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I’ve been dealing with travel for the sake of the stork and my daughter, all the while suffering with kidney stones and a lot of blood left on puddles along Interstate 10. But the blog must go on.
This is the latest information coming out of Hong Kong: 
Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) holdings recently replaced their CEO after he was charged with secretly conspiring with the United States to transfer funds from the US to the resistance in Hong Kong. 
The action was led by China Ping An (insurance company), a major shareholder. The Chinese believe that once the funds from HSBC are cut off, the rioting and unhappiness of millions of Hong Kong citizens will end. 
This sort of delusion and misreading of the situation is what caused it in the first place and is ample evidence that the rioting and civil disobedience will continue. When fully 25% of the population actually hits the streets, it’s indicative of a large problem. Water cannon, tear gas and riot batons won’t fix the situation.

11 thoughts on “HSBC

  1. Kidney stones! Been there and it sucks donkey *****!
    Hope it passes sooner rather than later. I'll say a prayer for you.


  2. Kidney stones, according to friends who've passed them, are no fun at all. Hope you get this taken care of quickly.

  3. Horrible affliction. Hope the problem is quickly resolved. Daughter and grandson OK?

  4. Had a kidney stone years ago and it is still fresh in my memory…like having a knife stuck in your back. You have my sympathy and will add you to the prayer list. Don't let it ride…get it fixed. The piping from the kidneys kinda ranks high on important stuff you don't want messed up

  5. THoughts and prayers for a quick resolution. I 'love' how we are supposedly funding the events in Hong Kong… Yeah, right, pull the other one.

  6. Take care and remember to drink water and follow the advice from the National Kidney Foundation. From my own experience I was told the pain is like giving birth. So all my respect to you and in the solidarity with the youngest soon to add another member to your own baseball team.

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