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White Supremacy Homicides
There were 17 “white supremacy group homicides” in the United States last year. Do you want to guess what percentage of those homicides were committed by members of prison gangs? I’m waiting. Make up your mind. If you guessed 17, you’d be correct.
And for that, the whole gun control farce rages once again.
Who was the Biggest Mass Murderer in the United States Last Year?
If you guessed, “Planned Parenthood”, you’d be correct. And they kill without regard to race, privilege, national origin, system of faith, etc. Is there a peep about that? No, crickets.
So we know that murder of the innocent, and murder of all groups isn’t the issue, don’t we? It’s about power. Power, and any excuse to conflate one thing with another.
Progressive people like killing their and others’ children for fun and big profit, so if you were to raise these inconvenient truths, you’d be branded as a racist.

Mail Call: “You’ll Get a Charge out of This!”

Jules – I say about 5 minutes. 

Yeah, maybe five minutes.

Ed – Clean energy.

When is Bubba gonna put the diesel on a trailer and pull it with his electric car?
What would the range be?

THAT is a very progressive notion and would catch on immediately in Appalachia.

LSP – I’m with Jules on this, about 5 minutes or maybe less. Speaking of energy, let’s see some fusion AND an antimatter drive.

That would make energy essentially free and the byproduct would be pure water. Where is the profit in that? It’s clearly not part of the Green New Deal.

Anonymous -Actually the most likely fate of this beast is to be stripped of all the copper wiring to be sold as scrap for beer and convenience store burrito money.

I’ll pass your idea onto my neighbors and will demand that you get a royalty…and since you’re Anonymous, I’ll keep it for you.

Fredd Said – All you guys are missing the long range goal: only ‘woke’ Americans will have electric cars, and the rest of you will live in caves, and walk from point A to point B.

Only THAT will make these lefties happy. They get to rule over a population of knuckle dragging Neanderthals (which is what they think of us all already, BTW)

Will they let us own shoes, or would that deplete the environment?

WSF – Makes perfect sense to those who don’t live in rural areas. Same people, when they make an annual trip to a rural area, ignore the “No Services Next 66 miles”.

That ignorance helps keep the tow truck operators in business, and adds to the local economy.

Woodsterman – So, in other words, these are high tech targets?

I don’t advocate theft and vandalism, I only read the tea leaves — probability and outcome.

SiGraybeard – Considering how few people really understand where the electricity that charges the electric car comes from, this is progress. Maybe they’ll, at least, understand their car still has a CO2 footprint, it’s just not where they see it and smell the exhaust. 

I remember within the last year reading that a large group of greenies didn’t understand that wind farms had to connect to the power grid through those yucky wires. They wanted the wind farm, but not the power lines to connect it and get power out of it.

You’ve probably seen talk about how people don’t know where their food comes from. Same thing with how little they know about the technology that makes their life what it is. 

The ignorance of the left (and may of the intelligencia on the right) is deafening. Without a supermarket or a gas station, they’d just die.

Beans – I give it about 5 days before some redneck or survivalist absconds with his ‘new’ generator for the compound. Expensive high capacity generator, out in the back beyond. It’s a tempting target, no?

Indeed it is. And you have to ask yourself how many more people (from a socialist perspective) would benefit from having the big, expensive, high capacity generator in the trailer park?

14 thoughts on “Looking at Numbers

  1. And then there's fantasy. I see Universal has a film coming out, The Hunt, where liberal elites hunt "deplorables" for sport. Interesting that group who often describe legal hunting as murder, have no problem with it when it's political opponents that are being killed. I propose that the film be reshot. That the hunted turn the tables on the elites. It would be more realistic.

  2. Well, as to the generator in a trailer park, it could power quite a few illegal grow operations…

    Trust me, many a rural indoor grow has been found by law enforcement driving around with their windows down so they can listen for big gen-sets running in the countryside. All the money to buy a huge genny, expensive lights, CO2 cylinders, all sorts of chemicals, but can't afford $200 for a muffler? Dopes…

  3. Seems the definition of a "White Supremacist" is any caucasian who isn't a willing (P)regressive useful idiot. Am I one? Don't think so but I'm to old to give a shit.

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