At the White Wolf Mine

It’s election day and high drama is unfolding nationally, deciding whether we are to be a republic or not. There was high drama during the night at the White Wolf Mine as well.

Sometime around 11 pm I was in my office, finishing up on some paperwork when the security light flooded the front yard and I heard some mewing outside the window. I opened the window drape.

Mrs. Bob strutted back and forth, complaining, as only a woman can.

“Ok, Missus, what’s the problem?” Yes there was a problem of some kind and I hoped that it didn’t have anything to do with her kittens. Having listened to me impatiently, she stepped back from the window ledge.

I opened the front door and the milk with the cracked egg that I leave in a saucer for her was frozen. So I took it in the house and warmed it briefly in the microwave and put it back out. She stood back, near my 4×4, watchful, waiting for me to close the door so she could have her treat in peace. Sometimes the lions beat her to her snack and she won’t complain, but frozen milk will become a problem as the season moves forward.


Space News

New nuclear engine concept could help realize 3-month trips to Mars …more here. UNSC-Tech uses a Fully Ceramic Micro-encapsulated (FCM) fuel to power the engine’s reactor. This fuel is based on High-Assay Low Enriched Uranium (HALEU), which is derived from reprocessed civilian nuclear fuel and is enriched to between 5 and 20 percent – greater than that of civilian reactors and less than that of naval reactors.




Old mining access. Feels like Jurassic Park.


Identification Guide


What’s In a County Name?




    • Do the right thing, not the left. Do not be swayed by the blandishments of the donkeys, promising you other people’s money. ;^)

  1. beautiful bobby. had no idea they could be that tame…..early results in va suggest trump could take it by 4 or 5 points. if he can take va. he can take it all. we’ll see, eventually. from what i hear on the street people are well past tired of the bs and not inclined to put up with any more. dems better be careful who they piss off from here on out. i know they won’t but i had to say it.

    • The scum have been completely unmasked. The Biden corruption in Central America, Kazakstan, Ukraine, Russia, China and who knows where else is public information now. No classification stamps stand between Biden and public knowledge now. But the donkeys will cheat, steal, lie and do their thing to try and propel him into office. Stand firm, Old Dominion.

  2. I’ll likely head over to vote in a couple hours. Usually there’s, at most, a short wait here. It’s essential I get it done. The donkey senatorial candidate is running surprisingly strong and I’m afraid the same nine(out of 105) counties that inflicted Governor Laura Kelly on us may do it to us again. The congressional race is important as well since three of those counties are in my district. I just hope the cheating I suspect being done is in vain.

  3. Stunning blade…well done.

    We have a resident bobcat or two, barn cats go in at night. We have a cattle dog that keeps them at bay. He’s a rescue from a Chinle, AZ, reservation…when the wolf shows up mid-Winter he runs with it. Everything else he chases off, but not the wolf.

    My brothers in PA just voted in person, busy at o’dark, and they checked ID’s! Thought the Dem’s hated voter ID? We hand-delivered our Mail-In ballots to the county office two weeks ago (as we have for all 17 years at this rural address)…on-line tracking shows they are both ready for counting. Will check later in the day, stay on top of anything nefarious.

    Brick piles and bolted down benches showed up at strategic places in Denver overnight yesterday. Surveillance should show who placed them there. What are the odds the police actually investigate?

    Waiting to exhale.

    • I don’t have a dog, primarily because I’m not home enough. The area is heavily patrolled by bobcats and lions and since I don’t have stock either, I welcome the cats. They keep the rodent population in check and any feral dogs or animals are eaten. They also clean the bones of deer and elk killed on the main road. Yesterday, there were two ruined cars on the road not far from here where they smacked into elk. Air bags had deployed. They hadn’t been towed yet.

      I voted by Arizona absentee ballot and the website showed that the vote was (a) received and (b) accepted, meaning that there was no reason to toss it. Arizona has a well run election system for absentee ballots. You must request them, they only mail to your address on your driver’s license, etc.

      I’m sure that the left will riot when President Trump wins. They riot because they’re well paid to do it and have an organizational structure.

      • We’re extremely grateful to be living away from the fray, on purpose. Less convenient certainly, but a tiny fraction of sacrifice (and lots of quiet) in comparison is worth not having to deal directly with what appears to be half the population (including MANY so-called Christian’s) as selfish who can’t see 2-inches past their nose. Astounding, but not surprising…years of listening to CNN will do that to brain.

        Heard a blurb on the organized rioting if Trump clearly wins then accepts tonight. 200 cities across the US. Shoot on sight would be a reasonable deterrent…let God sort them out. (that’s me being kind)

  4. Beautiful knife! Very chisel-like blade profile.

    That’s a very sweet kitty. Sounds like you’ll have to invest in a heated cat dish, or maybe those heaters they use for outdoor dining?

    Is that a tunnel, or a lava tube?

    Heading out to the Volunteer Fire Station to vote in a little while, against all the people who will win in my State. Some townies I vote for will win, though. I like to stick the ballot in the scanner personally, seems like I’m leaving the least to chance and corruption that way.


    • It’s a tunnel.

      There are some paleo people looking to “protect” private land from owners. They wanted to get onto my property. They didn’t knock and were heading off down into the gorge, so I met them with a rifle and suggested that they seek permission. They said, “do we have your permission?” I said, “no, leave.” It’s a good thing that I was here and already voted or there wouldn’t have been anyone to run them off.

      There are no ancient Indian relics on my land. Not a one.

  5. I truly pray for a total landslide for Trump. As for McSally, I sure hope she can pull it off, She has the personality of a wet sock but Kelly would be an absolute disaster.

    Not much info about the nuclear engine so I presume it is just a variation of the old NERVA engine. We have needed something like it for a long time. Of course if we really wanted to get somewhere the firstest with the mostest, Orion (or Ol’ Bang Bang as the late Jerry Pournelle always referred to it) would sure do the trick.

    • I want to see McSally win because of Kelly. It would be nice to get a charismatic Republican to replace her, but she’ll remain the incumbent as long as she can, with the elephant machine supporting her.

  6. The article on the new nuclear engine concept was short of some detail on how it works (what’s being heated and expelled from the engine to create thrust), but close enough to get the ideas across. The comments were what surprised me. They were probably 75% against space exploration in general and any use of this concept. The usual total fear of anything that even mentions the word radiation or nuclear. I was surprised at how opposed to progress people are.

  7. I voted Friday, in person, at Midwestern College Town where I’m from. Of about 20 people in line (spaced 6 feet apart) there were at most two nonwhites: me, and possibly the guy in front of me, who may have been North African (i.e. Arab mix). Couldn’t tell because he had on a “Black Lives Matter” facemask pulled up to just under his eyes, a wool toque, and a hood over that, pulled down to eyebrow level. Faded black jeans, dark green/brown camo-pattern jacket. Over all this he had a red fanny pack (Jules’ people would say “bum bag”) slung bandolier fashion over his left shoulder (so that the bag was over his right chest).

    Four people back was a white guy, also dressed Antifa style, black jeans, black T-shirt, and dark hoody jacket. He turned out to be unregistered. They were letting people register day-of-voting, so long as they produced some official piece of mail (utility bill, bank statement, etc) with their name and their claimed address. (That sounds fool-proof to me. /sarc) There was some discussion I didn’t quite catch, but apparently this man did not have such “proof”. Would have been a nice enough looking young fellow, in a skinny blonde/blue-eyed Nordic/Germanic/British sort of way, were it not for the black-painted fingernails, short and chewed to the quick. Rather high-pitched voice too, though clearly a dude and not a chick. About 15 places back was a third Antifa-looking man, dark clothes, toque, and hood pulled over toque. It was fairly warm in there, but that guy and the maybe-North African kept all their head gear on the entire 20-30 minutes we were in there. Interesting.

    I almost feel bad for thinking this, but I was really tempted to strike up a conversation with the guy in front of me. “Hey, would you consider switching shoulders so that the red fanny pack is over your LEFT chest? It’d make a better aiming point.” But getting arrested and jailed for “making threats” in a progressive city is not my idea of a good time.

    Needless to say, not a single Trump sign spotted in MCT. Plenty of Biden/Harris signs, often with a “Black Lives Matter” right next to it. Bedroom community in the farmlands, about 15 miles west, had 90% Biden signs in town, 60 Trump/40 Biden right outside town limits. Downtown there was a knot of about a dozen people holding BLM signs and making “black power” type gestures at passing cars. Needless to say, each and every one of those persons was white (and probably Germanic descended, given regional demographics and appearance).

    • Would that you could have called in artillery…. not on your own position, after you left.

      I must not get out enough, or move in the right circles. I never see that type of person. The disassociated, ambi-sexual, wanna-be terrorists don’t live in or around where I am.

  8. Voted much earlier and received notice my ballot was received. Went out this morning and made sure a months supply of food, dog food, and alcohol is in the apartment. I don’t expect any trouble in this town. That is no excuse to be unprepared if the feces hits the fan.

    My hope is the results of the election will be so overwhelming in favor of President Trump the litigants will say, “oh shit”, and back off. Yeah, like that will ever happen.

    • They won’t back off. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

      I’m cutting wood tomorrow. I’ll have a hand gun and a rifle with me. I don’t expect trouble, but even at that 100 rounds of rifle and two mags of .45 ACP are a standard load out.

  9. That is a great looking knife. Family heirloom to be?
    Great looking varmint patrol. 🙂 You might look into some sort of warmer like they use to keep chicken/livestock water from freezing.
    I enjoyed the small article on the nuclear engine. I’d like to see it reach flight testing status.
    Love that tunnel, also. Would make a great painting or puzzle. 🙂

  10. Went out today to get some critical items, like my meds, some emergency cash, and some more coffee. Also filled both cars, and all my gas cans.

    The guy across the pump island has a “USAF Veteran” hat on, and as I had my BB-61 hat on, we struck up a conversation. He’d taken his ballots to drop off at the courthouse today, and said three very large, very black, men had blocked the drop box, and DEMANDED to know who he voted for before they’d allow him to deposit his ballots! He said he loudly told them it was none of their business, and to please move. He said just as they started coming towards him two security guys, and two Larimer County Deputies came out of the courthouse, defused the situation, and told the three very large men to disperse.

    We’re both expecting Denver/Aurora to go up in flames regardless of who wins. It’ll be a “peaceful protest” if Trump wins, and a “peaceful celebration” if Slow Joe and Da Ho win.

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