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I wasn’t going to write much about COVID-19, the Chinese Plague (yes, I will continue to call it that) anymore, primarily because it’s being pounded on all mainstream media, where they blame President Trump, social media, blogs, etc. We all see what’s going on and we are all making up our own minds about the situation.  My hope for you all is to be well.
However, before I go gentle into that good night on this topic, I wanted to share the experience of a friend of mine who lives in Italy. He’s a good friend, like a brother, and he, his wife and his baby girl have COVID-19. He’s about 45 years old, lives in Northern Italy and has lived there for about four years. He is originally from Chicago. He said that the numbers of people infected are vastly UNDER reported in Italy primarily because everyone has it and there is no way for the government to count them given the situation. For him, his wife and his daughter, who is a toddler, he said that the symptoms were much like the flu. Miserable but not dead.
The situation in Italy in the larger sense is different and since the hospitals are at capacity, people who are very ill are forced to treat themselves at home and some people he knows in his neighborhood have died for want of advanced care. They are people who have lung diseases primarily, heavy smokers, etc. Not necessarily old, just unhealthy in that way. Some of my friends (you know who you are) who read this blog also smoke. It’s a risk factor.
The Italian martial law decree is being strictly enforced. If you want to leave your home, you must request permission by e-mail and receive a pass. The pass allows you to travel from home to the market, or wherever for a specific period of time. He said that people who go outside of the strict pass guidelines on travel are arrested, fined and are placed in jail for 90 days. In his area/larger neighborhood, over 700 people have been placed into custody for violating the pass restrictions. The jails are overflowing (and the people in jail are all sick) and they’re re-thinking the jail rule.
I’m not recommending to you the Italian response, just reporting on it.
Russia is in panic mode regarding the Chinese Plague, which, strangely enough, they refer to as “The Chinese Plague”. Their population consists of many heavy smokers, tuberculosis is endemic in Russia and their healthcare system is rudimentary by Western Standards outside of Moscow, St, Petersburg and some urban centers. 
The Russian leadership is concerned that if COVID-19 gets loose among the population, that they’ll suffer catastrophic loss. It’s not just the economic loss, but the population loss. For those of you who understand what is happening in Russia, Great Russians have been incentivized to have children. They have an aging population in much the same way as most countries, and loss of population is considered to be a matter of national security and possibly national survival. 
DPM Tatiana Golikova (h/t Ed)

We should watch how Russia responds, and to what happens there. At the moment, there’s a news blackout of sorts. The Russians aren’t saying much. They locked down the border with China early in the Pandemic, but they did this after opening business with the Chinese in a big way. There was a lot of travel between China and Russia over the past six months. 

As of today, March 16, the number of coronavirus infections in Russia rose to 93, a 47% increase from the previous day, the state-run TASS news agency reported, citing Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. That’s not a lot of infections, but Russia isn’t testing intensively (yet, but that’s changing) and we know that the number of infections increases geometrically (Italy). The Russians implemented essentially the same guidelines as the US has to try and halt the spread of the virus.

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  1. I fear, LL, that we're in for a bumpy if not catastrophic ride. And well done, commies, for the devilish abortion policy. That demon's coming home to roost.

  2. You should have shown a picture of Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.
    She looks like I imagined.

  3. I think if you quarantine everyone, then the Chinese Plague is waiting for everyone to come out.
    That's not mitigation. That's postponement.
    This thing is not the death angel that will pass over.

  4. You might say the Chinese are giving the whole world "Interesting Times".

  5. As you know, Russia is now a Christian country. I know that there are a lot of Americans that hate Russia because they've been and remain an adversary of sorts. However, the attitude toward abortion has changed. But the demon did his work. No doubt of that.

  6. Dr. Fauci and others spoke of postponement being the strategy and not flooding medical facilities. If I'm right, and in this case I'd rather not be, I'm of the opinion that most Americans and people in the world at large will eventually contract COVID-19 or one of the mutations of the original virus, because viruses adapt and overcome – mutate.

    Stay tuned because this blog has some inside track information about drugs that mitigate the effects of COVID-19, that China is trying to hide from the rest of the world. This is breaking and this blog is investigating.

    I know that I said that I wouldn't blog about COVID-19 issues but this would scoop the mainstream media and everyone else if true.

  7. If it is true about China hiding a effective vaccine it could very well start a war. I think the world is very close to one right now anyway.


  8. The Russians are probably correct in their worries. They are a BIG country with not a lot of people…right next to a country with WAY TOO MANY people. Probably the only reason China isn't inching their way across the border to acquire more land/resources is the fact that the Russians have WAY more warheads than they do and are crazy enough to use them if pushed hard enough.

  9. While I doubt the Chinese actually have a vaccine it's certainly not impossible. Though it IS very difficult to do the necessary testing for efficacy AND keep things secret. You need a LARGE statistical base of people getting the vaccine vs a placebo and then being deliberately infected to insure it works. Not an easy task to accomplish. This virus was almost certainly manufactured. They can deny it all they want but those denials ring hollow. What we will never know is WHY they were working on this…what their goal was and whether or not this was released as a test or the janitor got infected and went home spreading it as we went….accidentally. We will never know. I'm sure the Fed Gov and others in other places have a pretty good idea of what this was about. They aren't going to talk about it. Openly accusing China of releasing a bio agent is thin ice. The general accepted policy is a bioweapon attack would be treated the same as a nuclear attack….with the necessary response being very ugly. Nobody wants to open that can of worms so nobody is going to state the obvious.

  10. It's not a vaccine but an interferon treatment that proved effective. In that, it's not killing the virus per se. More on this later as things unfold. It could be BS, but maybe not. In any event, I'm on it and will share how the investigation works out, sooner than later.

    As to the can of worms and not talking about the accidental release of a bio-weapon, I agree with you completely. Nobody wants to start a war right now. However, the chickens will come home to roost once the dust settles. There will be a lot of ill will toward China, that worked to hoodwink the world that they were joining the "family of nations" (whatever that means).

  11. China and Russia have had their differences in the past. More recently, they've been cooperating against the US primarily. This virus could end that love-fest if it does to Russia what the Russians fear that it will do.

  12. Initial information is most interesting and I'm right at the source. Essentially, China partnered with a company outside of China to develop this treatment BEFORE the outbreak, primarily as a hedge against SARS. But it's proven effective in blunting the infection – from what I'm reliably told. And China is working HARD to stop the information, and the medicine from getting out. Too late, I think. Again, more later this week.

  13. Lessee-
    Aging population is dead weight on China.
    Virus mostly kills the old. No loss to China.

    Our response, is likely to kill us as a country.

    Shutting down all commerce, with the resultant ricochet through pension funds, tax receipts, wages, EBT!, manufacturing, farming, transportation etc is insane. Absolutely insane.

    Most will recover from the virus, the ones that need a hospital are mostly old or compromised and most of them won't make it anyway.

  14. Russia's economy is getting hammered by the Saudis and the Wuhan Chinese plague. Wounded dogs bite.


  16. Raven and SImple Man – it's a mess. And nations who feel threatened are always more dangerous. China is feeling a lot of pressure as well.

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