Astronauts Comment on what it’s like to be in Space:




  1. Now… I double dog dare you to spout space conspiracies around Buzz Aldrin while standing in arm’s reach.

    Not saying anything about the diversity hire. Nope, not saying any-thing at all…

    As to the Ramirez episode, I have heard from some people that dreams are especially vivid because there’s little for the body to reference to as normal. No gravity. No street noises. No animal noises. It’s why they stress getting into the velcro fart suits and get tied down as it can give the sleeping brain something to latch onto.

    Isolation tank usage here on earth can produce the same mind-blowing acid-trip dreams. They do a lot of psychological profiling and screening amongst most astronaut candidates in order to select grounded individuals. Except when trying to fill quotas. And they usually end up regretting the quota picks.

    • Quotas and affirmative action are a bad idea if you’re talking about selecting astronauts. Just pick people with “the right stuff” and leave it at that.

      • “Diversity hire,” “quotas,” “affirmative action” — all undesirable things, to be sure. I assume these are references to Mae Jemison? Just for fun I did a quick Wiki search. Lets see: chemical engineering degree from Stanford, medical degree from Cornell. Practiced medicine in Africa for 2 years as a Peace Corps volunteer, then private practice back home. Applied to and was accepted into the NASA astronaut program. After leaving NASA started her own tech research company and a non-profit educational foundation. Is one of the founders of the DARPA-funded 100 Year Starship Project.

        Yep, totally unqualified.

        • For the historical record, I was not referring to Mae Jemison nor to her race. I don’t know whether she’s a good astronaut or not. This post was intended to be ‘funny and not demeaning’. But hiring somebody based on arbitrary criteria rather than finding the best person for a job is NEVER a good idea.

        • This proves that lots of education doesn’t mean you are smart or can count. Eighteen continents?

  2. Can you bottle what the astronauts are ingesting? You can make billions and rub elbows with Will Gates, Nazi Pelosi, dR Fauci…

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