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British Prime Minister May confirmed that the explosion was the work of the Muslim, Salman Abedi, a lone suicide bomber. The Prime Minister’s confirmation of a lone wolf attack was crafted to reassure the public that the threat is under control.
“remain calm”
Bomb makers generally do not execute suicide attacks and detonate their knowledge and expertise with their bomb. 
The suicide bomb maker required support for the 20 separate functions that process information, material and energy to operate and manufacture bomb(s).
Some source had to finance the operation, including the purchase of explosives and materials. The explosives had to reach the bomb maker. Alternatively, the suicide bomber had to be instructed by someone in making his own bomb. He lived somewhere and required daily necessities. The timing and location of the blast indicate a pre-meditated and well-planned attack.
British security services are aware of these systemic components of terrorist attacks. Four arrests have been made (including Abedi’s 23-year-old brother, Ismail, according to the BBC)  and there will be more arrests, though the British will not report details of a terrorist cell or cells in Manchester.
(The Guardian) The British army is to deploy about 800 troops around the UK to support police in the aftermath of the Manchester attack. 
The troops will be stationed from later today, replacing police guards at No 10 Downing Street, parliament and Buckingham Palace, and elsewhere around London.
The British Army does have the troops to deploy in and around the UK to support the police, but they are at the lowest staffing point since the 19th Century, and their resources are limited. 
Theresa May said troops would be deployed to provide static guards in England under the government’s Operation Temperer plan to free up armed police officers from guarding duties. Those sites included Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament and foreign embassies in London.
MI-5 (domestic intelligence) was aware that Salman Abedi was part of a Muslim terror cell before the bombing, and they may have been aware of the interlinkage between his cell and others. They now know that there is an active bomb-making system at work. Whether that will translate into action against those cells on a broad basis has yet to be seen, but since the alert status was raised to “critical” in the UK, my sense is that they are taking this seriously.
Political will requires that the UK acknowledge that the enemy consists of Muslim terrorists. The problem that Britain has is that it’s allowed millions of Muslims to settle in the UK – and as with elsewhere in the world, the general rule of thumb is that 25% have jihadist sympathies. Of those who sympathize with the jihadists, maybe 10% are willing to carry out attacks and be personally involved. My rough rule of thumb is that means that the British Police have somewhere between 25,000 and 50,000 radical jihadis to worry about in the country, most of whom will carry British passports.

16 thoughts on “Manchester Suicide Bomber

  1. The only solution is for these invaders to be repatriated to their country of origin. Of course, we know that isn't going to happen. Therefore, when the muzzie mayor of London says, "Get used to terror attacks", he's speaking the truth.

  2. Of course one of the interesting side effects of suicide bombing is that it gets rid of the most fervent Mohammedans.

    England needs to lure them out to sea where they can detonate without hurting anyone. Maybe holding a Draw Mo on an old North Sea oil rig?

  3. Yes, he speaks the truth — until all of the UK submits to Islam. Then the shiites will continue bombing the Sunni until one sect or the other is completely destroyed. Then it "may" stop.

    One does not invite a savage mongrel dog and its pups into ones house without inviting trouble. The English are now faced with the cause and effect of this practice. But fear not, America is working diligently to follow their example.

  4. The Mohammedans are out breeding the English. Thus one must do the math on how many suicide bombs must go off every year to have an actual impact on the reduction you discuss.

    I think that there needs to be a draw Mohammed contests in Germany to lure them off the island and back into a genuine Islamic homeland to blow themselves up.

  5. In the aftermath of Manchester, Metropolitan Police posted on Twitter that anti-Islamic comments on social media is a "crime" and that anybody who posts such will be caught. Now it emerges that the perp was known to belong to a terrorist cell. What are they doing with their knowledge of who's in terrorist cells? If they know who's in terrorist cells, why don't they go out and grab them up, instead of diverting resources to track down people who post "anti-Islamic" comments on social media?

  6. It's against the law to speak or write harshly of Islam in the UK.

    Yes, it's a sanctuary for terrorists, but it's the way that the British want it. If a few dozen little girls are torn to pieces with a suicide bomb, that's just the price they have to pay for being politically correct.

    And yes, they will focus on somebody who criticizes Islam or draws a picture of Mohammed as fiercely as they'd go after a terrorist cell. It makes no sense to me, but I'm numbered among that basked of deplorables for whom, duty, honor, country and family reign supreme.

  7. I guess they have arrested the father too in Libya and some others. The UK police is disappointed (read pissed) of US intelligence releasing his name. It was, as as many times before has shown, a planned terror attack involving many people. The UK police also gave a warning to people not to express anything that could offend someone. It seems that the Thinkpol described by Orwell being in action. An 8 year old girl being the youngest victim so far and many more are struggling for their life. What the final death toll will be it yet to see. The strange logic expressed from some people is keep on as before do no changes, then the terrorist will win. It is like when you have had a problem with burglaries, do not secure and the thieves win. Of course you change locks and take some actions to prevent becoming a victim. It is rational. But against islam/muslim terror it seems that the elite and PC think you as an individual offend someone even if you express concern. They do not seem to register it is a difference between IRA and IS or any other muslim terrorist killing random civilians. As one expressed we must only wait and let the fire extinct. The same people seems also to know nothing about about a 1400 year history of violence.

  8. Historically, Charles Martel was a lot more effective then the effeminate UK response was. There are time-proven solutions to this sort of problem. Europe needs to look to what has worked in the past and put all of this namby-pamby silliness aside. But they won't. So they reap the seeds that they've sewed.

  9. but I'm numbered among that basked of deplorables for whom, duty, honor, country and family reign supreme.

    As are most of your blog readers I suspect.

  10. To go out of your way to kill innocent people is despicable; to go out and kill young children at a pop concert is beyond disgusting. I can't begin to imagine how parents of the killed and injured are dealing with this; the grandparents, the friends at school and all the people this affects. Do you think for one minute that these people are remaining calm and feeling tolerant? I see and uprising, a big divide and possibly a civil war in the future.

  11. Hah! The other day over dinner a good friend of mine (cultural Muslim, Wellesley grad) said, "But you're not a Deplorable!"
    M: Of course I am. And a Dirt Person. And proud of it.
    F: No! You can't be. You have degrees from [elite universities], and, and you're a cardiologist!
    M: What do those have to do with anything? Being a Deplorable is about [pretty much your list LL].
    — long argument followed —

  12. It's against the law to gainsay Mohammedans in England. The repeal of that law might be a good first step.

  13. Proudly deplorable…I love it.

    There is nothing wrong with loving freedom and protecting what you've worked for. I'm all for tolerance – but that stops when Mohammedans blow up little girls and show immense pride in doing so.

    The progs are all hypocrites anyway – bad mouthing a wall while they lived in homes surrounded by walls.

  14. I listened to a person today and he explained a different story. The one of not being a coward when killing kids like the eight year girl. His story was more about vision and willingness to die for a greater cause. To be willing to do what it takes on behalf of a religion to conquer new territory despite the cost of your own life. To follow a long tradition to show the infidels the superiority of Islam. The true interpretation of the book. It is a message, you cannot win and if you keep on resisting more will die.

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