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Climate Mental Health – the Ho’s new Rant

(American Thinker) It does not take someone with a degree in psychology to understand why children are depressed about the climate or starting a family. Every day, children are told by Harris, Biden, most journalists, entertainers, and other nihilists that humanity’s use of natural resources is destroying the planet and overpopulation is a dire threat to us all — impending doom and apocalypse is always just around the corner. Our “leaders” use words like “emergency”, “catastrophe”, and “crisis”. Girl Scouts dole out patches to girls as young as five that depict sad polar bears floating away on tiny, melting chunks of ice, and the media runs images of smoggy dystopian cityscapes, or just plain invention, deeply freakish in nature.

Our children are told the lie that species are dying rapidly because of humans. They are told that too many humans are breathing out too much CO2, and in turn, that clear, innocuous, non-pollutant gas is heating up the planet and causing the existential threat of “climate change.”

Why wouldn’t they be depressed if those talking points are all they hear? They are indoctrinated that the science is settled and anyone who dares tell the truth that the climate is and has always changed cyclically and naturally is a climate change denier who shouldn’t be taken seriously. They are taught to repeat what they are told instead of asking questions or doing research.


Bullet Points:

** The Run on the Bank –  The federal government won’t bail out the failed Silicon Valley Bank, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Sunday — after it emerged that the bank’s workers landed bonuses just hours before Friday’s collapse. Depositors could now get back as little as 30% of their money during an anticipated run on the bank Monday morning, a report said Sunday.  Yellen, appearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” balked at the government rescuing the nation’s 16th-largest bank, as was done for hundreds of institutions during the financial crisis in 2008.

“During the financial crisis, there were investors and owners of systemic large banks that were bailed out,” Yellen said. “And the reforms that have been put in place means that we’re not going to do that again.”

** Womyn’s History Month – Men costumed as women… etc. According to the woke, if you dress up like a woman, you are one. in actuality. But it doesn’t make you a “birthing person”.

** Savannah Howard (my granddaughter) appeared as Mother Goose in the Bryant Ranch Elementary School (Yorba Linda, CA) rendition of Babes in Toyland. It underscores that normal children can still do normal things in the fourth grade at a normal school.

** Sunday is gun day during Women’s history month. It’s also gun day during black gun history month.

** The usual threats of invasion from Russia. h/t Claudio – “It seems to me that all the countries located around the Russian Federation should draw their own conclusions about how dangerous it is to take a path towards engagement with the United States’ zone of responsibility, its zone of interests.”


** OPINION – When I went to university some 40+/- years ago, discussions, arguments, and debates on conflicting points of view on the law and social issues were encouraged and appreciated. That doesn’t seem to be the norm anymore. It is especially disappointing and disconcerting when seen in institutions of higher learning which present themselves as admitting only the best and the brightest of students. Instead of prizing the ability to hear and argue contrary points of view, many of these students are educated in dogma and unyielding belligerence towards any discussion or exposure to other opinions. In this intolerance and atmosphere of intellectual atrophy, they are encouraged by their peers, professors, and university administrators – by either the failure to teach them the necessity of debate or by their cowardly retreat from standing up for those principles – when put to the test. This is usually a continuation of bad values, habits, and a sense of righteous entitlement they learned in their undergraduate colleges.

** Short Brothers Mayo Composite which consisted of two aircraft. The lower aircraft G-ADHK named ‘Maia’ was built specifically to launch the upper component G-ADHJ named ‘Mercury’ into the air without Mercury using valuable fuel for the takeoff. These were used in 2 major experiments, the first when Mercury was launched from Foynes on the West Coast of Ireland and flew non-stop to Montreal, and the second when Mercury was launched from Dundee in Scotland and landed 42 hours later on the delta of the Orange River on the border of SouthAfrica and Namibia having flown in excess of 5,600 miles.

** Mars & Venus

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  1. They’ll claw back those bonus’s. MIL is a retired federal bank examiner. She says the blame is all on management, and that the bank runs could easily spread unless handled quickly and carefully by the govt.

      1. Just commented on this [Signature Bank] in the prior post. Happened Friday. Gettin jiggy.

        Is this the next shot over the bow? Who can know if a run happens or if more banks will fail? Or is this intentional, or merely “Go woke, Go broke”. Maybe a little of everything.

  2. 2008-2009 was a brutal time financially for me. My used truck inventory was owned free and clear but buyers, even well qualified buyers, couldn’t get financing. One dealer with very deep pockets bought me out for cheap. He had the resources to ride out the crisis. Now retired, with a son continuing the business, we recently had lunch. He told me to “Get ready, this collapse will be worse than anything we’ve seen”.

    As long as I want to continue, my debt collection business will keep me busier than I want. 2022 doubled my earnings from 2021.

    1. So far 2023 has been stellar for me. Of course, being generally self-employed means that you’re only as good as your last game. While it’s true that I’m working on a start-up for a private military/intelligence company in addition to other ventures, I run under the philosophy that nothing is certain and I’ll take the retainer up-front. This old, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” game is one that I don’t play. There is trouble on the horizon and the FDIC is bailing out because they see it too.

      What is the “full faith and credit of the United States” really worth?

      Most people in my line of work take money from the US. I do not, for a number of reasons. Should I lap at the government trough? Been there, done that, different times, different players.

      I’d think that there would be money in debt collection.

      1. Debt collection is what I do in a legal sense. What I do is counsel people behind on their mortgage.

        I’ve done hard core debt collection. Similar to doing bail bonds work. Too old now for that rodeo. Likewise, repo work. I still get calls but now days I will only locate for the tow drivers.

        Repo story. A dealer offered me $1,000 to get a high end Mercedes. The debtor was a lawyer living in a gated community and parking, at work, in a secure garage. The dealer had keys.

        Gated communities means sitting nearby until someone leaves and getting in before the gate closes. My assistant was an old biker babe. Five minutes after arriving, the Mercedes came out. We followed at a discrete distance. The driver and wife parked in an open garage at a high end mall. They entered the mall, I entered the Mercedes and 30 minutes later parked it in the dealer’s bullpen.

          1. Oh, the stories I could tell. WSF would verify they’re all not only possible, but probable. When three of your best friends own car dealerships, you get exposed to a lot of “interesting stuff”. And I was always willing to lend a hand….except if it involved Calumet City……

          2. My father did car repo work. In Gary, Indiana and occasionally Chicago, during what I now call the First Great Depression. “Interesting stuff” indeed. Hard times.

  3. Used to be men dressed as woman were called “cross dressers”, now the weirdos believe clothes can change biology.

    Glad your granddaughter is doing something normal. Fancy that.

    While that last meme is spot on, MrsPaulM doesn’t think that way…just suggested we get a skidsteer since the tractor is limited when it comes to heavy lifting and digging around the homestead. Yup, married up for sure.

  4. Thanks for the SHTF setup. Kinda hard in a fla condo but, uhm, how little time is left to me now?

    “professors, and university administrators –… by their cowardly retreat from standing up for those principles”

    Their principle was always about gaining power.

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