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I’ve been reading a bit of the venom that the mainstream media (our betters) have for Donald Trump for having the gaul to suggest that America can be great again. They extol the virtues of a Clinton/Obama presidency. 
Will this be the final free election in the long and troubled history of our republic? 
The fact that the election is too close to call, when the differences between the candidates and the worldviews they represent is so clear, is an unanswerable condemnation of this generation. 
I marvel that we can be so devoid of virtue as a people. But irrespective we need all look to our own personal interests and our own safety when we are awash in a foul sea. 
2012 Election by county (that red strip that cuts
across the bottom of California is where I live.)
How did we become so foolish and so wicked? The scandals of the corrupt are not only shameless and unreported by the news, but that when rumor of the lawless evils done do reach the public square, they are met with either counteraccusations of the same sort, shrugs of indifference, or brutal rage directed, not against the wrongdoer, but against whistleblower. It is the age that we live in. And there is no indication that the decline will be reversed because it is the people themselves who are to blame. A waddling, diseased, corrupt Clinton is an icon for what is wrong with America. Her cheering section is the fetid inner cities that apparently decide elections.

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  1. Marvel may be a poor choice of words. Maybe "shocked that things have gone this far" and that we've departed so completely from a virtuous standard would be a better characterization of my feelings on the matter.

  2. I believe that the trouble is, we have become callused, almost immune to the constant fusillade of filth and corruption that besiege us on a daily basis. Our outrage genes have become deadened, worn down by it. We should have burned Washington, DC, to the ground 20 years ago during the Clinton administration.

  3. The States decide how their votes will be cast, and it does not have to be winner take all – that is not how it was created, and that is not what the "electoral college" is. That red strip across the bottom of California, the majority of districts in Oregon and Washington, and the bottom right and top left of New Jersey have no say in national elections.

  4. No, it does not have to be winner-take-all. However it favors the Dems if it is. So it won't change.

  5. Amen.

    The mainstream media has desensitized us all and pours a trough of its excrement over us 24/7.

  6. There are a lot of liberals in Flagstaff (Coconino County). It's a university town. North of there are Indian Reservations and they vote Democrat as a block to the extent that they vote.

  7. Those fetid inner city cheering sections are the benefactors of the wealth transfers facilitated by their champions, the Democrats. This dynamic is, of course, unsustainable in the long run. Eventually that transfer will stop as those cutting the checks get tired of getting no bang for their buck, and go Galt.

    In the short term, however, those checks fund the fetid bread and circuses that generate Democrat votes. Life is good in the fetid inner cities – in the short term.

    In the long term, those areas will resemble 'Escape From New York,' where only brave Snake Plisskin-types will venture, lest they are eaten by the inhabitants.

  8. I'd like to show Democrats some entropy. The kind that happened when Kirk or Spock would set phasors on "deep fat fry."

  9. IT's not how much red you have. It's the electoral college that counts. Who cares about the majority of the people anyway?

  10. I've heard that the homeless on the streets of New York and San Francisco make the places look like dystopian movie sets. I have no need or desire to visit either liberal haven.

  11. As would we all, but they're Americans, sadly. And without being a virtuous nation we get what we see.

  12. Flag is no different, the inner city and college votes Left, the outskirts and south vote Right.

    Across the country, its the cities that vote left – but its also the college towns – in Oregon its Eugene, Corvallis and Portland, and in AZ its Tucson and Flag – and, well Tempe is HEAVY Left.

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