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This is for fellow blogger, KLE (From Rhode Island). The Great State of Rhode Island covers 1,212 square miles. Coconino County, Arizona, home to the White Wolf Mine covers 18,661 square miles.

Kle Posted: Yeah, Rhode Island is a flaming garbage dump. We have a $10 billion budget, one million people, the worst roads in America, and 300,000 people on public assistance.

Coconino County has a population of 142,000. Essentially just over one square mile per person if it was evenly distributed. But it isn’t. Just about everyone in the county lives in Flagstaff. Metropolitan Flagstaff (in and near the city) where there are about 139,000 people. That leaves 3,000 people for the rest of the county. Within 80 miles of the White Wolf Mine in any direction there are about 50 permanent residents and there is no city. Far more horses than people.

Note: I don’t own a horse, but I’m working on convincing a friend to allow LSP to ride his mustang when the parson comes to visit next summer…

Photo Project

My second oldest daughter, Heather, was doing a photo project and she enlisted me in “lights, darks, contrasts and a theme”. She explained that it was my big chance to be a model. And since I’m essentially putty in my children’s hands, I went along with it. She grabbed the French Foreign Legion kepi blanc that I picked up in Corsica about (mumbles) years ago, one of my Colt Pythons, a WW2 commando/raider knife that my father brought home with him from from the war, lighted the candle and set the stage. I just provided the body.

Feel free to caption it if you’re of a mind. If you do so, be kind to a nearly helpless old man.

Without an effective weather tax, it’s snowing at the White Wolf Mine in Arizona. I’m not sure what politicians would promise in exchange for the tax – more moisture or less, or maybe they will make it rain lightly only at night?

There is no such thing as ‘government money’. It’s all taxpayer money — held in trust. That’s how I view tax money, but I’m sure that I wouldn’t be welcome in Washington.

Impeachment Hearings

I haven’t watched them. It’s a show, staged by the donkeys to try and prop up political support for the 2020 elections when they hope that one of their favored sons or daughters will sweep the field to become President. I’ve read summaries of the testimony offered and it’s just one of those spectacles with no substance like the Mueller Investigation. One thing is certain, if the Republicans hold the House and a Democrat becomes president, they will be justified in immediately initiating impeachment proceedings based on the BASELESS hearings that are being held by the donkeys.

It’s a disgrace to the nation and just confirms my previously held view of the Democrats in Congress.

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  1. Helpless old man is not the phrase that comes to mind! Your daughter did a good job. I would caption the photo "Cross the old man at your peril”


  2. Thanks for setting up the mustang and I've heard rumours that you can ride from the WWM to the Panhandle. Quite a thing.

    And what a good photo. I like the way you shot out the candle with the Python after taking out unicorns with the knife. Nice.

  3. Yes, cunning does come with age. After you pee on the electric fence a few times, you think about it before you do it again.

  4. Your picture (bubble above) "I have a unique set of skills, I will find you, and I will…" (The "fictional" Bryan Mills has nothing on you. His comment "You live in your safe little bubble!" is far more true today than ever.)

    Weather: Was 62 at 7500' here yesterday, snow coming this afternoon…should I be as surprised and concerned as the local Colorado media? They act as if Winter weather was a new thing here…every time without fail. Tonight we'll see these clowns standing at the Eisenhower Tunnel in their select station parka acting like the apocalypse is occurring.

    As for today's "Hearing" charade, Wag the Dog is in full swing. I am of the belief the machine has gotten to every single one of these so-called witnesses, all pandering to whomever wrote their personal script. I swear, traitor Vindman had a hearing implant, his delivery seemed delayed…up until he got to his repeated "I don't know those facts" crap about the Biden's. Uh huh.

  5. Camperfixer, do I detect a hint of cynicism where LIEUTENANT COLONEL Vindman is concerned. I've met "warriors" like that before. They aren't worth piss in a boot. And the same is true of the rest of those civil servants. There are good and faithful people who work for the government, but those clowns are just a pack of curs, hoping for scraps from the Donkey table.

    The weather here, same altitude as you, is not bad. But I'm not going out to do chores primarily because I don't have to. Snow gets old for me after January but now, it's new and actually fun. We don't get news people here, wrapped for Arctic conditions to prove their story is valid. It's just remote – out there in Jesusland where the progressives fear to venture.

  6. Like the photo. You appear to be prepared for whatever's pounding on your door. If I was in that picture, I'd have to substitute a Model 357 Colt, the Python's predecessor. The blade would be a bayonet for the 1917 Enfield that my grandfather brought back from the Great War. You are, of course, far more photogenic than I am.

  7. I'm with Darrel. Not exactly helpless. More "plata o plomo", where the other party has just made you that offer, and you have chosen plomo, and (shocker) that it is better to give than receive.

  8. The photo? Well done even if the model isn't photogenic. Despite what stress the model might be under, trigger finger discipline is maintained. Good job all around.

    Note on Campfixer's remark on the reporters. They almost always are on the East side. The really shitty weather is on the West side.

  9. I clearly have a clear mandate from you to buy another handgun. Oh, shucks. Just one more for Bloomberg to try and take away.

  10. The weather drama reporters are among my favorite because they have to ham up a rain storm. Which is just about the same as the reporters who are trying to make the impeachment farce sound credible….except there usually is actual rain or snow.

  11. My caption? One of…

    – At that point LL decided that the extra paperwork was worth it.

    – Sumbitch blew out my candle!

    – Yeah, I knew it was loaded. What's your point?

  12. 50* here, with rain and snow expected this afternoon and evening. Maybe an inch of accumulation.

    Captions? We don't need no stinking captions!

    You talking to me?

    Say hello to my little friends…..

  13. Uhhh….hate to correct you, but 142,000 people in 18,661 sqmi gives about 7.6 people/sqmi.

    Larimer County here has 300k people, and is 2631sqmi, giving about 114 people/sqmi.

    L.A. County, which we escaped, has 10 million people crammed into 4083sqmi, giving a density of 2445 people/sqmi.

    Some LEO people I've talked to claim it's really closer 12 million people, given the number of illegals.

    I really don't think it's good for that many people to be crammed so close together.

  14. "Cynicism"…was I too subtle in my disdain? This sort brings out my East coast Philly upbringing…as I like to say: "most likely to get stuffed in a locker in junior high because they were PITA's."

    Sundland changed his story three times…who does that? (Oh right, you answered that already…yup, exactly THAT type.) Just another liar.

    Glad the news media is more south in Denver (a ways from here…country talk for over 100 miles)…we get no TV so I am insulated from watching some Mr. Obvious nimrod (excuse my directness) standing out at 12,000' in driving snow explaining that it's snowing. Do they not see their folly? Guess everybody has to eat.

    Oh, on the caption: "WHAT WAS THAT!? Geez…can't a guy even finish his pecan pie in peace?"

  15. Caption: "You said there'd be Jello."

    In a past comment I stated that 5G was a ways away. I'll eat those words now. I guess T-Mobile is out ahead with the others close behind. Back in my day I wired up the sites to our local cable networks. We used twisted copper pairs for about DSL speed I think for 3G (maybe 2G). I would think for these 5G speeds they're needing fiber or a coax to the cell towers. My local Cable TV company (Suddenlink out of Texas) advertises 1 GB/sec. I have 400MB/sec and it's really fast, but not as fast as 5G. I believe they're talking faster than 1 gig/sec. Maybe you and I will have to trade in our iPhone 7s for iPhone 12 Mega-Pros. They ought to glow at those speeds.

  16. Yes, 5G is here in some areas in Arizona. If I'm going to buy another phone, why not one with a 5G chip in it?

  17. The Indian reservations weren't counted because they are not in the county, but they're in the area too. Not many illegal aliens.

  18. Here in Texas they can be downright desperate this time of year as they try to fill air time covering a few snowflakes that melt and die of shame on contact with anything solid.

  19. Caption: That awful moment when you realized KLE from Rhode Island has more pirate blood in his veins than you do…

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