Buttermilk Hill

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I hope that you all enjoy the Independence Day holiday, while remembering that freedom is only held at great cost. There are many patriotic songs, but I like this one. So I share it with you now.

There she sits on Buttermilk Hill
Oh, who could blame her cryin’ her fill
Every tear would turn a mill
Jonny has gone for a soldier

Me-oh-my she loved him so
It broke her heart just to see him go
Only time will heal her woe
Johnny has gone for a soldier

She sold her rock and she sold her reel
She sold her only spinning wheel
To buy her love a sword of steel
Johnny has gone for a soldier

She’ll dye her dress, she’ll dye it red
And in the streets go begging for bread
The one she loves from her has fled
Johnny has gone for a soldier

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