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The Mainstream Media in the US can only concentrate on one thing at a time. Whether it’s an armed robber, killed by law enforcement or it’s American forces bombing empty buildings at night to spare the lives of Muslims — only one thing. 
Have you heard about the 21 September riots in Western China? Likely not, which is why you check this blog from time to time (I hope).  Western China is populated to a great extent by Uighurs, many of whom practice Falun Gong. Most of those who don’t practice the religion of Falun Gong (outlawed in China), are members of the Religion of Peace – they’re Muslims.

Today, Chinese media reported a significant upward revision to the number of casualties in the 21 September riots and explosions in Luntai County in western China. State media reported 40 “rioters”, six civilians and four policemen killed. The bombs injured 54 people. Police captured two rioters.

Earlier in the week, state news services reported only two people killed. The significance of the numbers is that they expose a more serious breach of local security than authorities were willing to admit at first. Chinese security officials do not seem to appreciate that the bombers are a manifestation of what appears to be a large and durable living system that protects and supports Uighur militants and is viscerally hostile to the Han Chinese. The Chinese security agencies know about the hostility, to be sure, but they do not seem to approach it as the output of a robust living system. They prefer arrests and cracking the heads of minorities, whom they judge to be inferior.

China’s supreme court distributed new wide-ranging guidelines for prosecuting terrorism cases. Xinhua reported that making and displaying banners and other materials of “religious extremism” is criminalized. It also criminalized insults, such as calling a person a “religious traitor” or a “heretic.”
Western China has been a powder keg for quite some time now. Most of the police officers who are murdered in China each year are posted in that region. Now, the locals are even more restless.

Woman beheaded in Oklahoma; Update: Assailant reportedly tried to convert co-workers to Islam; Update: FBI investigating, victims identified; Update: Suspect identified as 30-year-old Alton Nolen; Update: Police praise company CEO who shot Nolen
That’s the religion of peace, at it again. Convert or be beheaded. Apparently the woman/victim didn’t want to become a Muslim and Alton Nolen’s second wife. Based on the Quran and Sharia, he had every right to behead her (she’s an infidel – no rights under Quranic Law).

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  1. When I first heard the news about the beheading in OK, I had the naive thought, "Well, I wonder if this will wake a few 'tolerant' people up to the truth about Islam being not so 'peaceful'."
    And then I followed your link and eventually found the discussion about how this is not being considered an act of "terrorism" but rather, "workplace violence".
    A beheading??
    They're going to try to spin a beheading?

  2. Of course, you can't "slander" the religion of tolerance and peace in America. It's workplace violence just like Major Nidal Hasan's rampage through Ft. Hood screaming Allah Akhbar, killing 14 including a pregnant woman was only workplace violence.

    Those killed were infidels. You have to look at it the way a Muslim would. Then it becomes "ok in OK…"

  3. "The Mainstream Media in the US can only concentrate on one thing at a time." This makes for AWFUL news programs. Which often report on a single view of the news, i.e., the news with bullshit attached.

  4. Yeah, China 'may' be self destructing from the inside… Hong Kong is up in arms too over the voting issue… Re the Oklahoma situation, it's 'workplace violence'… AGAIN!

  5. I think that China is, and may blog on it in the near future. I'm getting ready for a walk-about for a couple of weeks. When that's over, maybe we can chew it out on the website.

  6. It's not a jihad. It's a simple workplace beheading because people didn't want to become Muslims. You're complicating it.

  7. The western region has been a problem for Han China centuries before Mao's revolution. It's like the Scotland of the Chinese Kingdom. And if the government is admitting this level of death and violence , it's most likely even worse, much worse.

    That OK incident should be a wake up call on the same level as a nuclear attack. I can only think of the Abscam investigations and that it merely slowed down the process whereby our leaders were bought out by Islam oil money. The continued "workplace violence" labels can only soothe, placate and mislead the public for so long. There must be a reckoning and I fear it will be a bloody one. At least that's what I prepared for.

    Enjoy your walk about.

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