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Good old confused, senile, corrupt, creepy, Slow Joe. The guy is a master debater. No doubt of that.

I wonder if he has the faculties to thank CNN for tossing him softballs?

It’s like that prostate exam when you feel both of 
the doctor’s hands on your shoulders…
It’s of No Use

Navy meets Air Force?

This is what happens when a navy guy is hired to design aircraft for the air force. Don’t tell me that it’s more impractical than other things that are dreamed up after they drop acid.

8 thoughts on “Misc. Thoughts

  1. I'm reminded of the Heli-Carrier that was a standard of Nick Fury/SHIELD comics (or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow)

  2. Was Sky Captain prophetic? Likely not. But I have to admit that it would be cool to see flying aircraft carriers.

  3. Could be. I'm not much into anime. I saw a few photos that linked to dozens more of the same. Interesting imaginations. Flying shark-looking ships with conventional large caliber guns.

  4. If they actually worked, I would LOVE to have my tax dollars buying those things.


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