  2. Having grown up in Texas I never imagined I would live to see such a lilly-livered response to anarchists and their running partners. If The Alamo is defaced/destroyed and the blood of the perpetrators does not run in the streets then we have truly entered the Mad Max world.

    1. It’s depressing. And it’s not about race. It’s about standing up to the mob, and if they push it, the police need to be empowered to push back. “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs” – that great socialist Ioseb Besarionis dzе Jugashvili (Joseph Stalin) And you know how much the progressive left admires Stalin.

  3. I would hope there are still enough TEXANS left in the state to go protect the Alamo, and the police be damned.

  4. People don’t want to be called a racist. That is the new “C” word… the word you cannot say & the word you must not be.

    1. I think the Alamo’s safe for now but that we’re even talking about it speaks volumes.

      The BLM Marxists need to be put in their box. All the more reason to get out the vote in Nov.

  5. During my career in the Coast Guard met a lot of guys from Texas, they were always a little different. After my visit to the Alamo I think I understood why.

  6. The “leaders” behind all this turmoil must be known. The late Michael B. Vanderboegh, founder of the Sipsey Street Irregulars, often wrote about his time as a communist organizer.

    Loath that I am to give any publicity to the Southern Preposterous Lie Center, their bragging post on the subject is educational.
    At the time of his death, his son was on active duty with the US Army.
    I keep saying all of this turmoil is a desperate effort to keep President Trump from a second term.

    1. I agree 100%, WSF. The Elite, Leftists, NWO, etc people know that President Trump’s second term will be devoted to rooting them out, and they’re terrified.

      I’m sure the “leaders” and funding sources are well known. It’s high time they get removed…..

  7. They better not target the Alamo. I’m pretty dang sure there is enough real Texans left in Texas to repel the crazies.

    The Alamo, along with Gettysburg, remain a couple of the most inspiring and borderline holy places I’ve ever visited.

  8. There is no end, if we don’t make one. Marxists always want to erase history, because it makes them look bad.


  9. Conservatives are not going to ruin their lives by doing anything which gets the local police to prosecute them. All local police in all areas which have more than one traffic light are on the enemy’s side and defend the enemy. Therefore, anything in a municipality is up for grabs and won’t be defended. Goodbye, alamo.

    1. There is a stand of militia at the Alamo now. They may be paper tigers or maybe not. For now it seems that the shouters, looters, and anarchists are picking better targets of opportunity.

  10. Larry(and anyone else who knows), would you please post links to trustworthy news sites that will report accurate info about the current events at the Alamo? For that matter, what are some trustworthy news sources in general? Maybe I’m wacky, but I like to take in facts even if I dislike them and draw my own conclusion about a given topic. Thank you.

    1. Crickets?

      In order to understand what ACTUALLY happened or is happening, you need to do a lot of personal digging and vetting. Ever news outlet that I’m aware of has an axe to grind and a filter. I myself, am not a fan of looters and arsonists, and my bias should be obvious.

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