I don’t know how many of you remember the morning of September 11, 2001. I do.

I had friends in Tower 2 who were killed.

A buddy of mine who then worked for the New York Police Department received the Medal of Valor for pulling people out of Tower 2 and nearly lost his life.

And I remember the television footage of Muslims cheering worldwide.

On 9/12/2001, NOBODY in America would have thought that 9 years later a Super Mosque would be approved by the City of New York two blocks from the site of the (still ruined) World Trade Center.

On 9/12/2001, NOBODY in America could have imagined that a utopian socialist/closet Muslim named barack hussein obama would be President of the United States.

On 9/12/2001, NOBODY would have thought that the events of the day before (9/11) would have been reduced to a day, when according to barack hussein obama, we would honor community organizers. (his statements last year) — Not a day of remembering the events of September 11th, but a watered down version of that remembrance — because as obama put it in his book,  

Audacity of Hope: 
“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

On 9/12/2001, New Yorkers would have hung the mayor of NYC by the neck until dead if he had suggested that erecting a mosque at the site of an attack on the United States by Radical Islam would be appropriate and would constitute ‘healing’.

On 8/7/2010, we are winding down a war that turned out to be a war against ISLAMIC Extremists in Iraq. (though it started out as a war to topple the Baathist regime of Hussein – not the US President, the other Hussein).

On 8/7/2010, we have over 100,000 soldiers under arms fighting a war against RADICAL ISLAM in Afghanistan. Whether or not you agree with the war itself, you can’t dispute the fact.

Some of you do not remember.

I do.

Some of you don’t care that Americans die nearly every day in a war we are fighting against RADICAL ISLAM.

I do.


  1. Bloomberg's gotta go; he's an embarrassment to the nation, not just NYC. I have posted a couple of times about Muslim's not being our friends. Yet people prefer to look at them through the perspective of American culture, rather than their own, and see them with the values and principles most of us possess. They don’t have those same values and principles. Once we stop coloring them with that brush, and paint them instead with their own values and principles, we will see, understand and KNOW they are not our friends. Keep trying to spread the word. At some point those of us who do understand what is being attempted will be vindicated. Unfortunately for that to happen, severe damage to America will have taken place. It's sad, and it makes me mad, that people are unwilling, unable, or afraid to open their eyes to what the world is morphing into.

  2. I really am gobsmacked that this has been allowed to go so far.

    esp. with he amount of Jihadis from around NY being arrested almost daily.
    And the car bomb in Times Square, we'll just forget that shall we.

    It seems the great and the good have.

  3. LL,
    I´m sorry you lost your friends. And to you and your friends, those who have and are serving this great country, thank you.

  4. I remember the videos of Muslims cheering. Oh my, what the world would say if we cheered when bombs go off in the Iraq market.

    I'll ALWAYS remember – even if the videos were taken from the TV – people plunging to their deaths rather than be burned alive in the Trade Center.

    Something else I remember is a friend – the same guy LL talked of – describing being buried in ruble in the Trade Center, only to be jerked out by two other cops who were running to get out at the time. They paused, endangering their lives, to save a brother officer who'd just been doing the same thing.

    I'm from the South. I ain't forgetting.

  5. WoFat, I'm glad that David made it out alive – and words fail me when I think of the other officers who risked their lives after he was risking his life.

    However Americans have very short memories. And all too often they are shameful.

    Bloomberg (who is a Jew and should know better) needs to leave public service.

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