Lemonade Saturday

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When life gives you lemons…

You get the slaves (minions) going to make lemonade at the White Wolf Mine.

A friend from Phoenix brought bushels of ripe grapefruit, lemons, and blood oranges up to the Mogollon Rim. We juiced them, packaged the juice, and froze it.

The kitchen countertops are made of concrete, which turned out to be very nice, rugged, and attractive.

It’s important to have minions but in this case, they only arrived during Easter Break. They have their break at Easter the way that they should. So it’s not “spring break”.

Savanna (9) and Olivia (5) have also spent time petting the deer. & Elk. (pictured: Fallow Deer)

26 thoughts on “Lemonade Saturday

  1. Beware of a woman who (whom ?) looks at you like that while holding a knife.

    I tell young men to be nice to the women folk and remember that you have to sleep sometime.

    1. Savi (older) has excellent knife skills. She cut the lemons on her own. She’s my little warrior. Though by her age, I’d killed my first deer (and had a lot of help cleaning it).

  2. Knife skills are useful.

    Proverbs 22:6 King James Version
    6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

    1. No success in life compensates for failure with your children. Or grandchildren. Children need good grandparents too.

      1. AMEN! My Mother’s parents had both passed before I was born, and my Father’s parents were too old to do much with little ones other than smile and be kindly.
        The Grandparents win, too, watching your children’s children grow up from a different perspective than watching your own grow up.

          1. We took The Little Guy to see “Jurassic World: The Exhibition” down in Denver yesterday. Being a normal little boy (Praise the Lord), he loves dinosaurs, just as I did. And when my Sweet Little Wife bought him a big T-Rex toy, he asked about getting a toy for his little brother. He picked out a plush Pterodactyl, which he promptly named “Terry”, and said his brother would love it.

            Pretty impressive for a 5 year old wanting to bring back something for his brother.

    1. I’ll have them for two weeks this summer. That’s a lot of canoeing and fishing. We also have a great spot to harvest crawdads – so at least one Low Country Boil.

  3. Well done with the family joy…and God smiles seeing such fun activities.

    After deep snowfall, us three boys were out shoveling the driveway with dad “supervising”. The neighbor dad takes a break from shoveling his driveway, walks over, says to my dad, “Hey, no fair getting your sons to do all hard work.”

    Dad, never one to miss a quick witted best says back, “Well, that’s what you have them for, problem is they’re only good for a couple of years then they’re gone.”

    We’re like, “Thanks a lot dad.” To which he pointed out a less than perfect shovel spot. And don’t get me started on hand mowing the acreage with those old style Craftsmen mowers that weighed 30 more pounds than we did.

        1. Vinyl is final…and he can do his own if need be. Lessons taught. Sorely missing between dad’s and sons (and some daughters – my sister was made catcher because she was the only one who could make the throw to second base due to being taught how…by dad).

          I hate stuff not working. Had an outside doorknob start feeling wonky all of a sudden. It’s a Baldwin so curious what was up (I installed it moons ago so, you know, ya get to thinking). Found a tiny machine screw had fallen out of the latch assy holding the housing together. Took all of fifteen minutes…but got to wondering who does these small home repairs for people who were never taught (or the elderly who can’t get around)? People must have broken things all around their homes.

          1. They do. We see “handyman” service trucks all over town here. That can be convenient, but it’s a two-edged sword. I can handle most stuff, but I know my limits, like with the plumbing issues we had by allowing a “handyman” to install the new flooring.

            And if it’s some kind of electrical/electronic thing, I’m the one the Clan calls for help…

          2. I believe it…and friends and family know who they can count on for certain things. I joke, “Wait until you get my “knowing what to do” invoice.”

            Part of my day to day for 15 years (post corporate engineering) was smaller remodels and repairs for people up our way, usually bigger projects with the “Can you do this while you’re here” stuff. I enjoyed helping people.

      1. Slavery was outlawed 157 or so years ago, but I distinctly remember a special “grandkids” clause – as long as they get lemonade and you don’t mind more paint on them than the house. (Latex does wash off, whereas oil based requires a Brillo pad.)

          1. Nope…like that scene in Horse Whisperer when [real] ranch kid says to a very young Scarlett Johansson “I should get back, have some chores to finish.

            My dad would remind us that “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine, my life makes your life possible, play time starts AFTER whatever your mother needs done, and don;t leave my hammer out in the yard, put it back where you found it.”


  4. How to start a fight.

    “My grand kids are cuter than your grand kids”.
    In your case, the odds are in your favor.

    1. Or how to make people run away screaming….”Would you like to see some pictures of my grandkids?”….

      Unless they’re grandparents, too, and then see WSF’s post….

  5. Love the grandkids. Went to see the pair I have in Wichita, two girls aged 5 and 3, last weekend. That pair always make me feel special. Actually they’re the ones who are.

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