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The Mexican Border with the United States on both sides, but more particularly on the American side, is covered with trash. (more HERE from Lagniappe’s Lair) The trash and human detritus is left behind by millions of illegal aliens who cross the border illegally every year.
You shouldn’t be surprised to find the trash because they treat our country in very much the same way as they treated the various countries that they are leaving. 
Most are in search of jobs, some are hauling drugs, some are freeloaders in line for the many financial rewards available (particularly in California) for the newly arrived wetbacks/illegal aliens/undocumented guests/Democrat voters. Only in California are the illegals invited to vote early and often. You don’t need any ID to register to vote in the Golden State, only a name (not necessarily yours) – one or many names, all OK in CA. To accommodate homeless voters, you no longer need an address. How can a nation function with rules like that? It can’t, but don’t worry. The coming Ice Age may force all these illegals south again…

(LINK – There is considerable damage done to the environment according to the US Dept. of the Interior. “National parks and forests have been turned into personal landfills for illegal border crossers, etc.”

If you take your short wheel base/high clearance vehicle down to the Southern Border you are likely to see signs like this one (left). You’ll be encouraged by the sign and by the Border Patrol to use public lands north of I-8, because the area south of that is a sort of no-man’s land.
Cutting for Sign when tracking illegal aliens is a difficult proposition for US Government employees involved in securing the border from those aliens. There is so much trash and there are so many illegal aliens crossing, that tracking one alien or a specific group of aliens is challenging.
The question of why this has been allowed to exists is a complicated one. The Democrats want more illegal alien voters and many Republican Party supporters want inexpensive labor for their farms, factories and ranches. I submit to you that both parties have dirty hands where this situation is involved. We owe a lot to President Trump, who has taken flack from his own party as well as the donkeys for wanting a wall and effective border enforcement. The caravan waves that we see on the Southern Border are in large part due to conflicting messages sent out by liberals in America.
Should we close the US Mexico Border? Maybe it will come to that. But it will certainly impact the economies of the border areas. Hundreds of thousands of people who work legally in the US cross the border every day to go to work. It’s less expensive to live on the Mexico side and “border crossing cards or so-called Laser Visas” are used to expedite crossing. Lawful agricultural products from Mexico would rot on their side of the border and you would note that the produce you’re accustomed to seeing on your market shelves wouldn’t be there.
We need an effective barrier, a wall. We need more immigration prosecutors and judges to EXPEDITE all legal situations within 30 days for each wetback/illegal alien/undocumented guest, and we need to expand the US Border Patrol’s numbers. Essentially putting an army at the border.
Meanwhile in California – Gov. Jerry Brown has set aside an extra $15 million in the state budget to expand legal defense for people battling deportation. This brings the total of the state government’s financial aid for those in the country illegally to approximately $33 million. There is considerably more focus on saving illegal alien voters in CA than there is fighting wild fires.

16 thoughts on “Cutting for Sign

  1. None of this is a surprise, sadly… And Brown is just providing a 'legacy' for the future of Kali, of course the TYPE of legacy is yet to be determined…

  2. A country must have some control over their own borders. I'm not talking Draconian measures, but we need to know that every Tomas, Diqor, and Harsul is going to help our economy and just waltzing in for freebies or unlicensed, uninsured work and often, shoddy work. We are prohibitively taxed with insurance and business licensing requirements and, yet we see folks running their businesses without any such documentation. I'm tired of paying someone else's way.

  3. When those in charge on BOTH sides of the "aisle" gain money and/or power then the law controlling the border means nothing. Building a wall, closing the border…whatever….is pointless. The millions of illegals destroying America would be the symptom of the problem. The problem is those in office and power who hate America and strive to turn it into a third world country…while getting rich in the process.

  4. NOBODY in Little Saigon pays any form of tax (Little Saigon district of Orange County, CA). I used to buy my daughters gold doo-dads for Christmas and the most convenient place to buy 24K gold was in the jewelry area in Little Saigon. I'd negotiate a price (took hours) then they'd tally the charge and add tax. I always refused, and pointed out that they kept it, and didn't pass it onto the government (I spoke to them in Vietnamese so it had a different vibe). They would agree that's how it works, and would CURSE themselves and me for cheating them.

    They were good at playing the ethnic hand.

  5. I can't gainsay you on that. It's how we're screwed by our leaders, many of whom wrap themselves in the flag. Maybe the odious donkeys who openly advocate for killing their unborn and drive a socialist agenda are more honest?

  6. It sounds to me as though you're advocating common sense. And perhaps that's at a premium and we won't be able to BUILD THE WALL.

    OK. In that case, deploy the Space Force and secure the border from orbit.

    Just a thought.

  7. Well, I'm getting tired of the ethnic hand being played over the working people of this country. We're self-insured and our workers comp insurance doubled for 2019. Doubled! Our health insurance raised incredibly. We are having a hard time keeping up with all the insurance. I think we'd break better if we gave up our self-respect and ran across the border and took in all the freebies. Sad state of affairs.

  8. It might work out better for you if you hopped the fence into Mexico, hopped back as Seniorita and Senior Cube, and sign up for the Cadillac healthcare that all illegal aliens receive in California, take the free residence, and so forth, voting early and often — all the while retaining your alter ego as Mrs. and Mr. Cube while running your business. Sure, it's fraud, but the State of California has $33 million in escrow to defend you against that sort of fraud.

  9. I think that we need a wall. We also need to lock Her up. The space force will help us fight against our enemies as we shoot them with long spears (kinetic attack as opposed to nuclear attack – no radioactive fall out) from orbit.

  10. In a state that is bankrupt, no less. Ugh.
    Now that the demoncrats control congress, none of the logical observations will be done these next two years, sadly.

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