You’ll Get a Charge out of This!

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When I think about the progressive movement, about the green new deal weenies, etc., THIS comes to mind.

That’s correct. It’s a diesel generator powering a charging station in remote America for your electric car. As I understand it, they’re (whoever ‘they’ are) going to put them here and there in rural America to promote the use of electric cars…
Take a moment.
There are a lot of road signs in rural America that have one or more bullet holes in them. I’m not sure why people shoot road signs, but there is a reason. 
Now, given that this happens to road signs, derelict automobiles and other objects, how long do you think that this progressive charging station will last? How long will this icon of donkey thought survive before it’s shot up or it’s ‘salvaged’ and ends up behind Bubba’s mobile home, providing HIM with energy? 

13 thoughts on “You’ll Get a Charge out of This!

  1. Clean energy.
    When is Bubba gonna put the diesel on a trailer and pull it with his electric car?
    What would the range be?

  2. I'm with Jules on this, about 5 minutes or maybe less.

    Speaking of energy, let's see some fusion AND an antimatter drive.


  3. Actually the most likely fate of this beast is to be stripped of all the copper wiring to be sold as scrap for beer and convenience store burrito money.

  4. All you guys are missing the long range goal: only 'woke' Americans will have electric cars, and the rest of you will live in caves, and walk from point A to point B.

    Only THAT will make these lefties happy. They get to rule over a population of knuckle dragging Neanderthals (which is what they think of us all already, BTW)

  5. Makes perfect sense to those who don't live in rural areas. Same people, when they make an annual trip to a rural area, ignore the "No Services Next 66 miles".

  6. Considering how few people really understand where the electricity that charges the electric car comes from, this is progress. Maybe they'll, at least, understand their car still has a CO2 footprint, it's just not where they see it and smell the exhaust.

    I remember within the last year reading that a large group of greenies didn't understand that wind farms had to connect to the power grid through those yucky wires. They wanted the wind farm, but not the power lines to connect it and get power out of it.

    You've probably seen talk about how people don't know where their food comes from. Same thing with how little they know about the technology that makes their life what it is.

  7. I give it about 5 days before some redneck or survivalist absconds with his 'new' generator for the compound.

    Expensive high capacity generator, out in the back beyond. It's a tempting target, no?

  8. I have the tools, the knowledge and the means to transport said windfall from Bum F**k Egypt where they put these to MY place….and I guarantee I'm not the only one. These won't last a month…..most won't last a week.

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