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Civil Society

In a more reasonable age, the officer would simply push the obnoxious citizen back – or if the citizen grabbed his badge, he’d rotate the wrist, snap the arm at the elbow, handcuff the broken arm, to the good one behind the citizen’s back and pass the person to the officers standing behind him, who would transport the suspect to jail and then treat them for the broken arm. 
Aftermath: The elbow/bone would never heal correctly, the suspect would do three months picking peas or cotton once the injury healed somewhat and then they’d be released having learned a valuable civics lesson that their parents failed to teach them. 
Then again, I’m a dinosaur – and my perspective on how people are expected to behave is antiquated. I come from a time when men were expected to remain men for the duration of their lives as were women, not transition back and forth as the mood took them. (we called those people “disturbed”)
I come from an age when the ILLEGAL in “illegal alien” meant that they committed a crime by violating the laws of the United States of America. How antiquated is THAT? Today, California rewards illegal behavior with a drivers’s license, full medical benefits, housing allowances and welfare payments — in the hope that the taxpayer dollars that they spend will build a dependent voting block which will reliably vote Democrat. (So far, so good.)

Strange Brew

President Trump took the media to school in a news conference that the media complained, served to delegitimize them (and worse still, made their advertisers take notice) and what did they do? They kept running a story that even they had to admit was completely fake in that the Trump Administration planned to mobilize 10,000 National Guard to round up illegal aliens. The corrupt, smug, progressive, elite mainstream media has Tourette syndrome and can not stop doing what it is that they do.

Moreover, they are still amazed that the American people voted for Donald Trump after their concerted effort to push Hillary Clinton’s anemic bid for the presidency. Even now, all you have to do is tune in or read and they will explain how the American people weren’t listening to their vindictive mutterings closely enough.

But the Stock Market has never been higher than now – not ever. Maybe those people know something that the elite, smug, corrupt, progressive mainstream media is missing? Intel is building a new plant near Phoenix with 10,000 new well paying jobs. Arizona, very hard hit by the Obamacare disaster and an economy that has struggled since the economic collapse in 2008-9, is paying attention. The same is true of the Detroit auto workers, and other places around the country. The smug, bloated, elite mainstream media’s strident screams over the air waves don’t Trump jobs…

16 thoughts on “Disturbia

  1. Is the difference that we've gone from an administration with an appetite for other people's property to one who respects other people's property?

  2. It is the job of the average libtard to ignore the truth in favor of what they want to believe. Today my libtard "friend" in St. Paul posted an opinion piece by David Brooks (NYT)on Facecrap as though it was news. No, it was his opinion and it was nothing more than a bunch of unsubstantiated accusations stating Trump was insane.

    When they realized their pink pussy hat parade didn't change anything, they're now planning a "Day Without Women." My reaction? Good. I'm not too fond of most women anyway. Never have been.

  3. Pussy hats aside, what are the women angry about? I mean, specifically?

    And does this mean that men who feel like women on any given day (because that's all that it takes to be a progressive woman these days) should feel angry about the same things too? Maybe ask Bruce Jenner? He's the "woman of the year".

  4. Grr. Blogger just ate my comment.
    Anyway, I like everything President Trump has done so far.
    All leftovers from Obama should be fired. That would probably stop most, if not all leaks.

    I'm with you, LL. All this crap about wanting to be a locust or whatever is ridiculous. I guess that is what we get for closing all the insane asylums.

    I still think "We reserve the right to serve whoever we want", or however it went, is still right, too.

    Hope you all have a safe, blessed weekend!

  5. I'm sure that the former Obama officials could find jobs in the fast food service industry – if they went through re-training. Though I fear that they would make a mess of drive-through ordering.

    No shirt, no shoes, no service.

    The progs are unhappy. I spoke with a friend on the phone the other day who told me that if they spoke to their circle about what a good job they thought that President Trump was doing that they'd lose a lot of friends.

    As for me, you need to take me as you find me, or leave well enough alone.

  6. The progs still can't believe The Old Crone (TOC) lost and now they're trying to cause some sort of fauxtrage revolution as they call for war against Russia.

    They're clearly insane.

  7. Back in the day if you jumped in a cop's face like that you were gone so fast your ass only caught up to you a day later.

  8. I myself have dispatched that sort of curbside justice. I did the same thing in my Navy career (but with more permanent results). Thus it is with a sense of utter disbelief that the smug, spoiled, progressive, children get away with it – when what they need most is a solid spanking.

  9. Same here, spanked a few, or maybe more than a few, who needed it. Once spanked, they generally retain the training. Scars help in that respect.

  10. All of these stupid protests. Every one of them could be called "Day Without Brains."

    Retarded assholes, all of 'em.

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