He wouldn’t go a Sawbuck

A friend of mine (retired USAF Eagle driver) who is a Republican, was over at the mine for dinner last night. He told me that he thought that creepy, corrupt, senile old Joe Biden would win the presidency. He bet me $5. I took Trump, he took Slow Joe. He wouldn’t do $10.00. He doesn’t like President Trump’s “New York Manners”. Who does? That doesn’t mean that (a) Trump is a bad president or that (b) Biden will win.

He said that “President Trump is his own worst enemy.” I can’t disagree. But that notwithstanding, President Trump has been a great president, he’s done great things, and Joe Biden IS the swamp – from the top of his plugs to the very bottom of his wingtips.

I just hope that the American people see the situation for what it is. And he won’t be president for long. A few months, before he dies in his sleep and “a country mourns” while Harris is installed as president.


California Christmas

In order to make social distancing a reality, every Californian will get their Christmas ration so that they can sit alone and enjoy the holiday, with an individual feast. They say that it will slow the spread.

In a campaign speech before tens of masked supporters (so you don’t really know who they are), Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris said, “We need to make the entire country more like (the People’s Republic of) Kalifornia.” I wonder if her supporters were impressed. You can’t really know because cheering, much like singing, is forbidden in Kamala’s Amerika.


Plague Art

There isn’t much more progressive art than this crap – promoting the wearing of masks as a type of fantasy that all should aspire to.



  1. Came in for an actual lunch, 65 degrees out…amazing what a week makes – from 3 degrees & 2 feet of snow. Read your midday.

    I LOVE Trump’s NY mannerisms (or lack thereof depending on how you look at it). I WANT Trump’s mannerisms. Having grown up an hour outside Philly, I fully understand this mans approach. People across the nation see this as “rude and uncouth” and arrogant. It’s not.

    Trump is exactly what America needs more than ever. I don’t want him to be polite (except when warranted). I want him to hit back…hard. A get-a-long type would get rolled by the DC machine inside of ten minutes, and Swamp life would go on unabated. Trump knows their cheating game, and they underestimate him at every turn…because he knows the game better than them.

    Let’s not forget, Trump is a developer from Queens, went to Wharton, and turned a few hundred million into some serious business…he knows how to handle these people and doesn’t care what others think when he believes he is correct. It’s not always arrogance, but it IS an East Coast thing.

    You just got an extra $5.

    • People across the nation see this as “rude and uncouth” and arrogant. It’s not. I understand that it’s not, but it’s part of an ethos that grates on people from different backgrounds.

      I have worked with New Yorkers who are a LOT like President Trump from a stylistic point of view. It’s a style that is not appreciated in the Western US. So people must get over it and look beneath the style. But a lot don’t try/don’t bother.

      • I figured you’d know the type from experience. Results from an effective approach…Trump personifies that for me, others have come to see that as well (was there REALLY a 96 mile Trump Vehicle Train in AZ? (Was not implying anything critical by my semi-diatribe.)

        • President Trump (and the Second Amendment) is very popular in Arizona. I realize that there are some lefties blended into the mix in enclaves, but on the whole, it’s a conservative place. I would be SHOCKED if President Trump lost Arizona.

          A word on Senator Martha McSally – she may have been a good warthog driver and a good USAF squadron commander, but she’s not the best of politicians. I voted for her and contributed to her campaign, but she is not a natural politician…which she should have been better at because her USAF job caused her to polish her share of apples. Her Opponent, Mark Kelly is anti-second amendment (stridently) and he’s about as far left as Harris is. But he is a former astronaut and flew an A-6 in combat in Vietnam. He flaunts his credentials while hiding the wolf-in-sheep’s clothing. Arizona likes combat vets in office.

          I live in Coconino County, AZ, which, because of the liberals at Northern Arizona University, ends up going heavy Democrat. Some county offices went unopposed by Republicans. I didn’t realize that would be the case. In four years, I’ll run as a Republican for County Treasurer or Sheriff or any job without an R to oppose the dems. I hate to even suggest that I’d be a politician, but I hate seeing D unopposed. Just out of the principle of the thing. Somebody else can run if they want to as an R. I just don’t want to see the D without some competition.

          • I’d vote for you in a heartbeat; real life experience (especially yours) is what the Founders had in mind when tapping those for public office, not these clowns, morons, grifters, cheats, smart people who like power, etc.

            Prager says there are three types of people – the doers, those who support the doers, and those who do nothing. When you run my donation will be forthcoming…good people need support.

  2. The acceptance of the masks for temporary measures, is one thing. I disagree with their efficacy, but so be it. What really bugs me is they seem to be becoming a fashion accessory..
    It was real nice talking a beach walk and seeing real humans with real expressions again- sans mask.

    My concern with a Harris Biden win, is that if backed up by congress, they will just push through anything they want, no compromise whatsoever, then deal with the resistance using organs of the state who will, as the news reliably informs us, be dealing with “terrorists” and Nazi’s”, and “supremacists”.

    • Of course. If you disagree with “the state”, you are by very definition a terrorist/racist/supremacist/nazi/mutant and will need re-education to return to become a productive member of society. WSF has dibs on the lower bunk near the stove in the FEMA camp. You’re going to have to fight him if you want it and warning – he fights dirty.

  3. President Trumps style grates on my cowboy raised sensibilities. That said, it is refreshing to hear a leader speak in something other than focus group tested sound bites.

    Barry Sawato always raised my car salesman doubts. For sure, he never would have driven a car from my lot until his check was iced.

    • President Trump speaks from the heart. A lot of people expect their politicians to pour a honey’d potion into their ears and lie like – Biden. They’re comfortable when their elected representatives can be bought – like Wall St. and Big Tech. Biden is clearly for sale as is Harris. Trump is not, so he must be forced from office.

      • “Big Business” people from Noo Yawk are similar to those from Chicongo. When I had to go to NY for business, I knew what to expect from going into Chicongo for business. Didn’t bother me a bit, and as my Mom would have said, “It’s Just Their Manner”.

        I can understand why Trump is Trump, and why some of the more “educated” society hates him. But we didn’t elect him based on personality. We elected him to do a job, and he’s doing it damn well, regardless of what you think of his personality.

  4. I get the feeling someone (Juliette?!?) is cashing in on that mask art… but what a delicious dinner! Yum.

    I knew/know a lot of conservatives who didn’t get the Trump thing AT ALL. They were put off by his lack of country club, senior common room decorum. He seemed crass to them, not up to polite dinner table talk, so very not nuanced. To put it bluntly, they were dam snobs. Despicable, and they all thought Hillary would win.

    Which she didn’t, thank God. That Trump’s turned the GOP into the party of the working class, of everyday Americans, is a remarkable and seismic feat. Again, thank God. I pray he has another term and voted accordingly.

    Here endeth the Lesson.

  5. Trump is a New Jersey Goomba… Big mouth, hyperbole, and all the while getting things done while everybody melts down about the ‘attitude’. The artist is GOOD!

      • He likes Trump. He just thinks that the press carry water for the old, creepy, corrupt Biden and that people will vote for him on that basis. The CONSTANT attacks from the press, from Big Tech, from the democrats, etc. constitute the death of a thousand cuts in his opinion. His opinion of the average American voter is not that high. Thus the bet.

  6. In an honest election Trump can’t lose. This election will be as far from honest as imaginable. Ever siince the Bush/Gore “hanging chad” debacle of 2000 the commie left has work diligently to implement a system that removes voters from the equation and allows them to determine outcomes of elections totally independent of the actual vote. The Insanity of this Plannedemic which allowed them to institute nearly universal “mail in voting” and “ballot harvesting was a gift from hell…..where they spawned. Add in the criminal complicity on judges who are allowing votes to be counted for days and en weeks after the election and banning the use of signature comparisons to validate mailmij ballots and you have the perfect witches brew of fraud. No mater how many votes Trump gets the commie left will keep magically finding more…..until they win.

  7. I am not confident, but I think it’s possible.

    I would like to try that Thanksgiving-dinner-layered-in-a-can ! Maybe I could slice it vertically and fry it?

    Seems like those “masks” should have been cleaned more often, and you’d want the plants on the outside? Apparently the artist has no allergies, or is too dumb to understand their sources.

    I prefer Trump’s “manners”, but then I’m from the NE Corridor. Not fond of people putting on aristocratic airs when running for office in a nation designed to eliminate aristocrats. The US was founded by assholes, for assholes – so having an asshole for President seems appropriate.


  8. New York Manners? Really? He was tired of seeing other Republicans taking shit from the MSM and the democrats. I say it’s refreshing to stick up for himself, and I believe it to be one of his finer qualities!

    TRUMP in a landslide!

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