With all of the big publishers’ editorial staffs endorsing candidates in the upcoming presidential election, it’s time that the editorial staff here at Virtual Mirage (your one stop viewing spot for all the news that’s fit to print) endorse Donald J. Trump for President. That should take nobody by surprise, but it’s important to make it official.
Most Trump supporters are common sense people. They have little in common with media progs. Many are veterans or members of veteran’s families.

Progs come in all shapes, sizes and ages. There are the leaders (Morlocks of the modern era): Podesta, George Soros, the Clintons, Sharpton and so forth. They are the cunning, deliberate Alinsky devotees. 
Then there are the Kardashians, the Housewives of wherever, and Hollywood parasites like Michael Moore. To them being part of the nonconformal group think is everything. There are also the empty headed useful idiots who follow in the liberal wake  who are motivated by rage and hatred, thinly disguised as condescension. A form of Orwellian double-think allows them to hold two (or more) contradictory opinions at the same time without experiencing any intellectual distress. The presence of doublethink means that there is a prog…they go together like peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich.

Doublethink – from 1984: In the case of workers at the Records Department in the  Ministry of Truth (think of MSNBC and you’re there), doublethink means being able to falsify public records, and then believe in the new history that they themselves have just rewritten. The Ministry’s name is itself an example of doublethink: the Ministry of Truth is really concerned with lies. The other ministries are similarly named: the Ministry of Peace is concerned with war, the Ministry of Love is concerned with torture, and the Ministry of Plenty is concerned with starvation. The three slogans of the Party – War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength – are also examples.

Doublethink is alive and well on university campuses across the nation and is conspicuous in the mainstream media.

Oh, and by the way:


  1. Hillary is running around pandering to the inner city blacks who, I may be wrong, probably are too stupid to vote. Of course, that doesn't factor in them being bused to the polls by a bunch of SJW's – two or three times.

  2. When they are paid by the liberal elite to vote, are fed and loaded and off loaded from the bus at each polling place, it brings a whole new dynamic to "the black vote".

  3. Hillary doesn't like firearms because they're dangerous – but she delights in the blood of the unborn even one hour before birth.

  4. My mail in ballot is on my desk marked for Trump. After a few glasses of wine, it will get mailed.

    The last candidate I felt good about voting for was Gerald Ford. Thought he stepped in at a perilous time and got the country turned around.

  5. I liked Reagan. He had some of the same flaws that Trump has – but people liked him because he was 'nice' and he was an excellent communicator, which Trump is not.

    A friend of mine who has met Trump on several occasions said, "Trump is a co#k sucker". I replied that it's not necessarily bad to have a president who is a jerk at times but wants to make America Great Again. He agreed and suggested that I vote for Trump rather than the Bitch of Benghazi. I've already absentee voted, so that was easy.

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