How Should we Manage the Chinese Plague?

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If we do nothing, COVID-19 goes out of control. 

There is nearly universal agreement on this point. Every week the number of infected people doubles or triples, according to the best estimates of R0 today. Within about two months, hospitals start to collapse under the pressure (Italy) and can survive only by building emergency new facilities from the rest of the country (Wuhan). However, if you really are doing nothing, then two months later the rest of the country falls down and no one can help you. At this point, there are no more ICU beds left and the mortality rate goes from 2% to 5-10% because we run out of respirators. A significant portion of people currently at risk will be dead.

If we declare a state of emergency?

Schools shut down, airports virtually close, and the country goes on lockdown. All for 3,000 cases? Then if the disease is successfully suppressed a few months later, everything opens back up and we look around and ask why did that?! Why did the country shut down when the ordinary flu killed 100x more people this year? Didn’t we overreact? CNN and MSNBC will urge the Democrats to impeach President Trump.
The difference between 5,000 cases and 5 million cases is 10 weeks of inaction. 
That is why governments around the world are taking severe measures now, because we are at the edge of the precipice.
The next thing that we need to do is to insure that any critical infrastructure needs such as antibiotics are made in the USA. The entire US supply chain needs to be re-evaluated for vulnerability from the Chinese. Smart business people who want things made need to consider making them in this hemisphere. The People’s Republic of China is an enemy state. We don’t need to shoot at them but we need to deal with them cautiously in all respects.
Product Labeling laws – need to be re-imagined, going forward to eliminate loopholes. Food products that are moved from the USA outside of the USA to be processed must be labeled. If they are moved to China or its surrogates there should be a PRODUCT WARNING on them. In all cases, products that are made in China or processed in China or reassembled in China or have components that are made in China need to be so marked – obviously, not fine print that requires a microscope to resolve. People can decide how they want to handle it on an individual basis. Smart people will boycott all food items that are made or processed in or touched by China.
If Europe or other parts of the world want to trust the Chinese, they can do it and take their chances. The US needs to be firm on this and it’s not a negotiated item.

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  1. I agree with you to avoid Chinese products. I once worked at a place where business imported chemicals from Chinese suppliers. Every shipment received had to be tested because you never knew if you were getting the right stuff and if you did get the right stuff you had to check if you were getting the requested purity level.

    I find all of this COVID-19 panic suspect. Here in Canada as of yesterday we had a total of 341 confirmed cases and one death. That death was someone who was in their eighties. Figures I saw regarding the USA as of yesterday are 64 deaths with 3,700 infected. This does not make a lot of sense to me.

  2. First, stop calling it a plague.

    Second, use the usual communicable disease measures.

    Third, prosecute people trying to make this thing worse than it is. In the old days, they got strung up.

    Fourth, whatever Dr Fauci says, get a second opinion.

  3. The usual scare from Fake News.

    This time, however, they want to use it to bring down Trump.

  4. Concur with all except the plague, it is a very virulent strain of the flu. However I still believe this is a media driven panic to try to crash the US economy.

  5. Smart people have not been eating 'made in China' for years. Same with giving their pets food from China. Or their babies food from China.

    It takes a little ferreting out, but it's not hard to avoid 'made in China.'

    Me? I also stay away from food 'hecho en Mexico' or many foods from not-USA.

  6. Pop over to the ZBlog and read today's offering about choices…..none of them good. He says it better than I could. The gist is that for those in control there are no good choices for this right now. It's a Kobyashi Maru scenario for the adminstration. The commie demonrats and their media whore accomplices know this and will do their best to gut Trump with this so they can win in November and finish us off. I don't fear this virus (and as a diabetic over 60 I'm supposed to) nearly as much as I fear the sequela from the government's hamfisted actions and the panicked insanity of the typical ignorant voter.

  7. The American voter is a lot more dangerous than the virus. Look how many votes Hillary got. Admittedly a lot of them might have been dead, but living people actually voted for her.

  8. Exactly.
    This is an overreach.
    When we look back and wonder if we over-reacted, we'll have broken economy, a great depression, and another Dem admin to stretch it out.
    This is a weaponized flu, but the left is weaponizing it, not China.

  9. I'm not convinced it is as bad, and neither are a number of virologists and immunologists I've read.

  10. The Diamond Princess was the worst case scenario, according to Levitt. “If you compare the ship to a country—we are talking 250,000 people crowded into one square kilometer, which is horribly crowded. It is four times the crowding in Hong Kong. It is as if the entire Isaeli population was crammed into 30 square kilometers.” Furthermore, he said, the ship had a central air conditioning and heating system and a communal dining room. “Those are extremely comfortable conditions for the virus and still, only 20% were infected. It is a lot, but pretty similar to the infection rate of the common flu.”

    [Nobel laureate Michael Levitt, an American-British-Israeli biophysicist who teaches structural biology at Stanford University]

  11. They likely don't care what goes on "out there among the English", plus they work hard and eat more dirt than most people so maybe not the least bit susceptible.

  12. Exactly…and when this blows over by month's end the Left will gin up another crisis to help sway the low info voters for November.

  13. A few weeks ago, before this got all cranked up in a frenzy, I bought a bottle of Naproxen (Aleve) at the CVS. I was stunned when I saw "China" listed as the source of manufacture. I hadn't realized how many of our pharmaceuticals had been off-shored until the last week or two.

    This nonsense has to be stopped!

  14. Maybe that will change…but likely not. They don't read the warning on the cigarette pack that says that smoking them will kill them.

  15. Don't count on it. Trump may push for critical manufacturing to be done here but here is BILLIONS
    of dollars in profits to be pocketed by CEO's etc.
    from offshoring as much manufacturing as possible and
    that money talks. Don't expect a noticeable change in where
    we get our goods. It may move to Vietnam or somewhere else but most only is NOT coming home because the American worker costs too much.

  16. The big question about the quarantine reaction is; what happens afterwards? We can't do it forever, and if we shut everything down now, and it just goes out of control in the Fall instead, what have we gained?


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