One thing is Certain

You won’t beat the clock.



I am not a fan of Facebook, and these days I don’t post much unless it’s a family photo – destined to reach friends and family who I seldom see. Many people are on it that I care about including some of you, and so I remain. (the response to an e-mail question)


Worth it?

In the days when people used outhouses, I can see paying $.02. Of course, you had the Sears or Montgomery Ward Catalogs for free in that epoch. Today, somebody is trying to price gouge.


When will the Middle Kingdom invade Taiwan?

(article referenced- clickbait?) CCP has tried before and things didn’t work out well. Amphibious operations are tricky things. If the CCP uses nuclear weapons to defeat the Kuomintang’s Army on the beaches, what is the blowback?  Who really runs the United States of America? It’s clearly not Jo/Ho who are incompetent spokespeople for the oligarchy (at best). What would the US do?

How long can the Republic of China stand against the communists? Can Beijing infiltrate Taiwan’s defenses sufficiently to degrade them? What if the US destroys all Chinese ports with cruise missiles – an achievable goal with minimal casualties likely on both sides.

What happens when half a dozen US attack submarines populate the Formosa Straits – weapons-free?

Or is it better to plan for war but wait for the right time – whenever that is?

It all comes down to the USA. Would America go to Nationalist China’s aid if the communists invaded? Maybe Beijing needs to throw more money at the Biden (crime) family?


AAA In Seoul – Is it the soul of Seoul?

ROK M167 on a skyscraper roof. Rooftop Korean. Likely lowered from a helicopter on a harness.


Passing the Torch

Léon Gautier, the last survivor of the 177 French commandos who came ashore at Sword Beach, gives a green beret to the Commando Kieffer’s top student of 2021.

Not many are still alive who recall that day first hand.

Commando Kieffer was the common name given to the 1st Battalion Marine Commando Fusiliers (Free French Navy), which was created in the spring of 1944.

Yes, the masks are stupid, but I honor the event, not the method with which people chose to defend themselves from the plague.


She’s a Keeper

Can she cook? Who cares? If she loves you, she’ll try.


A Hip Hippo!




  1. Sometimes even “domesticated animals” snap. Multiple that many times over with wild animals. Back before the development of artificial insemination in dairy cattle, farmers were killed with some regularity trying to handle the male of the species. Everything has its tipping point.

    • There was a song in my youth – “Johnny go milk the bull, there’s only one tit to pull, it’s right in the middle, straight as a fiddle, Johnny go milk the bull.”

      As a matter of practice, one shouldn’t try that.

  2. Some people just don’t seem to understand that hippos don’t wear tutus and prance around to the Dance of the Hours. Those are the same ones who try to pet the buffalo at Yellowstone. Timothy Treadwell found out much the same with grizzlies. Darwin in action.

    • They found Treadwell (elements of Treadwell) in griz scat. I don’t know if they gave what they found a proper funeral or not.

  3. I disagree with the idea that the current people in charge of “Biden the Puppet” would ever authorize unrestricted submarine warfare against the CCP. Remember the controversy over the sinking of the General Belgrano?
    I also don’t think the CCP has to actually invade Tiawan. A naval blockade of the island followed by missile strikes on their military facilities after very stern warnings to the US to stay out of it.
    If we launch cruise missile strikes against mainland China, how do you think they would respond?
    After lauching a few strikes on Guam I believe they would go after a Carrier. And I’m sorry, I love the US Navy, but I just don’t see the Navy having an overabundance of Halsey/Farragut/Capt. Evans types right now.
    Forcing the issue with Taiwan would be a twofer for the CCP. Reclaiming Taiwan and all the tech that would entail, plus forcing the US back down and loose face in the eyes of the rest of the world.
    Just my humble opinion.

    • My point in this regard is that there are POTENTIAL unintended consequences that the PRC must consider before invading Taiwan. History shows that things can spin out of control very quickly. Once you start down a particular road, it’s difficult to see where you’ll end up. Imperial Japan didn’t see the sacred home islands being firebombed back to the stone age and the A-bombs used when they dropped bombs and torpedoes on Pearl Harbor. That was my point. I don’t disagree with you that the US with Jo/Ho running it is at a low ebb.

        • We could do it. The question of whether it would be worth it (what’s Taiwan to us?) or whether Jo/Ho have been completely co-opted comes to mind. However, since Jo/Ho don’t run the White House, that point may be moot. What do our betters, the oligarchs, want?

      • I do agree with you there. What ever does happen will be ‘Brinkmanship’ on the scale of the Cuban Missile Crisis. China will be betting that we will blink first. If we do, the age of the US being the only Super Power will be over. If we don’t, it will be bad for everyone.

    • Her johns took her to Europe on vacation back when she was dating for a living. She hasn’t been there as Veep.

  4. Cam-a-la-maladingdong is a do nothing imbecile poser, hollow like a chocolate Easter Bunny…which was proved during the Debates. The question is, “What is the Rice/Jarrett team’s real play if this is who they stuck in the VP slot? Add to Harris’ serious deficiencies is the fact she isn’t a Natural Born citizen therefore not eligible to be President, a technical aspect ignored once Barry Soetoro got in.

    Joe is getting worse in real time, and interestingly, The Nan is quiet of late…probably rubbing her hands together while standing in front of the Evil Queen mirror reciting to herself “I am President, I am President.”

  5. Clock. Song lyrics–

    “The game of life is hard to play
    I’m gonna lose it anyway
    The losing card I’ll someday lay
    So this is all I have to say”

    Worth it? IMO, Fearless Reader and his clan are pulling the strings. I think they are more than happy to do business with the CCP, and could give a rip about Taiwan. I think their focus is the middle east. Bibi is out in Israel. Opening move of Arab Spring, Act II?

    Facebook. Nope. I do email, the occasional text message, and blog comments. I am already on enough lists as it is.

    Passing of the torch. Our military could use a dose of that about now.

    Keeper. Nice battery of weapons too. I presume that is a suppressor on the rifle she is holding. I don’t recall ever seeing one quite that big, but then I have no experience with them either.

  6. I think the hippo meme applies to the ‘defend Taiwan?’ question. The US national budget situation is toast, so why would you want to voluntarily enter an expensive war?

  7. A splendid little war would be a good way to bloody the PLAN and eliminate the US as a serious competitor militarily and economically.
    Any loss to the fleet would take decades to replace, if we’re allowed to.
    Mission creep could “librate” the second island chain. A bonus would be to cow our allies and eliminate those still in our military who will fight.
    IMO We are in the most dangerous period in our history.
    Weakness invites attack.

  8. Can Beijing infiltrate Taiwan’s defenses sufficiently to degrade them?
    What about vice versa? Can Taiwan infiltrate Beijing’s forces of any kind to degrade them?

    I don’t know anything about the reality of the cultural or family situations there. Do the populations viciously hate each other or is it more like, “grandpa went to the mainland/the island long ago and we’ve never talked to our family over there since?” Do they even talk from one side to the other? From my naive, isolated background I wonder how much this all a product of politicians with no backing from the public or even if that matters.

    • Disclaimers: 1) I’m sure our host knows much more about this than I do; 2) it’s likely that some non-commenting reader of this blog is a subject matter expert and is going to be rolling his eyes at what I have to say. But here goes anyway.

      To address your main question, I don’t think the people in the ROC (Republic of China, i.e. Taiwan) particularly hate the people in the PRC, or vice versa. On the “elite” end, there is a lot of cross-border investment, and other activities as well. The man on the street, either side of the straits, probably doesn’t think too much about the other side on a daily basis.

      As to “product of politicians” — yeah, probably to some extent. Which sounds just like the US. How many of us (LL readers) approve of anything the Biden administration is doing? How many Americans — of any political persuasion — approve of the wholesale looting of the US in which everything is monetized and the wealth transferred to a small group of insiders with words such as Goldman, KKR, Bear Stearns, Blackrock, etc on their resumes?

      Back to Taiwan. The history of modern Taiwan is necessary to understand what is going on there. The ROC is in theory the government that ran China since 1912 (after the overthrow of the Qing dynasty, who were a bunch of freaking Manchu savages and not proper Han anyway). After the death of Sun-Yat Sen, perhaps the closest thing modern China has had to an actual statesman, the ROC was run by Chiang Kai-Shek of the Kuomintang (KMT, translates to Nation/Folk’s Life Party). Opinions vary on CKS. To my father for example, CKS was a great hero. To me, he was a somewhat thuggish warlord [1] with mostly decent intentions, who had the good fortune to be married to a woman of the powerful Soong clan, a woman who had a Wellesley College education at that. This helped him diplomatically in the West. (And Wellesley is a CULT let me tell you. I have much personal experience on this.) Anyway, between the communist insurrections (it was NOT a “civil war” — it was commies, same as always [2]) and the Japanese invasion, the KMT lost control and had to flee to Taiwan in 1949 [3].

      Taiwan had been occupied/colonized by the Japanese for decades prior. The “upper classes” often spoke better Japanese than Mandarin. (The Taiwanese language is a variant of the mainland Fukienese dialect, which differs from Mandarin.) The common Taiwanese had the dietary patterns of a subjugated people, favoring intestine soup over brisket, for example. When the KMT and associated Mainland refugees came over [4] they were largely hated by the “native” Taiwanese as “outlanders” and there was much friction between outlanders and “natives” [see 2 paragraphs below]. The KMT ran Taiwan under martial law until 1987, after which opposition parties were permitted.

      Currently the main political groups in the ROC are the coalition dominated by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the KMT. Broadly speaking, the DPP favors “independence” wherein Taiwan becomes a sovereign state totally separate from the PRC. This is the two-state/two-nation perspective. The KMT’s position is that the ROC is the legitimate government of all China, and the territories of the PRC are in rebellion. This is the one-sate/one-nation perspective. Clearly the latter is an impractical view (though I personally subscribe to it). The problem is that the PRC has said that the 2/2 solution is completely unacceptable, and declaration of an independent Taiwan is the trigger for an invasion.

      The other problem has to do with the “outlanders” issue. The people who call themselves “Taiwanese” are the descendants of people from Fukien on the mainland, who invaded the island of Formosa about 400 years ago. They displaced the aboriginals for Formosa in the usual way (i.e. murder and cultural destruction) and the *actual* original inhabitants of Taiwan live on reservations much like Amerinds. (They also have developed a grievance culture of sorts, which has interesting — but geopolitically irrelevant — political implications.) Anyway, the self-called Taiwanese really really dislike the outlanders who came from the mainland in 1949 with the KMT. The old Taiwanese (mostly dead generation) liked their Japanese colonizers more than the outlanders, despite them being fellow Chinese. Long story short, it’s difficult to separate out the desire for an independent Taiwan in and of itself versus the desire to simply stick a finger in the eye of the KMT/outlanders.

      • Notes
        [1] CKS was proud to be called the “Generalissimo”. I think this says much about his character.
        [2] commies not *quite* the same as always. Here it was actually Chinese commies for the most part. Not people named Bronstein and Apfelbaum using the aliases Trotsky and Zinoviev, respectively.
        [3] Chiang was pretty desperate toward the end, fighting both the Chicoms and the Japanese. He made deals with regional warlords, and with organized crime in Shanghai, so long as they pledged to fight the communists. In return for their support, the Ching Pang (Green Gang) was largely given free rein in Shanghai, for example.
        [4] My mother was literally on the last boat out of Shanghai. It was a miserable little paddlewheeler, made for short coastal runs, and not for crossing the straits. She and her mother shared a “state room” about 8×8 feet with over a dozen other people. They perched on their one oversized suitcase the whole passage because there was literally nowhere to sit. Quite a change from the circumstances to which she was born. At her birth, her grandfather presented her parents with $10,000 silver USD, a veritable fortune. “For her education,” he said. The custom of the family (based in Harbin near Russia) had been to go to St Petersburg for a college-level education, men and women alike; most adults in that branch of the family spoke Russian and French in addition to Mandarin. That fortune, and much else, was lost fleeing from the communists, and then from the Japanese, and finally again from the communists. Less than 25 years later, it was two women with a single suitcase between them, on a broken-down paddleboat in a tiny room reeking of vomit from terrified, seasick refugees.

        I know *way* less of this history than I’d have liked to. It was not something my parents were eager to talk about.

        • Good summary and interesting family history.

          It would not be a step up for the ROC to be absorbed amoeba-like by the PRC. Not good for them and not particularly good for the USA or the west. Symbolically, it’s something that China hasn’t swallowed. They don’t want to be communists and shouldn’t have to be.

          • that’s very kind of you.
            As the saying goes: Sorry it was so long. I didn’t put in the time to make it short.

            as a sort of PS, I was just now chatting with a Taiwanese friend (one of those Fukienese ancestry people 😉 and he’s convinced that the ROC military is absolutely riddled with PRC agents. Not that he has any special insight or knowledge, just one random guy’s opinion. But he also notes that popular culture (TV shows, advertisements, etc) in Taiwan is clearly influenced by PRC money designed to sway public opinion pro-PRC.

            Those poor ROC bastards: to have a propagandizing external enemy in their “fellow yellows”. Good thing the US does not have any groups swaying our opinion — via news and entertainment — promoting things like unlimited “immigration,” destruction of the nuclear family, demonization of whites, sexual deviance, and various forms of vice. Lucky us.

          • Yes, the PRC has spent big money infiltrating the ROC completely, but with a focus on the Army.

    • The CHICOMs know that. There are a lot of interesting targets in the PRC. Of course, there are interesting targets in the USA too.

  9. The ROC on Taiwan has nothing to worry about. As a plucky little democracy founded in the late 1940’s, it has received nothing but support, military, financial, diplomatic, from the US, even when such support has been to the detriment of the United States. US Senators and Congressmen routinely make pilgrimages to the ROC for photo ops — and maybe something else. The American-Taiwan Public Affairs Committee (ATPAC) bundles financial and political support to Taiwan, and the ADR (Anti-Defamation Reague) demonizes anyone who questions the ATPAC. Also, it’s an open secret that Taiwan has nukes and delivery systems, and supposedly has pledged to destroy the capitals (major cultural and historic sites) of Asia, should Taiwan be invaded and on the brink of destruction, even if those neighbors had nothing to do with the invasion of Taiwan.

    Or I’m getting confused with someone else.

    • China is unpopular. All of its neighbors are arming to fight them. If they invaded Taiwan, it would do nothing but marshal international resolve against them. They do care about such things. In the off chance that Joe woke up and pushed the button (because he’s senile, you never know), it would be bad for everyone – including China. Worth the risk? Or do they wait for the US to descend into civil war first?

  10. I use FakeBook to keep track of friends, also. Got reconnected with most of my Hot Rod buddies from Illinois, and we’re scattered to the fours winds these days. Some of us have been kicking around the idea of a “Grand Tour” to some central destination, ala Clarkson and The Boys. Might not be much left standing of wherever we gather, though….

    My Dad had stoires of the neighbors calling from the outhouse to the main house for the Sears catalog. The outhouse remained at my grandparents house, alothough it had been filled in.

    No idea what’s going to happen with regard to the PRC and the CCP. Whatever happens, somebody’s gonna lose, and likely big-time.

    I wonder if that weapons been test fired up there? What about the rounds fired? They just return to Earth as Collateral Damage? “Training Mishap”?

    The only rifle SLW handles well is an AR platform. She’s very recoil adverse to almost any other shoulder-fired weapon due to a medical condition. Shotguns are OUT for her, as are large caliber Bunker Busters. She’s damn good with a pistol, so I guess a bit of me rubbed off on her.

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