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Working on Change
The slow march to change the whole look of Virtual Mirage and to try and up the game, so to speak, has taken longer than I hoped. But it is moving… glacially. It will have an updated look, some interesting tech stuff, and will otherwise be the same drivel that you’re accustomed to.
The blog passed a milestone with three million hits this week. Thank you for hanging in there with me and visiting Virtual Mirage. It all started as an effort to put something down for the record that not EVERYONE worshipped Barack Hussein Obama. Not everyone swallowed his lies.
It has morphed a bit since then, has bobbed and weaved around with topics that I thought might interest and entertain. And it’s all still going.
Bernie Supporters, Rehearsing for the Democrat Convention
100 Years Ago

February 1920,  French pilot (and ACE Joseph Vuillemin and his observer, Lt Chalus did what had been considered to be the impossible at the time. They completed the 1st flight across the Sahara Desert from Ramanrasset, Algeria to Ménaka, Mali. 
Old Book Stores
I confess that I have way too many books, but that does not stop me from enjoying visits to old book stores. The books can’t be too arcane for me.
These days the book has to occupy some special niche for me to make a purchase, and I’d like to say that I have the willpower to resist, but I don’t. Not all of the time.
Meanwhile, in Nigeria

Tankers bust some moves in front of their T-72. And why not, the weekend is almost upon us!

20 thoughts on “Friday Follies

  1. Fitting.

    People posing on a tank that turned out to be little more than posing made of steel.


  2. Looking forward to seeing the changes to Virtual Mirage. For now I'm just anticipating our new computers our guru built us. He's picking up the current ones later today to take them to his shop for all the transfers and whatever other magic he does. We decided to just go new rather than deal with Window 7 upgrades.

  3. I too am looking forward to the changes here. I find this site informative and often entertaining.
    I've been called an a$$hole. Nice to know it's due to my honesty.

  4. Enjoy your blog. As to being an asshole, I don't need to be honest, just let my natural personality be on display.

  5. Your career managing car dealerships has no doubt honed your natural inclinations… I wonder how the coven can cope?

    But never mind all that, Banner has seen through the facade.

  6. Old Books and old stores. Yes.

    My wife and I frequent Half Price Book stores. This is my latest score–

    'How I Became A Crack Shot' by W. Milton Farrow.

    © 1980 by Wolf Publishing.
    ISBN: 0-935632-02-6

    Original printing–

    Newport: Davis & Pitman, Printers. 1882

  7. Ah, you know what I mean. To me the price is good, but a lot of the treasures that you can pick up are out of print and unobtainable any other way.

  8. We have an outrageously good used book store here called the "Bizarre Bazaar", probably a benefit of being a College Town. They also sell new and used vinyl records, and have a killer repair shop for vacuum tube gear, along with used equipment sales for stereo gear.

    So far, they've been the only Electronics people I've met here that I can have a decent conversation with……

  9. The youngest member of the Coven is 70. The oldest is 82. The ringleader is estranged from her ex-SEAL husband. Collectively, they have been there, done that. They try hard, but my years in the car biz has made me immune to insults. When I feel like it, I can make them squirm. Banner wants to stop for 15 minutes each morning for "treats". You are right about Banner.

  10. I don't look forward to the new format.
    Only continuing content.
    I have no complaints.
    I'm getting my money's worth.

  11. College towns seem to attract dens like that one. Some place you can go and just talk about neat stuff.

  12. The new format will feature a Virtual Mirage anonymous search engine, superior to Duck-Duck-Go.

    The content will remain the same drivel you've become accustomed to.

  13. And the indoor track where I play with my "toy cars" is another fun place to hang out. Like-minded people tend to find each other.

    No, it's not a Battleship, but we make do with what we have…..

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