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The Obama Administration’s philosophy toward the fiscal cliff is that they don’t care whether or not it hurts the country, so long as they can make Republicans look weak and indecisive. And it would seem that his strategy is paying off. Let’s face it, the Democrats don’t have to face election for two more years in the House/Senate and the American electorate has a remarkably short memory – and gets their news from Saturday Night Live, MTV and (really stupid) talk shows, such as The View, where pseudo has-been newsies and celebs weigh in with embarrassingly little insight.
Bill O’Reilly asked this question on his Fox News show tonight: Where are the American leaders? Don’t we produce any anymore? O’Reilly, author of the best selling novel, Killing Lincoln, suggested that if Abraham Lincoln was alive today, he could lead the US. I doubt it. Not if the mainstream media and Hollywood set into him. And that’s the point. Real leaders all seem to be “Going Galt” and leaving the nation of fools to their own devices.
Mitt Romney as candidate and others before and since have suggested increasing revenues by capping income-tax deductions. This would raise that tax’s progressivity, without raising rates that would dampen incentives.
Obama’s compromise seems to be: Let’s do both. (BURN BABY, BURN!)
The argument, however, is not about this or that tax rate but about the nature of the American regime. And the future of the country. Obama came into office with a $16,000,000,000,000.00 deficit, having spent more in four years than all previous US presidents combined. Many believe that the deficit will top $20,000,000,000,000.00 when he leaves office as we approach another debt crisis where Congress will certainly move to increase the debt ceiling. 
The American people spoke in this past election. They want “free stuff” and don’t care what happens to the nation at large – feeling comfortable in their class hatred of anyone with more money than they have.

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  1. Class warfare and political wrangling at the expense of the nation would seem to be the Obama legacy.


  3. Lincoln…when I went to school they taught that Lincoln freed the slaves, now, they teach that it was just a ploy to win the war, it was incidental.

    However, when I went to school, they said Reagan was an idiot…his legacy has faired well. He won re-election because of results. He has set the bar high.

    GHW Bush, GW Bush, McCAin, Romney – while great men of character, they all compromised beliefs, unable to fully articulate fiscal conservatism. W was on his way, but misunderstood his own 'compassion' and passed TARP, auto bailouts, etc. that many credit Obama with (see Herbert Hoover vs FDR), and credit for doing good for the economy…it only prolonged it (see Great Depression).

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